U.S. Alliance with FSA and ISIL in Six Photographs

by Rick Sterling

The following six photographs confirm that a favorite “moderate rebel” leader, Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, is allied with ISIL.

The first photograph is from Spring 2013 and shows Okaidi with the American who has been the principal coordinator of US policy on Syria. The last two photographs are from a meeting days ago when Congressmen Adam Kinzinger (Rep Illinois) and George Holding (Rep. North Carolina) met with Okaidi and other “moderate rebels” in Turkey.

Other photos show Okaidi with ISIL fighters and being interviewed about his relationship with ISIL. The photographs are from videos identified at bottom.


Ford&OkaidiPhoto 1 / May 2013/ Okaidi with Robert S. Ford, US Ambassador and Coordinator of the “Friends of Syria”

Okaidi&ISIL2Photo 2 / August 2013 / Okaidi with ISIL fighters at Menagh Air Base, Syria.  ISIL leader is Abu Jandal to Okaidi’s left.

IslamicStateHereToStayPhoto 3. / August 2013 / ISIL Leader Abu Jandal at Menagh Air Base, Syria.

Okaidi_GoodRelsISILPhoto 4 / November 2013 / Interview with Okaidi “My relationship with the brothers of ISIL is good.”

Okaidi_09242014_TurkeyPhoto 5 / Sept 24, 2014/ Okaidi at meeting with US Congress members

Kinzinger_in_TurkeyPhoto 6 / Sept 24 2014 / Congressman Kinzinger after meeting Okaidi and other “moderate rebels” who the US is arming, supplying and paying salaries.

By funding “moderate rebels” like FSA Colonel Okaidi, the US is in effective alliance with ISIL.

Under international law it is illegal to encourage, support and aid military and paramilitary activities against another State.

See the full videos here:

1) FSA leader Okaidi with US Ambassador Ford and ISIL leader plus interview with Okaidi:

2) Okaidi and Representative Kinzinger in Turkey:

Scott Bronstein and Drew Griffin, CNN, “Syrian Rebel Groups Unite to Fight ISIS“, September 29, 2014

Rick Sterling is active with the Syria Solidarity Movement and Mt Diablo Peace and Justice Center. He can be emailed at: rsterling1@gmail.com.

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  • Greg Burton

    In a word: treason.

  • hvaiallverden

    This kinds of deseptions is as old as humanity, and even back 1800.2000 years ago, back to the ancient Rome and the empire it was, did this, fuel and create the enemy we needed.
    Nothing new, but the morons aka the general public, aka the sheeps, dont belive this, the right and the left winged freaks just pokes their fingers into their ears and scream lalalala WE DONT HEAR YAA.
    And getts blue in their faces when they refuce ti see the f… facts.

    And why isnt this sick f…. Mcain not hanging from the nearest possible lamp post.
    That man and his followers are pure evil incarnated, no one above nor beside their crueltys and evil deeds, sole instigator and inevtor of several wars and all the crimes that folloed in their path.
    They are war criminals and should be shott at sigth, to safegard humanity from their evilness and perverted belifes.


  • Carl_Herman

    Yup, that’s how the US Empire rolls, that is, until enough of us are awake enough to cause something better.

  • Brad Pitt

    This site is just a coincidence, nothing fishy is going on here