We Must Always Have War Because Magic

This advertisement for permanent war appeared in my local newspaper today.

By pointing out this fact I am neither opposing working with religious groups that favor peace nor asserting that Martin Luther King Jr. was a warmonger.

But religious peace activists could, as far as anyone can tell, be peace activists without the religion.

This advertisement could NOT promote war without religion. Its entire basis for promoting war is religion, for which no substitute is imaginable.

Exactly like an argument for abolition of war, the ad begins by asking why we should engage in so much killing and destruction at such great expense, while other crises cry out for our attention.

Why? Because magic.

An ancient book says there must be war. And that settles it.

The same book says there must be mass murder of innocents and babies, slavery, death by stoning, cannibalism, and all sorts of other horrors.

Clearly one can attribute magical powers to that book and choose to ignore selected parts that our culture has outgrown.

Why not the part about war?

Because we have a culture of war, and religious support for it is only one part. But it’s a part we can set aside if we choose to, in a process of learning to think more critically. And that could have far-reaching results.

Imagine all the people living life in peace.

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  • Chuck Moon

    While you make some interesting points about that book, the actual psychological problems inherent in American Christianity are actually more frightening than the systematic distortions of that book that they use to justify their violence and hatred. For instance, the idea that this is a nation founded on Christian principles. Nothing could be further from the truth. While Jesus Christ directed his followers to “go into the world and preach the gospel to all men”, I don’t recall a verse or chapter where he instructed them to rape, pillage, steal, destroy, exploit, or annihilate anyone. That Christians in this country can hold this idea that “America” is somehow special fail to understand the level of genocide and absolute horror visited on the people living here before they arrived. Do they honestly think God has blessed America? Because we were able to steal an entire continent? Because we held slaves? Because our system has consistently employed every means of grizzly torture and depravity in order to destroy any opposition to our corporations reigning supreme over Latin America?
    Likewise, you ought to use more sound reason yourself when dealing with such things. Much of what you write here is not in opposition to the messages in that book, but fully supported by it. Were you to inspect this book that so many psychotic politicians and bloodthirsty imperials take as their own you would see how deep and evil their hypocrisy actual is. Take for instance the Israeli war of genocide against the Palestinians. Many Christians believe Israel has a right to this land on account of the Bible. However, according to Matthew 23–when Christ basically tore a new one into the reigning religious establishment and exposed them for the corrupt and evil figures they were–it is by the very hand of God that the Jews were driven out of the land, their temple destroyed, their city leveled, and absolute destruction was visited upon their country. They had rejected the Messiah! Sure enough, 40 years later in 70 AD that promise was kept. So if Christ destroyed their nation for their rejection, how is it that it is in Christ’s interest to bring it back again–especially as the Israelis still reject him to this day? Such are the troubling oxymoron’s and inconsistencies that plague many misguided Christians today.
    I am a Christian. I believe the word of God. Thus, I support no nation, no leader, and no movement except God Almighty and Christ. If our citizenship is in Heaven and we are strangers in the world, how can we claim nations, continents, armies, and governments? These are the lies that deceive the haughty and proud who gladly call themselves “Americans” before calling themselves Christians. You can’t be both, because just as Christ said, “you cannot serve both God and money”. Indeed. And when you solemnly salute the storm troopers of the new world order, you implicitly reject your Savior, whether you think so or not. Anarchists are closer to the message of Christ than most Christians are.

    • Michael Deloatch

      This ad is a blasphemy. Christ was specifically answering his disciples’ question how they might know then end time was near. He tells us to endure these times because they must come to pass to fulfill prophecy. He doesn’t say go ye out and make war to bring on the kingdom of God. That ad sickens me.

      • Chuck Moon

        Yes, their age and their time. The end he was speaking of was that which occurred in 70 AD. That Christians cling to Matthew 24 as if it speaks of our time is a serious mistake and a distortion of the Word. He fulfilled his own prophecy when Jerusalem fell. No anti-Christ, no temple, no abomination that anyone should expect at any time in the future. That time has already passed.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          Try “dialectical Thinking” – “Every End is in One”, – a “new Beginning”! Everyone is able to interpret “SYMBOLS”l

      • Miggy

        Just like The Bible states some will believe and some will not. I believe. The post by Washington claims The Bible is advocating war when in fact it’s a prophecy in relation to man’s heart not an endorsement.

