For the First Time in 170 years, the British Parliament Will Debate How Money Is Really Created

The Secret Life of Money

A mere 8 months ago, the Bank of England admitted that central banks create money out of thin air.

Now, Parliament is about to debate how money is really created:

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  • itsdsmurrell

    There is an existing solution. It’s called Bitcoin. People can convert their current wealth to bitcoins. Those that take this initial risk stand to profit or lose out. Those that are late to the party don’t lose anything as they still gain all the benefits Bitcoin brings (no sneaky inflation, no instant debt repayments for using the monetary system, anonymous transactions, extremely cheap money transfers, less volatility since they are late). It’s a win win. Even for governments as all the national debts will be wiped clean. The only people who lose out are the extremely wealthy and that’s only if they aren’t paying attention.

    • Wenkai Tian

      Bitcoin is the future