Hypocrisy: CDC Tells Healthcare Workers They Don’t Need Respirators … But When CDC Personnel Visit Ebola Patients, They Wear Respirators

CDC’s Double-Standard Regarding Ebola

CNN notes that CDC tells healthcare workers that they only need goggles and a cloth face mask when treating Ebola carriers … but CDC personnel themselves wear full respirators and hazardous materials suits when visiting the same hospitals (2:02-2:26 & 4:00-5:30 into video).

In the clip, the Vice President of the National Nurses Union – and the President of the California Nurses Association/National Nurse Organizing Committee – says:

The CDC has put out some guidelines which we think are not enough.

Because they say we do not need haz mat suits for these type of patients.

Then why is that when they come out to investigate or transport a patient, they are wearing haz mat suits?

Is it because we are just nurses?

CNN also points out that the CDC protocols only require that healthcare workers treating Ebola patients use cloth masks and goggles. But the infectious disease experts at Emory University who treated Ebola patients wore full haz mat suits and respirators.

Background here.

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  • ClubToTheHead

    Scientists like to use guinea pigs. How else can they confirm that there is no risk of contagion?

    Too bad that many healthcare workers (guinea pigs) don’t have health insurance.

  • My Side of Town

    The White House has Kiev and Kobane now… They could care less about Dallas.

  • kimyo

    2014 – freiden/cdc to doctors and nurses: you don’t need respirators
    2001 – whitman/epa to 9/11 firefighters and recovery workers: you don’t need respirators

    3 Firefighters Die from 9/11-Related Illnesses in 1 Day

    the cdc values the health and well-being of healthcare workers as much as the u.s. navy cares for its sailors. just as much as the v.a. cares for the health of its veterans.

    if your place of work has not provided you with papr’s and training on how to use them, they’re rolling the dice with your life.

    the failure to protect you, as with ground zero workers, uss ronald reagan sailors and veterans denied healthcare is a criminal act.

    • My SIde Of Town

      Speaking of American military veterans mistreatment by the goverrnment they (foolishly) served…
      Did you realize that based on reports from pro-Obama regime news outlets, the following statement is true?
      “A foreigner, who has yet to even decide to enter the United States illegally six months from now, will receive better and faster care than an American veteran who sought a doctor appointment six months ago?” “Not only that, but the future illegal alien will not be forced to see a s—-y malpractice doctor that the former E-4 or E-5 veteran will be forced to see .”
      (And yes there is complicity on the part of the fake opposition Republican party to allow this state of affairs to exist and continue forward.)

  • Greg Straw

    Well when you trying to get this bioweapon to spread you can’t people wearing respirators .

  • launchme52

    Never let a good epidemic go to waste, the dark brothers in DC want death as Satan always does.

  • sprinklesandgumdrops

    does anyone know what happened to the 75 dallas healthcare workers that were under quarantine after treating patient Zero (Duncan)? I have heard NOTHING about them…..any interviews, video messages etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find these ppl and their health status?