Unveiled Threat: A Personal Experience of Fundamentalist Islam and the Roots of Terrorism

Janet Tavakoli’s Unveiled Threat: A Personal Experience of Fundamentalist Islam and the Roots of Terrorism is a must-read exposé of how misogynistic fundamentalist Muslims really are.

As a smart – bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, MBA from University of Chicago, expert on credit derivatives and structured finance –  fair-skinned, blue-eyed American woman who lived in Iran for a year with her Iranian husband, Tavakoli brings a unique perspective.

Tavakoli walks us through the modern history of Iran, including the corruption of the Shah, the CIA-sponsored coup, and the life-draining fundamentalism of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Tavakoli pulls no punches, detailing rape, pedophelia, mutilation and other forms of misogynism by fundamentalist Muslims.

Not a one-trick pony, Tavakoli rails against all cultures which condone rape and mistreatment of women.  She lambasts not only the Shia rulers of Iran, but also Saudi Arabia’s barbaric Sunni rulers, Catholic pedophile-priests, India’s rape-defending Hindus, and the U.S. military’s culture of rape cover-up.

As Tavakoli notes, “Every religion has its fundamentalists and fanatics”.   (We thoroughly agree: we think that fundamentalism is dangerous in any religion.)

This is a book that everyone who loves and wishes to support women should read.

Postscript: Even though Unveiled Threat focuses on the danger of fundamentalist Islam, Tavakoli’s expertise in financial matters still shines through in parts, such as this gem:

Bin Laden wanted to damage the U.S. economy, but he didn’t make a dent compared to Wall Street executives.

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  • Robert Barsocchini

    While working to help the Taliban expand over all of Afghanistan: “[W]hen a Clinton official was reminded that the Taliban persecuted women, he said, “We can live with that.”


  • Rehmat

    How funny, Catholic French lawmaker Maxence Buttey, 22, a member of anti-Muslim National front party, had different views of Islam. Two weeks ago he converted to Islam. He produced a video on Islam and sent it to fellow party members in which he praised Islam’s political and social values as commanded in Holy Qur’an. He also urged them to convert to Islam. Watch video below.


  • What I can’t stand is rightwing media, and to some extent mainstreadm media, saying MUSLIMS MUSLIMS MUSLIMS wherever you flip your dial, turn your newspaper page, or turn your TV channel. TERROR MUSLIMS TERROR ISLAM. Someone wants everyone in the west to hate Muslims. I’m pretty sure Muslims don’t control our corrupt mainstream media, the FED, the government (how many Muslim congressmen are there?), and I’m sure they didn’t do 911 which started all this demonization. I conclude the same people now brainwashing us with MUSLIM MUSLIM MUSLIM are the same ones who did 911.

    • You’re absolutely right Dan. But you’re getting into some dangerous territory.