The Tao/paradox of patient activism in the face of an evil .01%

Life moves us; sometimes in torrents demanding full attention, sometimes in lulls, sometimes in routines. Outside of our personal foci, those of us relatively awake experience a paradox:

  1. Life is beautiful beyond words: in diversity, accessible virtues to experience and express fully now, and unimaginable breakthroughs so worth working for!
  2. Life is dominated by a psychopathically evil .01% within words to explain, document, and prove; and with strands of their existence so dark it goes beyond most people’s ability to hold.

So what do we do about this? As I’ve reminded, perhaps a simple accounting of the most important facts:

What is: Among ~100 areas of crucial concern, perhaps the easiest-to-prove “Big Lie” crimes of the .01% are:

What is not:

What is a game:

  • Independent of whatever is and is not, we’re in charge of our personal “games” to stand for and live all virtues we wish. Perhaps this light/frequency is what causes awakening.
  • Accepting humans’ apparent limits, we’re in charge of our game to shine light as we best can to invite others’ awakening.
  • We’re in charge of our games to never suffer from desire that Life be different from what is and is not while we play.

What apparently is not our game, and questions not ours to answer:

  • Will we win? (we are guests without authority in life, but maybe we’re slowly building exponential growth… just maybe)
  • Are “activists” only to provide choice in a game we’ll never win? (perhaps Earth is a type of school to learn about evil)
  • Where are we headed? (who really knows?)

What is always of value:

  • Experiencing and expressing virtue as powerfully as we can imagine (here, here, here).
  • Connecting to all in Life as artistically as we can imagine.
  • Experiencing and expressing the beauty we always sense behind all forms.
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  • Nowick Gray

    I always appreciate your posts but you’ve taken it to a new level with this one: the Big Picture never before painted so clear and complete. Thanks for that! Now to share…

  • You got it nailed, Carl. Nice one.

  • ClubToTheHead

    “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting”– Milan Kundera


    Great writing Mr. Herman, most folks have to see to believe. This should will help here!

    Wisconsin cops shoot dog *Strong language usage and warning*

  • jo6pac

    Thanks Carl

  • Robert Barsocchini

    Wow, nicely said. Reminds me of philosopher Ernest Becker.

  • MCB

    I’ve seen Carl tirelessly and cogently convey his case against the corrupt system from so many intellectual angles that I’ve lost count. You’ve got more ammo than DHS Carl. Thanks for all that you do for Liberty and Veritas bro. 🙂

  • Malawi Racum

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    • Carl_Herman

      Funny. I might just go back to satire with that idea 🙂

      I’d give you a hat tip if I do 🙂

      • I have been noticing a lot of anti-Illuminati propaganda lately… I wonder why. 8)

        What is the frequency Kenneth?

  • Luke Kuzava

    There’s quite a bit of evidence to suggest that we’re simply an invasive species (actually, the MOST invasive species).

    I’m not sure that I agree with the argument that humanity is mostly a good and harmonious force, but that 0.01% of us are “evil” or really that different in kind. I think most of atrocious human behavior is attributable to the fact that human beings, like every other species in nature, have a biological drive to be invasive. It seems to me like the 0.01% are just the most aggressive end of the spectrum.

    I mean, I’d really like to believe that our only problems come from a tiny bad apples – that would be a much more easily solvable problem. But I don’t see much logical support for it. If you’ve got any arguments in support of that premise, I’d really like to hear them.

    • Carl_Herman

      Yeah, Luke: do you engage in Wars of Aggression to kill your neighbors while blaming them? Do you lie to your neighbors via media? Do you put them in debt and call it “money?” Do you poison them and call it “food”? Do you allow other neighborhood kids to starve in a world of plenty?

      While we’re talking of children, what do you observe of their nature? Do you see budding .01% types of psychopaths, or beings who want love, development, and cooperation?

      Take a careful look, pal. And take a look at the long history of the .01% that you appear ignorant of:

      • Luke Kuzava

        Carl, I’d direct you to the graph that I began my last post with:

        That graph is of the land mammals currently living on the planet, by weight. The tiny green dots that you don’t see very many of are wild animals.

        The big dark grey mass in the middle of the graph is human beings – the species that has overrun and colonized the entire planet.

        I’m not saying that we’re ALL evil, or anything like that. Just that we don’t need to be evil to generate atrocities. The human impact on the planet has been immensely traumatic, but it wasn’t motivated by malicious, psychopathic, or evil urges. It was motivated by exactly the things you listed – a drive for “love, development and cooperation.”

        Growth and Development are nice when it comes to puppy dogs, but bad when it comes to cancer cells do it. That doesn’t mean that puppy dogs are good and cancer cells are evil.

        • kimyo

          but it wasn’t motivated by malicious, psychopathic, or evil urges.

          daniel quinn’s ‘ishmael’ argues that ‘taker’ man, after developing agriculture, expanded across the globe by killing off every tribe of ‘leavers’.

          the leaver’s numbers were always in harmony with the locale’s ability to support them. there was no other choice. it’s only when agriculture arose that it became possible for man to store food. raising armies and making war followed shortly thereafter.

          my small addition: grains were never a food for humans or our predecessors until the advent of agriculture. isn’t it possible that a side effect of grain consumption by humans is mental illness, leading to ‘malicious, psychopathic and evil urges’?

          the natural state of things today is fully unrestrained psychopathic violence, man against man, man against the planet, shelling cities with depleted uranium. spraying fields with roundup.

          leavers may well have been violent. but the psychopathic evil is ‘new’. i believe its onset coincides with the transition to a grain based diet.

        • Carl_Herman

          Luke: if the 99.99% understood the facts of what so many of us in alternative media document of lie-started unlawful Wars of Aggression, Bankster-looting, and lying corporate media, would you conclude humans would be invasively destructive by choice?

          I conclude definitively not: humans would choose virtues that would reflect in cooperation with nature, given the free choice.

          You miss the whole point, Luke, unless you’re a propagandist: Earth has a psychopathically .01% oligarchy doing the worst we can imagine (and beyond). Humans need to arrest these psychopaths to end these Big Lie crimes.

  • anna miller

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