When Guys Decide Which Scientific Studies to Fund …

More Is Better!

This headline from the Telegraph sums it up:    “Sex with 21 women lowers risk of prostate cancer, academics find“.

Here’s the money quote:

Sleeping with more than 20 women protects men against prostate cancer, a study has suggested.

Indeed, guys have figured out that .

Postscript: I’m waiting for the follow-up study …

“The ménage à trois lowers risk for heart attacks, university finds …

Most protective of health if one is blonde and the other is brunette.”

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  • jadan

    What happens if you only had sex with 19 women? Do the 21 women have to be legal age? Is breast size a factor? If a woman gives you an STD, does that count? What happens if you’re a pederast? Will 21 boys work? Government should fund more studies.

  • unheilig

    In the Torygraph? Well, well. Brace yourselves for a new UKGOV policy initiative.

  • lew

    There was a study some years ago saying polygamy was good for men’s health, they lived longer than single-wife men.
    God knows why, the pain of one woman bitching …