If Republicans Win Control of the Senate in November, Nuclear War with Russia Will Be More Likely. Here’s Why.

Eric Zuesse

Senate Bill S. 2277 is sponsored by 26 Republicans and no Democrats, and it would give President Obama the virtually unlimited authority to take U.S. to war against Russia in defense of the Ukrainian Government that Obama’s February 2014 coup established in Ukraine, the government that’s controlled by a coalition of one fascist party and two nazi (or racist-fascist) parties in northwest Ukraine. (Southeast Ukraine isn’t represented in the coalition; southeast Ukraine had voted overwhelmingly — and you can see the exact percentages here — for the President that Obama’s coup toppled in February 2014.)

Paul Roderick Gregory headlined at the Forbes site on October 10th, “A Republican Senate Can Help Send U.S. Weapons to Ukraine,” and he condemned Obama for backing off on Ukraine, and said:


“I recently gave five compelling reasons for U.S. lethal aid to Ukraine, and I explained why inaction on Ukraine threatens the destruction of NATO as we know it. The American establishment elite have increasingly concluded the same: that we must give Ukraine the means to defend itself against Russian aggression. Add former defense secretary and CIA head, Leon Panetta, to a long list of diplomats (Mike McFaul, Strobe Talbot), generals (Martin Dempsey, Philip Breedlove et al.), congressmen and senators (Ben Nelson, Sander Levin, Jim Gerlach, Gerland Connoly, Robert Menendez, Bob Corker, to name just a few) who disagree with the president on Ukraine.”


The regime that Obama imposed on Ukraine, after his coup, is heavily racist-fascist, or nazi. Here are the Obama-coup-regime’s supporters, and you can see their nazi symbols and Hitlerite militarism, which is based upon the pro-Nazi movement in Ukraine during World War II, the movement that had supported the Babi Yar massacre of Jews and that is even more passionately hostile toward ethnic Russians than toward Jews. And here you see these people proudly mass-murdering ethnic Russians, whom they hate — just trying to kill as many of the residents there as they can. Obama needs that done because the people in this region, southeastern Ukraine, had (as that map shows) voted over 90% for the man whom Obama’s mercenaries had overthrown on 22 February 2014. If they remain alive, and inside Ukraine, then Obama’s imposed leaders won’t survive any election that’s held throughout all regions of Ukraine. This is why the Obama regime in Ukraine has been massacring the residents in the ethnic-Russian areas in Ukraine’s southeast. The United States has sponsored this ethnic-cleansing operation in order to mass-murder the residents in Ukraine’s southeast, precisely so as to get rid of them. This statement is not hyperbole: Barack Obama is the very first President in U.S. history who has installed, in any foreign nation, a nazi, or racist-fascist, regime. As you can see, their most devoted battalions don’t even try to hide it: some of them proudly display their pictures of Hitler, even though they are Ukrainians, not Germans, themselves. These are the most devoted troops in Ukraine, on Obama’s side in the civil war that Obama caused. But congressional Republicans want him to give the matter even higher priority, and more resources, than he now is.

Furthermore, NATO has been gearing up for a nuclear war, a pre-emptive nuclear attack against Russia, supposedly to defend this new regime. But, actually, one of the main reasons for the overthrow was to establish in Ukraine a missile-base against Russia — it was to help prepare for our nuclear attack. Republicans in the Senate support our bringing Ukraine into NATO, which is the reason for this Republican bill, which is currently bottled up in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee but will become passed into law and signed by the President if Republicans win back control of the Senate in this year’s elections.

Although no Democrat has officially co-sponsored this bill, the leader of the Committee that is considering it is Democrat Robert Menendez, and he has very actively spoken and written in support of it; he just doesn’t have the guts publicly to come out as a Republican. He’s like Obama: he built his following among Democrats and cannot afford to go public with his extreme conservatism.

I have written a lot about Obama’s strategy, here and here and here, but a recent report at Global Research, by Professor Michael Chossudovsky, is even more alarming: “Dangerous Crossroads: US-NATO to Deploy Troops, Conduct Large Scale Naval Exercises against ‘Unnamed Enemy.'” He quotes the veteran writer on nuclear war, Steven Starr as saying, “Any US-Russian war is likely to quickly escalate into a nuclear war,” and Starr explains why this is a far more dangerous situation than any that existed during the Cold War, except possibly the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Ironically, the only way that Obama can be restrained on this planned attack would be if the U.S. Senate remains under Democratic control, because Obama is pursuing here a longstanding Republican foreign policy, of asserting “nuclear supremacy,” to win  a nuclear conflict against Russia (originally against the Soviet Union).

At present, this bill is considered extremely unlikely to pass in the Senate, but if Republicans take the Senate, then it almost certainly will pass next year, because both houses of Congress will then be controlled by the Republican Party.

Right now, President Obama wants to cool things in his Ukrainian civil war, because of the more-pressing and far more real threat to U.S. national security in the Middle East. But this lull in the Ukrainian conflict could turn out to be temporary if things become stabilized regarding ISIS.

