U.S. Officials: Ebola Could Spread through Open Southern Border

Open-Border Policy May Spread Ebola

Preface: We understand that Honduran children are fleeing death squads, and that the U.S. is at least partly responsible.  But even for those who are for an open immigration policy – and are not worried about ISIS sneaking through the U.S. border – Ebola changes the equation.

Forget whacky people making alarmist statements … what do officials with actual responsibility for security say?

Well, the head of the U.S. Southern Command – the branch of the U.S. military responsible for all U.S. military activities in South America and Central America –  says:

There is no way we can keep Ebola [contained] in West Africa.

If it breaks out [in Central America], it’s literally, ‘Katie bar the door,’ and there will be mass migration into the United States … They will run away from Ebola, or if they suspect they are infected, they will try to get to the United States for treatment.

[I saw how easy it is for illegals to enter the United States. While visiting the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua with U.S. embassy personnel, I saw a group of men] waiting in line to pass into Nicaragua and then on their way north.

The embassy person walked over and asked who they were and they told him they were from Liberia and they had been on the road about a week. They met up with the network in Trinidad and now they were on their way to the United States — illegally, of course.

[The men] could have made it to New York City and still be within the incubation period for Ebola.

And he said:

The nightmare scenario, I think, is right around the corner.

(starting at 28:40.)

A U.S. Border Patrol agent – and vice president of the National Border Patrol Council #3307 – agrees that mass migration could spread Ebola to the U.S. , and says that “NOTHING” has been done to secure the border in the event the Ebola virus spreads to Central America.

Additionally, the “screenings” at airports are a joke (and see this) … and the whole open-travel policy is unfounded.

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  • My Side Of Town

    Keep calm… Wall Street loves plagues.
    Just get the latest e-bola smart phone ap and hop in your Japanese car and speed away from the hell on earth you voted for!
    Obola… We got this.

  • jadan

    You stop flights from W Africa, you impose more border controls, and
    still the cases crop up here and there. So you stop flights from other
    countries and you shut down the borders. Pretty soon the nation is in quarantine and there are quarantines within quarantines…..

    • kimyo

      it’s not binary. an effective quarantine doesn’t mean zero cases, it means you’ve reduced your exposure and the total number of infected.

      success in delaying the onset may be a godsend for some, once a cure is developed.

      it’s war, yes? when at war, do you just allow the enemy full and unfettered access to your civilian population? why do you keep on arguing to keep the flights to/from west africa going?

      • jadan

        I’m not arguing against restricting flights from W Africa. I’m arguing against shutting down the world. Quarantine will have a cascading effect that will kill the airlines and all travel, ultimately. There’s no easy solutions. I don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease. This is not a war in which we kill the enemy. You can’t kill a virus. You seem to believe there are evil geniuses at work for their own nefarious ends directing this bioweapon. I don’t think this is under anyone’s control. I don’t think we understand the nature of this beast. That should be our first priority.

        • kimyo

          regarding air travel and the viability of the airlines –
          1) recirculating cabin air must cease, to the extent possible
          2) aircraft need to be scanned for radiation from fukushima, many may already have significant levels of contamination, as they’ve been flying through the soup for years now.
          3) another approach is required: leaving passengers on board for hours after potential exposure is insane. if there is no plan for this, then people should really think twice being heading to the airport.

          i don’t think the airlines are viable. they will have to be taken over like gm, aig, etc.

  • thetruth

    So who wants to make bets on who will make out like a bandit with the inevitable “ebola vaccine” ? Rumsfeld maybe?

    • Greg

      Rockefeller and Bill Gates?

  • Jackson

    this also discussed at http://www.ebolainamerica.wordpress.com which is tracking spread of ebola in America


    US Has More Sanctions Against Russia Than Against Ebola — Paul Craig Roberts October 9, 2014

    We have known since . . . well, when haven’t we known that our public officials are incompetent. Their incompetence is always expensive, but now it risks a worldwide ebola pandemic. With so little known about a deadly disease, one would think that with ebola on the rampage in three west Africa countries, air flights to and from these countries would be halted.


    Include this as well. Ebola Virus Patented by US Government in October 2009: “Invention Related to Novel Species of Human Ebola (hEbola) virus”

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a patent for, Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof (patent #8124101). It was filed in 2005 for approval.


    • My Side Of Town

      Here’s Obama shipping in poor blacks with ebola who will turn around and spread it to… Other poor blacks!
      And when ebola explodes into central America? Same thing. Poor central Americans spreading it among the illegals Obama is shipping in… Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
      Those Democrats are some kinda genius! At this rate, America will be whiter and straighter after 8 years of Obola than before!

  • Undecider

    When you seal the doors shut, you also trap yourself.

  • Jasmine

    Hospital rooms are quarantined when a deadly illness looms; so should countries be, yet, they’re allowed to fly into our country to infect the rest of us. Airport screenings for fever? Really? All infected persons have to do is take acetametaphen or ibuprofen before landing to alleviate the fever & pass the screening. How about protecting the American people for ONCE????? Terrorists aren’t needed to take our country down, our political leaders are perfectly capable of it on their own!

  • Jon Kamp

    The New York Doctor should have quarantined himself for 21 days!

    Thanks to Mr. Barrack Obama for freely issuing a U.S. Visa to, and welcoming Liberian Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan Ebola to the USA with open arms! And, for keeping the door wide open for other West Africans to come on over with Ebola!

    Remember, they can not legally enter the USA without a Visa!

    Mistakes Have been Made – Others Will Pay and Others Will Be Blamed!

    Urgent! Your Help Is Needed To Stop The Spread of Ebola! You, Your Family and Co-Workers are at extra Risk! Here’s What You Can Do – Listen to Judge Jeanine Pirro!


    Help Do Something – Sign the Petition Now! Help the Word Go Viral – Not The Virus!


    The 1918 Flu Virus Pandemic infected over 500 million people across the world, including the USA, remote Pacific islands and the Arctic, and killed 50 to 100 million of them, that’s a 10 to 20 percent death rate.

    A large factor in the worldwide occurrence of this flu was increased travel. Modern transportation systems made it easier for soldiers, sailors, and civilian travelers to spread the disease.

    Now we have Jumbo Jets and the Fast Spreading Ebola Virus… With a 50 to 70 percent death rate!

    Help Do Something – Sign the Petition Now! And Spread the Word Not The Virus!

    You Can Help – Facebook it, Tweet it, Pin it, Instagram it and ask your family, friends and co-workers to sign the Petition!

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