Urgent: Right-Left Alliance Needed to Stop This War!

Pick Up TruckBy David Swanson, originally published by Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Last year, public pressure played a big role in stopping US missile strikes on Syria. The biggest difference between then and now was that televisions weren’t telling people that ISIS might be coming to their neighborhood to behead them. There were other, smaller differences as well: Britain’s opposition, Russia’s opposition, and the difficulty of explaining to Americans that it now made sense to join a war on the same side as al Qaeda.

But there’s another big difference between last year and this year. Last year was not a Congressional election year. With elections coming this November, Congress declared an early vacation in September and fled town in order to avoid voting a new war up or down. It did this while fully aware that the President would proceed with the war illegally. Most Congress members, including House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Leader Harry Reid, believe that by allowing a war to happen without explicitly voting for or against it they can best win our votes for re-election without offending their funders.

Congress members have good reason to think that way. Numerous organizations and individuals are dumping endless energy and resources into trying to elect either Democrats or Republicans, regardless of their policies. Big groups on the left have told me that they will not have any time for opposing war until the elections are over, at which point they’ll be happy to “hold accountable” any of the Democrats they’ve just reelected. There are organizations who do the same thing for Republicans.

When war was made the top election issue in exit polls in 2006, Democrats took power and their leader in the House, Rahm Emanuel, openly told the Washington Post that they would keep the war in Iraq going in order to campaign against it again in 2008. And so they did. Republicans elected opposing war in 2010 have been more rhetorical than substantive in their “opposition.”

The current war, and the endless war it is part of, must be opposed by people across the political spectrum who put peace ahead of party. ISIS has a one-hour video asking for this war. Giving it to them, and boosting their recruitment, is insanity. Ending insane policies is not a left or right position. This is a war that involves bombing the opposite side in Syria from the side we were told we had to bomb a year ago, and simultaneously arming the same side that the U.S. government is bombing. This is madness. To allow this to continue while mumbling the obvious truth that “there is no military solution” is too great an evil to fit into any lesser-evil electoral calculation.

This war is killing civilians in such large numbers that the White House has announced that restrictions on killing civilians will not be followed. This war is being used to strip away our rights at home. It’s draining our economy. It’s impoverishing us — primarily by justifying the routine annual spending of roughly $1 trillion on war preparations. It’s endangering us by generating further hatred. And all of this destruction, with no up-side to be found, is driven by irrational fear that has people telling pollsters they believe this war will endanger them and they’re in favor of it.

According to the Congressional Research Service 79% of weapons shipments to Middle Eastern countries are from the United States, not counting arms given to allies of ISIS or used by the US military. Rather than arming this region to the teeth and joining in wars with US weapons on both sides, the United States could arrange for and lead an arms embargo. It could also provide restitution for what it has done in recent years, including the destruction of Iraq that allowed the creation of ISIS. Making restitution in the form of actual aid (as opposed to “military aid”) would cost a lot less than lobbing $2 million missiles at people who view them as recruitment posters and tickets to martyrdom. That shift would also begin to make the United States liked rather than hated.

We won’t get there unless people whose souls are un-owned by political parties take over town hall meetings and let Congress members know that they must work to end this war if they want to earn our votes.

David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is director of WorldBeyondWar.org and campaign coordinator for RootsAction.org

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    • tate matson

      You must know Obama, Israel, Britain, the Saudi’s, etc are behind ISIS. I mean for goodness sake this supposed grassroots Muslim uprising is using perfectly maintained US tanks, mobile artillery(which are complex weapons that required a lot of training to operate and most important to be effective which these highly trained military personal are, they are not out of work Sunnis, etc these people have been trained to kill, they are a true military, and 30 to 50k sized armies do not just magically appear. And isn’t it odd–the first Beheading which correct me if I am wrong they pan away for the real act, anyway the first beheading was performed by a black masked Muslim from London who is a OUT of WORK RAPPER…you cannot make this stuff up. As usual the Israelis are laughing at what they consider their enemy PROTO-European peoples of the western people who have been the hardest PEOPLE for them to RULE. That is what its always been about. So why don’t we all stop pretending and confront the people behind everything bad in the world today! They are playing up the EBOLA, ISIS, Climate Change Dooom, Bad Economy, Rising China, Invader Russia, Possible War in Korea, Mystery Illness among Children, etc etc/ Honestly they are on a full court press to confuse and hide their real and what they hope final attack on a truly Noble people. They are covering up the vaccine war they are waging on our children and by them our very future. 40 years ago there was no Autism, actually the first case was diagnosed in the 1940’s around 6 years after the first large scale vaccination programs began in the US. In the 1970’s 1 in 100,000 children born in the USA who GOT the MMR vaccine developed autism. Today that figure is 1 in 50 children born in the USA who get the MMR vaccine will develop autism. The CDC reports 1 in 68 Children born today develop autism but they name numerous other things for the cause even though in 3rd world nations where NO vaccines are given to children there is no AUTISM. YET the media stomps out any stories immediately that put a negative light on vaccines and the CDC and NIH, FDA are all NON-Christian controlled areas I assume you know what I mean. A new study just came out either last week or the week before by a MIT Researcher who has been concerned by the Autism Numbers. Her Study basically states that Vaccines–either multplie vaccines or 1 large one like the combined MMR in combination with the Herbacide Roundup–which is produced by Montsanto another non-christian controlled company as well as all of the Big Phama Companies. The Herbicide Roundup is used almost universally on american farms–so basically we all consume small amounts of it–the chemical in roundup allows the crap that they put in the “vaccines” to penetrate the cell and basically cause BRAIN DAMAGE–Autism is a nice way to say brain damaged child. To read the actual study Google MIT MMR vaccine / Herbicide Study. She basically says the numbers are so large that there really is no other conclusion to come to. She also predicts if nothing changes 1 in 2 children who get poised intentionally will develop autism in 20 years. I should also add the people who do not develop autism still suffer the affects of having mercury, etc injected into them–lower iq’s, etc. We are being culled and dumbed down on purpose. It should also be know that the FLU shots now being recommended for children and pregnant woman–Obama’s administration is the first to recommend this–his administration is also the first to recommend that pregnant woman and children eat fish—a natural source of MERCURY. His administration also is funding FLUORIDE TREATMENTS for childrens teeth–not only our they putting fluoride into our water which does nothing but cause problems including lower iq’s for children raised in areas that put fluoride in the water–currently around 70% of the USA. See flouridealert.org if you are not sure. The fluoride crime was funded by a Non-Christians and started under Eisenhower who was no Christian….I can prove that he was not as well……anyway. If anyone reads this, passing this information around to as many people possible will literally save a child’s FUTURE!

      • SupernaturalCat

        Excellent overview of the ongoing corp/state machinations …thanks for posting.