So, if the Republicans win control of the U.S. Senate this November, then we’ll quite possibly have a nuclear war against Russia, because Republicans certainly want it, and so does Obama (and Senator Menendez), and Obama will therefore have the congressional funding to prepare the attack that both he and Republicans, and even at least one other ‘Democrat’ than Obama, apparently want and have been preparing.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • kimyo

    is it no longer possible to vote for a candidate based on their merits? if so, the system is dysfunctional and must be replaced.

    if the only way to get people to the polls is to threaten them with nuclear war, then a new approach is required.

    sometimes americans pick candidates with military experience, perhaps because this is associated with bravery and patriotism.

    along those lines, i defy you to name an american who is more patriotic than edward snowden. or one who is braver. certainly, there are americans alive today who are as brave as mr. snowden. and, likewise, equally patriotic.

    however, there are none braver. snowden 2016. vote everyone else out. especially the democrats. especially the republicans. don’t vote for moron A because moron B told you that moron C was a worse threat to society.

    does edward snowden know how to address the ebola crisis? most likely not. would i trust him to find the right person to lead the effort and to give them the required resources? sure.

    look what voting blue got you last time. advocating for doing the exact same thing and expecting different results is why i get to use the word moron.

    • tate matson

      OH please…blah blah–that was just more theater–to hide the Marxist Obama and his Comrade Putin–their both Vassals…the real question is who do they work for??? And I would rather have Putin then Obama–Obama obviously hates the majority of the people in the nation he is the President in.
      Since Ted Cruz has a better chance of becoming Miss Gay America then becoming President in 2016, I think the American Citizen have a half way decent shot at getting a President who actually supports the American People. I know, can you imagine?? Crazy….Debbie Wassermann Schultz will go crazy and pull that horrible hair of hers out if that happens…….

  • Kishember

    There would have been no war in Eastern Ukraine, nor threat of global holocaust if the EU had not tried to recruit Ukraine as a member state. It is true that the USA has taken over, being global hegemon, but the responsibility lies still with the Council of the European Union. Its deeply ironic that both Obama and the EU have been awarded the nobel peace prize very recently.

    Now it seems that no-one wants to pick up the tab for this gigantic blunder.

    • No dog in the fight

      If Ukraine wants to join, it’s their choice. Russia has no say in Ukraine’s politics.

  • unheilig

    Good article Eric, agree 100% about snake-in-the-grass Menendez. Incidentally, I’ve been checking out your recommendation of the Deutsche wirtschafts nachrichten website and you’re right again: it just might be the best on the entire planet.

    • tate matson

      Not really….virtually every article Eric writes(except maybe one) are complete and total bullshit. Sorry but either your naïve or your Eric’s Dad……..

      • unheilig

        So you can state this and still post a rant like the one above with a straight face? I’m impressed…oh, wait, that would be the botox.

  • tate matson

    This whole war with Russia is a joke. Seriously why would are leaders go nuts suddenly? Obviously Obama is a self absorbed racist with a chip on his shoulder against white people. And lets not forget Obama is a Trojan Marxist–so basically the author most likely is getting paid to convince people that Obama is not a Marxist. Onto a different subject……I am not sure what to make of this–but I am just going to throw this out there……there are underground projects going on all over this country and all over this PLANET….and they are all very much under the radar…..One in Columbus is supposed to be for rain runoff–yet its several hundred feet deep and then its about 60 feet wide for I think 2 miles. That is just one–these are going in all over the nation and planet. Why? Is this where are money went(Obama doubled the national debt)? In Seattle these tunnels are going in for a new “underground hwy” that nobody wanted and massive tunnels for Light rail—and the tunnels were the most expensive option especially since there was no need for them yet they are going in…I also saw where the City of Seattle was spending millions on Hydroponics? Why? There is also massive work going on in in some National and State Parks. And Heavy Equipment MFG and Rental is a sector doing great on a global scale–but why? NO big residential or commercial growth obviously??? Massive new tunnels in Britain, Continental Europe–and I remember seeing some really ODD Google earth Photo’s of Central Russia–at the time I thought could they be trying to tunnel through the North Pole–I know that is out of there–but now it is pretty obviously they are just building large tunnels……….Virtually all nations are spending massively on their defense budgets…..yet the US keeps making cut after cuts–if you look at the actual dollars the US Defense budget is the biggest ever–yet we are being told it has been massively cut–no it has not. Where did the money go? Also, apparently 1.2 trillion in student load debt? Yet we have not had a surge in college graduate percentages? Virtually every nation in the Western World has gone into massive debt but what do they have to show for it? And why(very subtlety) are half billion dollar “sewer tunnels” going in or multi-billion dollar light trail transit tunnels going in across the US?? WHY If we are in danger from a meteor the ELITE are morons the combined brain power and shear effort of all of us working to SURVIVE(hopefully I am totally wrong about this and there is no danger) but if I am right–shame shame shame and HOW dare you decide who lives and dies and NOT give everyone a CHANCE….It is not the GENETIC GENE pool of the ELITE that should survive that is for sure! Also. in Seattle there was a weird group paying to get DNA and SPERM samples of basically anyone who would donate…..that a bunch of other things such as I have written some insurance for people building underground structures in the middle of Montana, and Idaho, I remember thinking why are RICH people so paranoid….that was a few years ago—is it possible they have know something for at least 3 years(maybe as far back as 2003) and have said nothing???? I hope I just have a wild imagination and that I am connecting dots that should not be connected? But there are a lot of dots…….