The Biggest Scandal in America Is Its Controlled Press

Eric Zuesse

How many Americans know that the current regime in Ukraine was installed in a very bloody February 2014 coup d’etat, that was planned in the U.S. White House, and overseen by an Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, and run by the CIA, and carried out for the White House by one of Ukraine’s two racist-fascist, or nazi, political parties, whose founder and leader still controls Ukraine though not officially, even these many months after his coup, and which nazi party has been up to their elbows since then in a genocidal policy to exterminate the people in the region of Ukraine that had voted approximately 90% for the man whom Obama and those nazis overthrew in February? (Click onto that link, and to the more-detailed evidence that’s linked to there, in order to see the ultimate documentations of this entire horrific history, because it is history now, even though the American public were never informed about it while it was news — while and when it was happening, which it still is.)

And how many Americans know that one of the two main suspects in the bringing-down of the Malaysian MH17 airliner over Ukraine on July 17th has been given veto-power over the report that is to be issued from the official ‘investigation’ of the black boxes and other evidence in the case?

The ongoing hiding of all of this from the American public is perhaps even more stunning to the present writer than is the bloody American policy (including Obama’s personal role in it) itself.

Virtually all of the ‘news’ editors and producers — the ‘news’ executives, in America’s press — know, and have known all along, that these things are the case, because they’ve been receiving many news-submissions on them, with full and entirely credible documentation each time, ever since February, and have not made any of these facts public; they’ve not published this reality, when it was news, though they are supposed to be news-organizations.

I know this because I am one of the many independent investigative journalists who has been reporting in detail on these matters, throughout this time-period, and whose reports have been submitted to virtually all U.S. ‘news’ media — mainstream and alternative news, liberal and conservative news, Republican and Democratic news. And, with the exception of only about a half-dozen obscure but admirably authentic news-sites on the Internet (which is just a small fraction of the “alternative news” sites), all of this solidly documented information (just click on the links and you’ll see it documented there) has been intentionally withheld, from the American public, by virtually the entirety of the U.S. ‘news’ media.

Was the rigid control over a nation’s press more rigid and more universal in the Soviet Union, or in Nazi Germany, than is the case in today’s United States? One should not simply assume that it was, or that it wasn’t, but instead recognize how extremely far from being a democracy today’s United States has, in fact, become. This is the most shocking realization of all, because it’s the most suppressed news of all — news about the news-suppression by the ‘news’-media.

Regarding that charge of news-suppression in America: among the ‘news’ media to which these news-reports have been regularly submitted and yet never published, have also been specialized ones, such as,, and Foreign Policy magazine; and yet even they refuse to report these realities about U.S. foreign policy and its cover-ups, and about the controlled U.S. ‘news’ media — in neither specialized field (neither press-reviews, nor international policy) is it being reported. And, of course, it’s not broadcast in any U.S. national media. That’s how dire the condition of what used to be American democracy has now become.

The biggest news-story of all is thus the one that is, and that will inevitably be, the most suppressed news-story of all: the news-suppression itself. It extends from the major ‘news’-media to the alternative and even to the specialized ‘news’-media.

Edward Snowden, the former CIA and NSA employee and then contractor who went public about the U.S. Government’s violating the 4th Amendment and other U.S. Constitutional provisions regarding Americans’ right to privacy and so forth, addressed on October 20th, a class at Harvard Law School, and he spoke about the impossibility of democracy to exist if there is not informed consent from the public of what the Government is doing, and of what the authentic aims of the Government are in what it is doing and intends to do. He necessarily had to speak from an undisclosed location, because the U.S. Government wants to imprison him (if not worse). He raised the extremely serious question as to whether, and the extent to which, a government can lie to its public and still be a democracy.

That’s the question. How can the public have a government representing informed consent, if the ‘news’ media are constantly, and systematically, lying about the most important things, and covering up that government’s worst, most heinous, crimes? Yet, this is what Americans have today.

The United States is thus no longer a model for any country except for a dictatorship. How likely is it that America’s press will let the American public know this now-established fact?

Something’s wrong — and it’s not people such as Edward Snowden.

For yet another of the many examples of U.S. news-suppression, click here. This interview, 13 years after the news-event, was relegated to C-Span, not aired on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, or cable-news channels.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.






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  • Party Like 1999

    The New Model Dictatorship… Covering up for Obama is second nature for the lying sack media. They view themselves as full partners in oppression.

  • URCallingMeNames

    Excellent article. You are to be commended! I wonder how many others feel the same way? Once it is at 10% of the population they are done.

    • cettel

      I am hoping that in 2016 there will be an enormous spontaneous write-in campaign for Edward Snowden on the presidential line of the November ballot. He has the name-recognition, the brilliance, the knowledge, the courage, and the progressive values, to be a great President, and he wouldn’t need to campaign for it, just to do what he has already been doing in exile.

  • Carl_Herman

    Awesome, Eric; thank you. Yeah, it’s tragic-comic propaganda we get from corporate media. It’s also a kind of test for humanity to pass in basic discernment of objective fact from bullshit spin. Until we reach critical mass to pass this (and other) tests, we’ll continue to endure the propaganda.

  • Southern

    Brilliant ! — everyone should read or hear this article.

    • nomadfiles

      I second that motion.

      • Southern

        Less than five minutes to read the entire text out loud — ideal for a national broadcast.

  • Southern

    Another controversial aspect — Malaysia is not allowed to be part of the official investigation surrounding the downed passenger plane.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    Big news companies owned by the conglomerates that in fact dictate US policy, as recently exhibited by the Gilens and Page study and many others.

  • Demonocracy

    ….”and he spoke about the impossibility of democracy to exist if there is
    not informed consent from the public of what the Government is doing….

    Instead of “informed consent”, what we have today is “manufactured consent”.

    A book by Walter Lippmann “Public Opinion” written in 1921. In which he described the manufacture of consent as a revolution in the practice of Democracy. What it amounts to is a technique of control and he said this was useful and nessecary because the common interest the general concerns of all people elude the public.

    Social conformity literally causes the brain to rewrite reality.

  • Demonocracy

    Also, left this piece out:

    The propaganda technique went to a quantum leap as of May 10th, 2012.

    U.S. media is mandated and subject to section 501 of the National Defense Authorization Act. It legalizes a longstanding federal law that made it illegal for the US Department of State to share domestically the internally-authored news stories sent to American-operated outlets broadcasting around the globe.

    In other words they could use propaganda everywhere but here on US soil against Americans. It’s section 501 of the NDAA. It overturns the Smith-Mundt Act. It abolishes the stipulation that the U.S. Had to leave it’s propaganda just overseas. It now allows the government to use propaganda on it’s own citizens. People here criticize Russia, China and North Korea because their media is state run. Well now, since May 10, 2012 the USA’s is too!

    “Movies SHOULD be to entertain NOT to influence. News SHOULD be to inform NOT to spread propaganda. Governments SHOULD be there to assist NOT take over. MAN is here to bring change NOT to sit back and be changed.

    The self-declared champions of so-called “free markets” cannot tolerate a “free market of information.”

  • Sunny

    Only in USA??? Nowhere else? And what kind of scandals?

  • Be My Guest

    Few if any online news sites continue to allow comments from readers (unless the story is fluff). They are dropping like flies and the timeline is too close. All seem to be closing within the same relative time frame. . . There is no longer opportunity for readers to point out and correct misinformation and even blatant propaganda. We have a very serious problem.