“America Has No Higher Rate of Social Mobility than Medieval England”

“Rags to Riches” No Longer Real Possibility In America

We’be documented for years that the American Dream has ended … And it’s now just a myth.

CBS News Sacramento provides details:

A UC Davis economics professor has determined there is no American Dream.


America has no higher rate of social mobility than medieval England, Or pre-industrial Sweden,” he said. “That’s the most difficult part of talking about social mobility is because it is shattering people s dreams.”


Clarks’ study was published by the Council on Foreign Relations

Sadly, the American Dream has moved abroad.

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  • Demonocracy

    “It is the bourgeoisie which has turned religion
    into an opium of the people by preaching a God, lord of the heavens
    only, while taking possession of the earth for itself.”

    -Father Frei Betto, while being tortured by the
    Brazilian military