        I don’t have all the answers and nobody does, even the atheist. I just know God has revealed Himself to me through the Holy Spirit and if He has done this to me he has to everybody. So anybody that pokes a finger in the eyes of Christians has decided consciously to not adhere to the moral teachings of The Bible.

        I cannot judge anyone. I just know the true God and His Son Jesus and that the enemy Satan is very real and is deceiving a great many people.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          You shpuld avoid confusing the Bible’s Old Testament withMagic-based babylonian Talmut!

          • Miggy

            I am not sure what this means. I have never studied Babylonian Talmut and never want to. Salvation is not complicated although many want it to be to justify fleshly desires.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            Sorry for having confused You ! In short : “People” running “Federal Reserve , Wall Street & Big Corporations , too big to fail” are Descendants of the khazarian White Huns , who took on “Jewish religious Identity” , when “their Empire was destroyed by the Russians” ! Dr Preston James discussed their History in “Veterans today”

          • Chuck Moon

            those are clearly references to Old Testament books and verses. I don’t know why you are going on about the “Babylonian Talmut”. There is no reference to it in the article and were one there, it would be misplaced, because the Bible is the Bible and the “Talmut” is the “Talmut”.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            The teachings of the “Religion” of the jewish people – especialy of the Owners of “Federal Reserve, Wall Street and Big Business” dates back to the “Babylonian Captivity” of Jews! From this time they have cultivated the Use of “Usury”!

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        May be you can be cured of your sickness, when you look at the 3000 years b. C., where all the Mid-east ethnicities were worshipping their tribal Deamon, Moloch, YHW, and others!

    • Miggy

      You are pointing to all the wrongs of America, which there are many for sure.

      What you fail to mention is the massive charity of this nation. I have been on the front lines. Go to any community in this nation, and I mean any, and you will find Christian churches and food pantries helping the needy, and I mean they are all over the place, all run by Christian volunteers.

      It’s all in what you see and look at. Yes, we have problems but man has problems. Search for the good and you will find it massively in America.

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        “By deceit you win your wars”!

      • Chuck Moon

        You misunderstand, number one, but number two, you are injecting your own perspective instead of trying to see the world in the third person, removed of your own connections and observing it as it is. From that perspective you see powers and nations and peoples and profits, a gigantic machine that day after day gobbles up everything and spits it out into shiny new “products”. As I speak, this world is dying because of that machine and we may have much less than time than we know before all life on this planet is extinguished. This machine is the whole earth, but it has three main engines. China and Japan are an engine, Europe is an engine, but the Primary Cog is the United States, a vast, unthreatened civilization that spans from one coast to another and whose people gobble up the bulk of these shiny new products. I’m not talking about works. There are good works all over the world, by Christians in every nation. Why point to Christians in the US as some sort of special people? All good works glorify God no matter who does them, and that God is glorified is the only reason we are here. This being true, stop attaching yourself some nation or ideal that has nothing to do with the Word of God, because this entity you call “America” is a force doesn’t represent God by any measure. It is a tool in the hands of the wealthy and powerful, “those who destroy the Earth.” And that’s all I am saying: that patriotism is far removed from faith in Christ. You are saved by the blood of Christ alone, and no one else. Praise God for whatever good comes out of any person, but don’t point to anyone’s Godly righteousness and underline it with the label “American”.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          Thnx for Your advice! Repeating thoughts of “Intellectuals”, socalled “sciemtific Knowledge” is “thinking of Mainstreet”! I prefer to check “MSM Narratives” personally!

  • prestodo

    First of all, you’re depiction of the Bible as being “magic” is wrong. Most people who understand the definition of the word “magic” (which means the devil’s deception) would never call the Word of God “magic”. You are clearly lacking in this understanding. That being said, you are right that there are many people who want to make warfare in order to profit from it, and sadly these people will use twisted religious beliefs and philosophies in order to stir others up to anger and to believe that the spread of death and destruction is a good thing. This is typically accomplished through “priestcraft”, which is defined as the preaching or teaching of religion or philosophy for financial gain or compensation. The unfortunate reality is that, just like the church that put out the poster you have placed in your article, many churches in all religions exercise priestcraft, which interestingly enough is specifically forbidden in all of them. People love to pay other people to deceive them.
    I am a Christian man, and I do not attend or support churches that exercise priestcraft since the Savior said that “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      Don’t forget the Author is referring to the Babylonian Talmut dating back some three thousend Years!

  • paul

    And they call themselves pro-life.

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    For Newcomers! Click the hint Horror and take the term bible simply as “Book”!