Afghan Opium All Time High

We’ve repeatedly noted that – under American occupation – opium production is at an all-time high in Afghanistan.

Still rising

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  • Rehmat

    Taliban were removed from for two main reason; they banned cultivation of poppy, and they refused to allow US oil mafia to build a pipeline from Caspian through Afghan territory. Israel happened to be the main beneficiary in both cases.

  • Andy Tyme

    So take it down the road a piece more, Rehmat.

    And don’t let the cowardly hesitation of the foundation-funded Amy Goodman/Thom Hartmann/Noam Chomsky crowd ever again deter you from “connecting the dots” — between that selfsame “main beneficiary” and the video fakery-filled, big media-complicit, 103-minute WARGAME TV simulation (replete with bogus hijackers) that had to be “flipped live” to SAVE THE OPIUM CROP for the banksters and spooks who are totally addicted to its money-laundering profits and hegemonic leverage.

    Sadly, our otherwise quite courageous host, ol’ Mr. Washington, is still hesitant to question the authenticity and Tel-avivish cyber-provenance of those fake-plane videos, even after all these years.

    Or am I wrong about you, George?

    Please set the record straight, when you have time.