Instead of Appointing a Medical Expert, Obama Appoints a LOBBYIST as Ebola Czar

What’s He Going To Do … Lobby To Convince Congress That Ebola Is Not That Big A Risk?

Obama has appointed Ron Klain as the Ebola Czar.

Klain has no medical or healthcare background whatsoever.

Instead, he’s a high-powered lobbyist. He helped the corrupt Fannie Mae to overcome “regulatory issues” in 2004. Wikipedia notes:

Klain [helped in] convincing Congress and Fannie Mae’s regulators that Fannie Mae wasn’t doing anything dangerous, and wasn’t exposing taxpayers to risk. In other words, Ron Klain got paid to help fuel the housing bubble up until a couple of years before it popped.

Klain also:

Represented a company facing asbestos-exposure lawsuits, the embattled drugmaker ImClone and two companies trying to win support for large mergers.

What’s he going to do … lobby to convince Congress that Ebola is not that big a risk?

Klain is also a major Democratic operative, serving as Chief of Staff for Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden.  As such, it is not unlikely that he will be motivated to cover up for any missteps by Obama and CDC chair Tom Frieden.

Matt Stoller – a Democrat who knows as much about D.C. politics as anyone – notes:

Ron Klain is a fixer who is well-connected and knows his way around the exec branch. His skill is fixing PR problems, not logistics.

He’s not a doctor … just a spin doctor.

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  • Flowers

    What’s with the language ‘czar’? And Obama should have stood behind the czar he already had.

  • ddearborn

    First Obama couldn’t stand behind the Czar he already had for the simple reason that she has already sold the American people down the river. It seems that several years ago a company was on the verge of producing a vaccine for Ebola. And his “other Czar” took the contract away from them and gave it to one of her own. The company he was a majority share holder in promptly took that no bid billion dollar contract and went bankrupt.(they took the money of course) People the media seems to not want to remind the Public that THE US GOVERMENT PATENTED THE EBOLA VIRUS IN 2007! That means that the Ebola virus out in the wild right now is almost certainly a weaponized version of the original virus. It also means that in all likelihood not only does a vaccine exist but a cure as well. The virus originated in the vicinity of a secret US Bio weapons lab in the Middle of the Jungle. No one seems to be asking any questions about the legality or morality of that either. Or ask the obvious; Given that the US is party to international bioweapons treaties, why does it have a Military bioweapons lab in Africa? You don’t think Obama sent those troops over there to aid and protect the victims do you? In all likelihood they were sent there to destroy any evidence of the lab.

    The reason that a professional “handler” was made the Ebola Czar is glaringly obvious; he is in charge of managing a false flag operation, not a medical emergency. Does anyone honestly believe that the ruling elite would not have shut down all traffic out of Africa into the US if there was any real danger? Of course not. Because a virus like this quickly spirals out of control and takes on a life of its own. Once it reached critical mass it would be impossible to contain let alone control. They have the vaccine. They need cover to finish the destruction of Syria and the installation of a puppet government. And they are desperate to slow down or stop the recognition of the Palestinian State by countries around the world. How many know that England just recognized Palestine? And if they have to kill a couple of Hundred thousand more to get it done, so be it. And they would dearly love to further eviscerate the Bill of Rights to gain a stranglehold on the American people. That way they can shut people like me up permanently.

  • Let’s Dance

    This appointment is proof that Obama and the Democrats won’t do anything about Ebola until they get what they want out of it…. Ebola Lobby!. HA! How’s that for more destabilization folks?

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    Is he an Israeli citizen?

  • Swami_Binkinanda

    So the manager with the record of success is NOT they guy you want in charge?

    The big job is always organizing people with disparate skill sets and social abilities in order to unite them towards a goal.
    Put a doctor in charge and she/he may not have the social skills to work the system and get things done. Put a lab rat in charge and you’ll get a product no one will use because anti vaxxers or other interest groups will use the media space to maximize their power.
    Put a pr guy in charge and you might not get anything more than pr.
    A person who has been chief of staff and lobbyist knows how to work people and work the system to achieve goals, full stop.

    • Roddy Pfeiffer

      Solyndra was one of his “successes”.

    • steve button

      Thats right. Success? In what? And how does that apply to the U.S in Africa? It applies to insuring American elite interests remain intact.. who does that help? 4…maybe 5 people……? I can think of better equipped people to deal with an international health crisis than a Jewish lobbyist who helped criminals steal billions in taxpayer dollars…your just the type congress likes – the type that rationalizes criminality..

  • Rick

    Obama’s a bad man.

    • Tom Tchikofski

      Maybe to you but for the elites, it is the best thing since the creation of slavery.

    • Greg Straw

      Man??? more like chimp

  • S Giesea

    Wow, surprising.
    Maybe I should get into lobbying. The pay seems to be great in the DC metro area.
    I would rather be a Dr. anyway. Hoping for a good future, thanks Mr. President.

    • Tom Tchikofski

      You are on the wrong track pal.
      I wana be a good house Negro for the elites just like the Pres-O-dent.

    • Greg Straw

      First you have to rape children and get some kills under your belt then steal money, beat your wife, kill cats, abort a baby and tell lies to your mother and then you can get in to politics.

  • Tom Tchikofski

    “Klain has no medical or healthcare background whatsoever.” nor our troops that are sent there

  • Greg Straw

    There’s a new movement out there where people are saying they don’t recognize this Govt or fed law anymore they can count me in..when they start following the law of the land we will.

    • Ben Byerly

      Amen to that.