American Public Supports Torture … Because They Don’t Know THIS

What Americans STILL Don’t Know…

New polls show that – even after the Senate torture report showed that torture is unnecessary and doesn’t work – Americans still think torture is necessary and works.


Because they still don’t know the truth … because the mainstream media has hidden it from them. Specifically, Americans still believe that torture works to produce helpful intelligence that helps keep us safe.

Americans wouldn’t support torture if they knew the following facts, proven beyond any doubt:

They have, from the beginning, been trying to prevent an investigation into war crimes.

  • The detainees held up as “poster boy” justifications for torture actually prove the opposite
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  • Robert Barsocchini

    Superb concentration of points.

    The poll result though telling should however be countered with this comprehensive study, published in WaPo, of many polls on the same question, which finds that Americans actually “strongly reject” torture.

  • SausageAway

    What this fails to account for is the vast numbers of American commentators who seem to enjoy the pain being inflicted on others. Something sick at work too in America.

    • Woodland Echo

      Their eyes, many times shape shift, ever notice on live news feeds that they go to the giant pixels in front of their eyes when they get excited over blood. That vile thing hillary clinton is a prime example, many of these things aren’t quite human.

  • clarioncaller

    ‘Operation Paperclip’ has truly reaped the seeds it has sown.

  • unheilig

    No, no, Saint Cheney says torture works and that’s good enough for me … Now, back to Reality TV … anyone bring chips … ?

  • Jim G

    I think most people think torture of terrorists is OK because they believe the propaganda that Al Qaeda terrorists attacked us on 911, when in fact it was the torturers.


    The American People Must Act … Sooner Or Later! The Whole World Has Waited For 13 Years For 9/11 Truth And Justice. Nations Everywhere Plead With The US Citizenry To Take Back Their Country. Why? Because the very same people who are responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks continue to conduct false flag operations across the planet, starting new wars and bringing armed conflicts to once peaceful lands.

    The shadow government controlling the USA has used the pretext of 9/11 to wage wars wherever they are in competition for resources, especially oil and gas reserves, oil and gas conduits, oil refineries and sea ports. The same unelected criminal cabal routinely uses the overwhelming US military capability to shock and awe any defenseless nation which presents an attractive geopolitical advantage. Likewise, they invade countries at will that disobey their orders or attempt to go their own way.

  • Joe535

    “They have, from the beginning, been trying to prevent an investigation into war crimes.” So true. What is overlooked is that 9/11 was a monumental security failure that includes malfeasance by elected and high level appointed officials. We spent $trillions on security and a group of criminals study for six months in USA learning how to fly (called harboring terrorists) and there is no accountability, no malfeasance directed at those in government. There is no effective accountability for the two party system because they alone decide accountability in complicity with mainstream media (TV news especially) with uninformed and unknowing citizenry.

  • Propaganda and Government schooling trumps facts with blind and faux patriotism, and or Nationalism!

    Obama Signs NDAA Bill : What is the NDAA Bill you ask?
    Section 1021 in the conference committee bill — which is the section that authorizes military detention of all U.S. citizens.

  • Sunny

    The CIA Didn’t Just Torture, It Experimented on Human Beings!!!

  • xzanthius

    It’s always darkest before the dawn. Let all with a conscience chip away at the monster that is nationalism. We human beings are one family and if we can’t get that together then I’m afraid that we no longer have the right to exist comfortably on the Earth. Any human who says otherwise should be called out.