Why Obama Is So Unpopular that the Dems Will Lose this Election: People Now Realize that Obama= Bush

Obama is wildly unpopular because Democrats now realize he’s no different from Bush. So many Dems are staying home instead of voting.

Both of the mainstream parties are totally corrupt, and Americans are desperate for a third party.


Art by William Banzai


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  • John Tieber

    George Carlin – Voting is Meaningless
    [VIDEO – 00:93]

    Voting for Death: Criminal vs. Criminal
    Linh Dinh

    America, you have become a nation of enablers and apologists for tyranny and mass murder. You condemn the Nazi and gulag guards of times past even as you celebrate your own mercenaries and torturers…

    Safely ensconced in academic luna parks, your leading intellectuals lean slightly right or left, but never enough to rock this blazing gunboat …they’re all gung ho about candidates who back illegal wars and banking frauds, since each is supposedly the lesser of two evils .

    …simply by voting, you will give [this thoroughly corrupt and murderous system] the green light to go on killing and looting…

    The Good Old Party spooks the upper and middle classes by threatening, If you don’t vote for us, the Dems will take your hard-earned cash and give it to the freeloaders, crackheads and other miscellaneous losers, while the Democrats, in turn, scare the lower rungs by snarling, If you don’t vote for us, the Republicans will let your retired, diapered ass rot under a bridge, on a piece of cardboard, but lordy, lordy, lordy, it is already happening…

    Each party paints the other as the greater evil, though both are equally whorish to a military banking complex that has wrought so much grief and destruction worldwide, including here. As they offshore your job, they may toss you a free cell phone or allow you to wed your same sex lover, but isn’t time, seriously, we demand that our money be spent responsibly, for our benefits? But no, we can only beg for small change , instead of real ones, and must vote, again, for proven liars and criminals, and hope, against all evidence, that they won’t impale us this time…

    Already, nearly half of Americans don’t cast ballots in any election, but we must make this abstention purposeful, as a clear sign of protest and not an act of apathy . The world must see that Americans aren’t all deranged and hypnotized as those who cheer and vote for one lying criminal after another. We’re better than this, so let’s prove it…

    • Sean

      Amazing! Someone in this nation that also ” gets it.” Nice to read n intelligent post for a chnge.

  • nancydrewed

    Obama is not on the ballot and a lot of right-wing nutters are. Love the unicorn voters. They of course helped bring us…George W. Bush. Vote for Nader! That was the ticket!

  • ICFubar

    well done except there is no left ring or wing to vote for…

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    Anything that violates our freedom government does with it’s unlawful army of police!

    Police Have No Duty to Protect You

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    • hora

      With no Police all be will be more safe, that are direct effect Dems use Police for attack opposition and confuse, was happening in another Country. Police never was for protect Citizen, like Secret Services, protect small criminal elite from Justice. Obama are to much unpopular with army force and no any surprise some Day Army make a move and arrest all dems in a White House. Arm rebellion are to near, much more most thing, and wait because of Trump. In another view, here we have a real domestic enemy, much more danger who ISIS or terrorist and a only way fix must doing arrest all liberals, plus ban Dems party and make felony liberalism, after set against wall and shoot to kill all with no any mercy, or open a 3 Party, but in any way can’t tolerate criminals insane in politic, plus in number opposition are much bigger who left, we must suffer nine month more? but after liberals be will regret be born, very sweet revenge.

  • Roger Stephen Roth

    The truth is that in The United States of America the Democrats and Republicans have formed a monopoly in power. Any outside candidates who are not Democrats or Republicans don’t have a chance to win. What the country needs is more options available and more support for more parties.

    • hora

      Yes was make monopoly both Party, but wrong GOP be will win with Trump, I can assure you. I was denounce before and are nothing new, decide not impeach Nobama because a lot of Republican sell to liberals who bride and buy another Republican. But loose for unpopular President? that are one reason but Dems must loose for many another reason, because Dems Party are unpopular too and are million reason, abuse a power, total disrespect Laws, murder a Judge, no prove but are voter believe and personal are true, A President give order murder a Judge. Dems leave be political Party, not are criminal Nazi Party, Dems be will resist, but in a end two thing be will happening, any resist damage Dems much more and be will loose, can’t survive a party, GOP try destroy Trump because he are not in a game, but like Dems Republican destroy herself and in a end all corrupt politician be will end in jail for long time.

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