France’s President Rejects U.S. President’s Demand for Global Oligarchy

Eric Zuesse

The Government of French President Francois Hollande has said no to the demand by the Government of American President Barack Obama that panels of international corporations be granted the power to override national laws and determine individual countries’ regulations regarding workers’ rights, consumer protections, investor protections, and other matters in which international corporations have been carrying out an international race to the bottom for non-oligarchs in order to maximize the profits of international corporations and thus the wealth and power of their controlling (i.e., oligarchic) stockholders, virtually all of whom are billionaires.

Previously, the leader of the Democratic Party in the U.S. Senate (who is selected by all Democrats in the Senate and represents the Party on this matter, even in the U.S. House, because he alone possesses the power to stop this) had said no to it, but the few conservative Democrats favor it as do virtually all Republicans, and so when Republicans take control over both houses of Congress in January, President Obama will then have solid domestic congressional support for his three gigantic proposed international-trade treaties: TTIP for Europe, TPP for Asia, and TISA for all trade in services, all three of which deals include this subordination of national sovereignty to international-corporate panels. TISA is especially key for financial services, such as accounting-standards (so as to enhance corruption, so as to deceive outside investors, with increased advantages accruing to corporate executives and board-members, the insiders who control international corporations).

President Obama, like his predecessor, believes strongly that competition should drive down wages and drive up corporate stock and bond values (upon which the billionaires primarily rely), though as a politician and especially as a ‘Democrat’ (which George W. Bush, unlike Obama, never pretended to be) he cannot afford to say this; only his policies are consistently in that direction. (“Proof of the pudding is in the eating” is the phrase for that, though Obama claims that only Republicans are to blame for this result.) But France’s President Hollande has here put his foot down, and said no to that.

However, in a different decision, President Hollande has bowed down to President Obama and decided to ignore both French workers and even many French oligarchs and to “delay indefinitely” the delivery to Russia of warships that France had contracted to build for Russia and which were built and for which Russia has already paid. Obama had pressed him hard on that matter, to not deliver them, and now Hollande is giving him this gift, perhaps as a consolation-prize since Hollande won’t give America’s oligarchs the bigger prize they are demanding: replacing French sovereignty by sovereignty from panels that are appointed by international corporations.

Now that American voters have gone along with the ‘anti-government’ ideology of Republicans, and provided President Obama finally a solid-Republican Congress, this ‘anti-government’ (or actually pro-oligarchic) government — a government where sovereignty rests in international corporations, instead of in national electorates — will almost certainly pass into law whatever Obama can wrangle out of America’s major trading-nations (albeit without France), and so he could go down in history as the most-effective U.S. President since the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, though in exactly the opposite ideological direction from FDR (who was anti-oligarchic). The propagandists (paid heavily by oligarchs) in both the Democratic and Republican Parties have portrayed Obama as being ineffective against the Republicans, but he might turn out to have been instead the opposite: the most effective conservative U.S. President ever — the only one who could manage to swing such a hard turn to the political right in this country. He needed to be a ‘Democrat’ in order to be able to achieve that; so, he is a ‘Democrat.’ Only time will tell how successful his plan was. But its results are already apparent. The numbers are clear. And Obama’s trade-deals would be the crowning glory to that achievement, because undoing those deals would be far more difficult even than President Hollande’s undoing his warship-deal with Russia (if he can). Obama’s effect would last for centuries, if it could ever be reversed at all (and even that would be doubtful).

It’s not the kind of ‘world government’ that Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his followers had hoped would ultimately result. But neither would it be the type of international anarchy that had previously reigned. It would, instead, be the restoration of feudalism, but this time on a global scale: internationalized fascism — exactly what FDR went to war to defeat.

Seventy years after the end of World War II, it seems to be the direction in which the world is again heading, this time perhaps to win though by very different means, more those of ‘The Gentleman.’


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Rehmat

    Obama is lying as usual. He cannot go against “oligarchs”, because most of them in North America, Europe and Russia are Jewish – and both Democrats and Republicans need these vultures’ money to grease their political parties.

    • Jacob

      Please, please, please. There is a terrifyingly serious issue at play here in which the citizens who bestow power upon their governments have ceased to pay attention to what that power is used to do. Human beings are being misled and manipulated so that they can be exploited.
      For what possible reason would ‘blame it on the Jews’ be helpful?? What if most of the ‘oligarchs’ were black? Or Argentinian? Or Buddhist? Or dogs, for that matter?
      It does nothing to advance resistance against these agreements, and THAT is what we should all be concerned with.

      • truth

        I am more frightened that their post was upvoted 6 times. The highest comment in this section for the article.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          You should be even more frightened by the Zionist oligarchs who bribed England by manipulating the United States into joining the war against the Germans that the English were losing.

          • Jacob

            Your argument here being that the Germans should have been permitted to win the war, and the fact that Nazi Germany did not emerge from WWII as the world’s dominant superpower is more frightening than our currently living under a legally imposed corporatocracy?

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            You’re so uneducated you don’t even recognize which war I was obviously talking about, then somehow manufacture yourself grounds for lecturing me nonsensically. How in the world did you manage to come up with the incoherent hypothesis that I was recommending that that the Nazis be allowed to win World War II?

            Good god, do some studying before you speak. That way you will avoid missing the point so much that you accuse others of doing it.

          • Jacob

            Ah, yes, my mistake. The war in which the Zionist oligarchs obviously bribed England by manipulating the United States into joining the war against the Germans that the English were losing. Obviously.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            You still haven’t figured it out yet. Keep studying.

