Senator Udall May Pull a “Pentagon Papers” … Read Censored Torture Report on Senate Floor

Making History?

The only reason that the Pentagon Papers were published is because Senator Mike Gravel read them on the Senate Floor.

Specifically, after Daniel Ellsberg leaked the papers, no newspaper had the guts to publish them.

But – because Congress members and Senators are immune from prosecution if they read classified documents on the floor of Congress – Gravel got them out by reading them in full on the floor of the Senate. As soon as he did, the newspapers published them, since they were already “in the public record”.

Senator Gravel has now urged Senator Udall to read the Senate torture report on the floor of the Senate.

Senator Udall says he’s thinking about it

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  • jo6pac

    He won’t do it because he wouldn’t be able to get a job on K St. I hope I’m wrong.

  • clarioncaller

    Is this ‘torture report’ about what the American people are going through now with the illegal occupation of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?

  • Colorado Meyer

    I’ll be recording c-span to video teach my children well,and may be in the Gallery witnessing the beginning of the end of this criminal war-torture-lie – deceive and laugh about it ,Zionist American Zombie Culture.Father Udall please initiate the healing purge of the 1% satan worshiping BushBama warpigs
    with your Sermon on the Hill.{please do locate ALL the booty of the 1% for claw back before the lightning strike}