Surprise Incumbent Re-Election Stunner

And the Winner Is …

Whoever you voted for, the incumbent was re-elected …

The Deep State – which was re-elected in the Clinton Administration, Bush Administration and Obama Administration – has been re-elected again!

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    Also, I would include this. Brain Dead Dem Voters In Washington State Elect Dead Man… Too funny. November 5, 2014

    In August, the Federal Way Mirror in Washington State said of their close 30th District state house election, “this race may be the most interesting to watch. Two good, smart candidates who know the issues and will run a very clean race.”

    It was a race to watch, but not for the reason they predicted.

    • I’d vote for a dead politician vs a live one.

  • jadan

    I like to think of it as the “national security state”. It’s in your face when you go into an airport, or a public building that judges you guilty until the metal detector says you’re OK. It’s manifesto is the Patriot Act. It was born into the deep secrecy of the Manhattan Project. It is not “deep” in the sense of profound or meaningful. It is as banal as any gangster organization, but deadly on a global scale.

  • Sean

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  • Sean

    Most ignorant

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