          • Clint Jaysiel

            God you’re annoying. By not making your point outright, you’re admitting you don’t actually have one, TeCumSeh. That’s what it looks like from where I’m sitting.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Of course, I’m annoying to insolent imbeciles like yourselves ever impossible of any enlightenment. Thanks for identifying your ignoramus self (sarcasm off).

          • Clint Jaysiel

            I’m not the one who spent 4 comments failing to make a point because they’d rather call the other one names.

            Though I’m up to 2 now 😉

            Oh wait, I have to call you something.

            “Your mother wears combat boots!”

            Hope i did that right.

            Your discourse is awesome. You should join a debate team.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            You slobber is awesome. You should join a doormat. You’re just as welcome inside as anything else stuck on it.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Which oligarchs bullied and bribed their way into the creation of the criminal Zionist state built on land stolen and seized by the massive invasion they arranged and financed?

        • Jacob

          Good god, WHO CARES. You’re missing the point entirely.
          Opposition to the system is important. Opposition to objectionable policies is important. Whether the perpetuators of this unjust system choose to attend religious services on Saturday, Sunday, every day, or never should have ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on our united opposition to their policies.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Rehmat was just pointing out that a certain organizational element of the oligarchs was extremely powerful in guiding their thrust, whose offenses you should join in opposing rather than crying anti-Semitism.

            Thanks for the absurd preaching with its equally absurd assumption of obtuseness.

          • Jacob

            That certain organizational element being the Jews? Rehmat was asserting that Obama cannot upset the Jewish vultures’ because he needs their money, rather than observing that Obama cannot upset any of the rich because he needs their money, regardless of the status of their foreskin.
            I don’t believe I cried anti-semitism, rather I believe that I pointed out that their Jewishness doesn’t have any actual bearing on what response their actions necessitate. My suggestion is that pointing at the ‘Jewish Zionist Oligarchs’ actually does more harm than good to what seems to be a common aim by allowing an irrelevant discussion of anti-semitism to enter the scope of the discussion.
            It is neither preaching nor absurd. The assumption of obtuseness was based on an obtuse answer; I’m sure you’re not an obtuse person.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            It’s a big element. The Zionist-Imperialist alliance is the big curse afflicting the world right now. I’m sorry that offends your sensitivities so much that you have to obfuscate. For the purposes of your own eyes you are achieving all the success you need to satisfy you.

  • Dana

    Important correction: Hollande said that he will not sign the TTIP in 2015. Anyone who knows anything about French politics will understand that by no means is Hollande committing himself one way or the other.

    Meanwhile, French elites are scrambling to polish up right wing Sarkozy’s tarnished image, to get him back in power. He would sign the TTIP without hesitation and with no preconditions. Yikes …

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Impeach President Barf.

  • Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

    What about the ordinary American people, the gross having voted sincerely with many no longer having faith in either the dems or the reps or their government… why? — because those in the “driving” (crashing) seat are all zionist controlled oligarchs. When fair and just Americans can stand up for human rights and equality, how much more are they capable of standing up for their country???? Please wake up guys… apart from your family and children and because of their futures… don’t allow the reckless and self serving cabal on Capitol Hill and the one in the White House, to steal your other single most precious asset — your country.

  • B. Miles Teg

    … yes but France like the rest of the EC still supports it in demands on Africans, Carribean and Pacific Nations (udner the EPA)… as the saying goes, imperialism is not possible without tyranny at home…

  • DREZ

    Wake up, wake up our American brothers and sisters. It is time to rebel against these money grubbing criminals. So often we are aware of what they are doing before they’ve done it. Man made laws that don’t speak to the average citizen are crimes against humanity. Those of us that walk the city sidewalks and are not chauffeured from site to site are the majority. We must work together to stop this insanity. I can’t figure out how we’d ever organize when it’s clear every social media website is monitored by those we have given authority over us. It’s our own sons and daughters working for the militia’s they use to tear gas and brutalize us with. They want us to fight and hate and kill each other. We need to be colour blind and realize we are all in the same boat. When we peacefully protest and someone gets out of control. We need to stop them and isolate them before the government has a “reason” to turn violent on us. The loss of services, wages and benefits combined with the pressures of “productivity” just in the over 50 years I’ve walked the earth have diminished to the point where half our world is on pharmaceuticals to relieve stress and very few enjoy annual vacations in order to simply survive on a daily basis. Humans are the only species that use money to survive. We can’t eat money. Screw the piece of paper and electronic money. Clean air, water, food and shelter are what we need to survive. We don’t need their money for that. We simply have to escape their violent way of controlling us. Once they’ve created another depression. Let’s remember that all the same resources exist. Instead of standing in food lines, we can work together to prove we don’t need them at all. I was proud to be Canadian but it appears the Harper’s Conservatives are grooming us the way of Obama. Don’t be a good consumer. Try not to be in debt. Get your family to the park and out from under the tv and video games. Live!!!

    • Me Who

      We’ve seen in other countries that when protesters get out of hand, it was actually planned by some gov’t and persons were actually placed to start violence. This discredits the plight of the legitimate protesters and their ability to bring public awareness, allows officials to inflict collective punishment ie, rubber bullets, live ammo, tear gas, and gives them justification to break the protest up. Often leaders get arrested. The press is prevented or harassed. Why, just yesterday an Italian photographer was shot in the chest with live rounds by Israeli IDF. That’s one of many reasons Israel should not be training the police in our respective countries. Perhaps, Ferguson wouldn’t have happened had Israel’s police not trained them.

  • jan

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