Malaysia Becomes Angry About Exclusion from MH17 Investigation

Eric Zuesse

Now nearly five months after the Malaysian Airlines MH17 passenger plane got shot down in Ukraine (killing all 298 onboard), Malaysians are going public with their anger about having been excluded from the investigation-team that is to write the official report on the disaster (or possibly mass-murder).

The Malaysian Insider headlined November 26th, “Why is Malaysia not part of MH17 investigation, asks group”; and, two days later, Ulson Gunnar at New Eastern Outlook and Global Research bannered, “MH17: Malaysia’s Barring from Investigation Reeks of Cover-up.”

This was the Malaysians’ plane, and many of the victims also were Malaysian; yet, the West refuses to let the Malaysians into investigating, or even participating in the official ‘investigation’ of, this ‘disaster.’

Finally, all-too-well-mannered Malaysians are starting to cry-foul about this fishy Western dish that’s apparently in the process of being cooked up, for them, and for all of the other victims of this ‘tragedy,’ or (more likely) mega-crime (that’s being so obviously covered-up and lied-about).


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.





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  • Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

    The critical thinking world is 100% behind Malaysian Airlines and completely outraged about remains hidden, not only about the MH17 tragedy, but MH370 too….people globally condemn, what is just another infamous cover up by corrupt leaders of the west… secret pacts between countries and the gall of including Ukraine and excluding Malaysia!! The US’ infamous “democracy” horse was flogged to death long ago… where is US satellite data? Where is Ukraine’s ATC data? — By international law (human rights and aviation laws), the victims’ families, Malaysian Airlines and the Malaysian Government, Russia and the Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters as well as the ordinary people of Ukraine, have the right to demand, that what smacks of a blatant cover up of this horrific accident as well as that of MH370, are exposed.

    • cettel

      This was an ‘accident’?

      • Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

        Yea, bad choice of a word… because accidents these crashes certainly were not! Sorry and thanks for noting it… sigh.. just that our world has gone stark raving mad.. with due process and justice fading away before our eyes. No punishment for the worst deeds or atrocities – zilch. Wholesale slaughter with impunity. When criminals receive awards today even though arrest warrants are in place to bring them to justice for their heinous crimes, how the heck is there any chance of unearthing and bringing to book the real murderers who orchestrated the tragic demise of so many innocents?

        • cettel

          The filthiest part of all this is the virtual unanimity of the Western ‘news’ media in covering all of this up. Other than the half-dozen authentic news sites that are publishing my reports and those of other honest journalists, they are all hiding this from their audience. I know that they know, because I (unlike some journalists) submit each one of my news-reports to virtually the entirety of the Western mainstream and alternative-news press, including all radio, TV, cable, newspapers, magazines, liberal, conservative, middle-of-the-road, etc., and not only in the U.S. but also in Britain. The editors and producers throughout the ‘news’ media know the truth (it’s documented in my links, if they haven’t already seen the evidence) but their audience does not.
          This isn’t a democracy. It’s a hoax.

          • disqus_3BrONUAJno

            Fortunately the United States is not a democracy, but a republic.

      • disqus_3BrONUAJno

        Don’t you know that aircraft accidents always involve jet fighter and 30 caliber machine gun rounds?

  • fieldmcconnell

    Malaysia had the MH370 explained to them face to face on 17-20 April, 2014. I know, as I am the pilot they contacted following the publishing of a youTube titled BOEING UNINTERRUPTIBLE AUTOPILOT. It is significant to note that the youTube was published within 24 hours of the MH17 event. Prior to traveling to Kuala Lumpur I told them, in writing, that if they did not expose the technology used in MH370 they should anticipate a second explosive event no later than 1900 17 July, 2014. The Malaysian government representatives and the ‘experts’ from Malaysian Airline System did not expose the two technologies [ bhuap + ati ] and 90 minutes before the timeline I suggested to them in writing, MH17 was disrupted in the same manner, but with vastly different results. Google this combination to see for yourself what I wrote, and when I wrote it: [ 30 march + mh370 + mh17 + buap + ati + 1900 17 july ] It is worth mentioning that one of my contacts in Malaysia was intent upon suing Boeing and I explained Boeing is not the correct party to sue. I have a 66 page document that has Boeing and Honeywell patents from 1952 to 2013 and if any party in the world wants the document they can find my private email on home page of ABELDANGERdottnett. Field McConnell

    • Southern

      The timing is staggering, how would you explain that ?

  • fieldmcconnell

    In my letter below I erred…the BOEING UNINTERRUPTIBLE AUTOPILOT youTube was published 24 hours after MH370 was alleged to be lost. The date 9 March 2014 should appear on the youTube to verify the speed of our exposure of BUAP + ATI. In June, 2014, CEO Tim Clarke spanked Malaysia for not solving MH370 so we published youTube titlted: Attention CEO Tim Clark of Emirates – Five Critical Questions Our private global intelligence network helped Russia understand who caused the Sukhoi Superjet hull loss in Indonesia in May, 2012.

  • Southern

    ~!!! ~ Malaysia being excluded from investigating the deliberate deaths of it’s own citizens (MH17) but by nations who have a recent history for jumping on the band wagon while being very economical with the truth — the signed august the eight agreement in their back pocket, you could not make it look any more suspicious.

  • Rehmat

    The world powers have very valid reason to exclude Malaysia from the enquiry – many of its leaders are anti-Israel.

    The Zionist-controlled western mainstream media, like in the case of 9/11 – accused some Muslims being involved in the disappearance of the Flight 370, based on the theory that “two of the passengers on the plane were Iranians”. But what about Nikolai Brodsky, the Russian Jew aboard MH370 or another Jew by the name “Andy” (reported by Israeli newspapers Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post) who traveled by the same flight one day earlier but was not allowed to board the return flight under the advice of his “observant Jew” travel agent. This reminds me the 2002 news item at the Jewish site Beliefnet – reporting how a “mysterious” Jew saved the lives of nine fellow Jews at the WTC on September 11, 2001.

    On March 11, 2014, Adam Taylor posted pictures of those two Iranian passengers at the Jewish Washington Post. However, the keen readers found out the two “terrorists” were carrying same bag, same shoes, same pants, standing in the same location on floor – which proves that the pictures were fixed.

    In order to cover CIA/Mossad foot-prints, western media yet came up with another story. It claims that the plane’s Muslim pilot could have committed suicide and took the crew and passengers with him. The CIA director, John Brenner, an Israel-Firster, said “the possibility that the plane had been brought down in a terrorist attack could not be ruled out. But no claims of responsibility over the missing jet had been confirmed or corroborated.”