HERE’S Why Ebola Is No Longer In the News

Mainstream Press Agrees Not to Report Suspected Cases

Forbes’ David Kroll – an adjunct professor at Duke University Medical Center –  notes:

The Associated Press and other press outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed.

In other words, the mainstream media has agreed not to report on any suspected Ebola cases.

I guess the Ebola czar has been a busy boy, after all … you know, preventing panic and all that.

H/t Dr. Meryl Nass.

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  • MCB

    Dr. Nass is a brave, honest and courageous patriot who stands by her Hippocratic oath. What an amazing lady she is! 🙂


    US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized October 20, 2014

    German High Government Official Seeks Washington’s Reassurance that the US did Not Weaponize the Species of Ebola that Germany Made Available to Washington, and Washington has not provided the reassurance. By providing the virus to Washington prior to effective reassurances, Germany is complicit in the breakout of a bio-warfare grade of ebola, which has now spread to the US and Europe. At this point, it is not clear that this ebola strain will be contained or whether Washington has any intention or ability to contain it. The arrogance and inhumanity of Washington is beyond comprehension.

    Proof That The Swine Flu Epidemic Was Man Made and Intentional Written by Sarah C. Corriher

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a patent for, Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof (patent #8124101). It was filed in 2005 for approval. The makers of the human variant of the swine flu virus waited until the patent was finally approved in January of 2009, before unleashing the virus into the wild.

    • otto42


  • scriptfoo

    Reporting suspected cases is the equivalent of crying wolf, stretching resources thinner than necessary, eroding confidence in medical professionals and government agencies. Imagine if over the past four weeks we had “LOOK OVER HERE ANOTHER PERSON SUSPECTED OF … oh, nevermind, no Ebola there. Don’t these medicos know what they’re doing? Back to you, Jim”

  • exboyracer

    Why does she seem to think this is a bad thing — perhaps because she is a Fox news fan?

    • Likely

      Good citizen! In fact, double-plus good!

  • Wesley Long

    Given that the morons in Maine sent a principal home for a month because he stayed at a hotel 9 miles from a hospital with an Ebola patient, maybe a little discretion is appropriate. Not saying Maine has a monopoly on morons, they just had theirs on display last month.

  • John Smith

    Political correctness may yet kill all of us.

    • a_pink_poodle

      I would imagine it’s less about political correctness and more about not being a Chicken Little.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    The Ebola “Epidemic”was Faux to begin with! It’s another failed attempt to bamboozle the Americans into accepting martial law. Washington’s blog just jumped the shark! IMHO!

  • Windchyme

    Like it was gonna save the election- nothing was gonna save the election for the Democrats. But suspected cases are just that…suspected and it could easily wear out an already weary public. I agree, let me have some peace until the next confirmed case.

  • cetude

    Ebola is a political diversion. Nothing more. NOT ONE WORD about the biggest threat to America – and the human race itself – the national economy which is $18 TRILLION in debt. Banks and stock markets can easily crash at any time, which will bring about world wide Great Depression and WW III.

  • eastedie33510

    The Chief Sociopath in the WH controls the media.

    • Gluten Gluten

      They like being controlled. They consider themselves part of the regime… They are who they’ve been waiting for.
      The Obama regime is very akin to the Symbonese Liberation Army (SLA) and Obama is their Cinque.
      It’s easy to visualize that after it’s all said and done, Obama will meet the same end.