Google Survey: Majority of US Citizens Think US Gives Too Much to Israel

The majority of US citizens, according to a Google Consumer Survey (cited here), think the US gives too much aid to Israel:

Today 6 in 10 Americans believe the U.S. gives too much aid to Israel

Surveying Americans about U.S. aid to Israel requires putting it into proper perspective. Given Israel’s position as the leading single U.S. foreign aid recipient (by a wide margin), as in 1989 asking the foreign aid question requires embedding relevant data to obtain a bona fide response.  When such data is included, the majority of Americans (60.7 percent) believe U.S. aid to Israel is excessive.  The major response, that aid to Israel is “Much too much” is 33.9 percent of Americans.  Some 26.8 percent believe it is “too much” while 25.9 percent believe it is “about right.” Only 13.4 percent of Americans believe U.S. aid to Israel is not enough.

The policy and political implications of this finding are stark.  Elected officials passing ever larger aid packages and supplemental spending for Israel simply cannot claim they are representing the majority interests of their constituents.  American presidents proclaiming the U.S.‐Israel bond is “unbreakable” cannot claim such a bond is willingly underwritten by U.S. taxpayers.  The finding also shines yet more light on Israel lobby organizations as the major factor coming between most constituents and their representatives and quietly working to ensure that Israel’s majority share of the U.S. foreign aid budget continues.

The survey also finds that, in particular, younger US citizens are strongly opposed to the amount of US aid that goes to Israel, and, crucially, finds that “Only the Wealthiest Americans believe U.S. aid is ‘about right'”:

The only category of Americans (47.6 percent) who believed U.S. aid for Israel is “about right” is the segment earning $150,000 or more (although even 42.9 percent in that category thought aid was too high).  The next lower income category, $100,000‐149,000 is the most vehemently opposed to aid, with 79.5 percent believing it is too high (42.9 percent responding “much too much” and 36.6 percent “too much.”)

While the Google report says the findings are “stark”, they are precisely consistent with the findings of the recent study out of Cornell and Northwestern universities, the largest study of its kind to date, which looked at nearly 1,800 individual US policy issues and found that the average US citizen has zero impact on those policies, while the wealthiest citizens essentially get exactly what they want, meaning they dictate US policy (and they largely comprise the US government).

This Google survey simply singles out one of the policy issues, which together illustrate that the USA is not a democracy, but a society in which people are allowed to choose which of two corporate-backed figureheads they want as the face of an oligarchy that dictates government policy in its own interest.

It is also worth noting here that 1) the top ten recipients of US aid (with Israel as #1) all, like the US itself, have torture regimes, 2) US law “prohibit[s] U.S. foreign aid to nuclear weapons states such as Israel that are not signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty”, and 3) Obama, while repeatedly insisting the US is a “nation of laws”, requested more military aid for Israel than any president ever (among many other blatantly illegal acts).

Robert Barsocchini is a researcher focusing on global force dynamics.  He also writes professionally for the film industry.  Here is his blog.  Also see his free e-book, Whatever it Takes – Hillary Clinton’s Record of Support for War and other Depravities.  Click here to follow Robert and his UK-based colleague, Dean Robinson, on Twitter.

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  • samlebon23

    What about if you Google does the same survey in Capitol Hill, what would be the results?

  • jasperpepper

    I never realised the US was so anti-Semitic. 😉

  • What is the reason close to 100% of both parties blindly support Israel, and the American people do not?

    • Robert Barsocchini

      Exactly. Google, above, says it’s the Israel lobby. That’s only one part. People in the government also know very well that Israel is a cornerstone of the US empire in a crucial area. A report came out yesterday that said Israel has the best air force in the World (the one they use to massacre Gaza, which has no air force OR air defenses…)

      Also, it was reported yesterday that Obama has just sold/given Israel 3 billion worth of additional bomber jets.

      • minted

        People are mentally ill to “dislike” a country that has been subjected to unprovoked terrorism for 60+ years that was initiated by Saudis and Egyptians with zero presence in the British Mandate.
        There are a lot of other crazy people who demand the same from Burma in their struggle against infiltrating Muslim extremism that began through illegal terrorists from Bangladesh in the 1940’s. Like Israel, they too are condemned for trying to defend themselves against the most brutal people in the world, who can never leave anyone in peace without always demanding an islamic state in every country they are given entry.

        • Robert Barsocchini

          Very good point that relying on majority opinion alone is fallacious. It is called the “ad populum” fallacy. That’s why countless human rights orgs, journalists, historians, the UN, etc. etc., have copiously documented what “Israelis” have been doing since 1948, and before.

          As for the rest of your argument, it is what was put forth 30 years ago by Joan Peters in her book “From Time Immemorial”, which was exposed as a complete fraud – she made up numbers, etc., and was utterly discredited and shamed, because the historical evidence for the argument doesn’t exist, and no one pretends it does because they know they’ll be classed as con artists.

          If you already knew this, hearing it from me isn’t going to help, and you’re going to keep repeating what you said, or some version of it. If you didn’t know, I hope it will help a little.

          • minted

            So why waste their time focusing on 1948 – 31 years after Israels creation – when the borders were drawn in 1917 and the conflict was initiated by foreign Muslims who invaded to occupy and didn’t live anywhere near it?

            Why don’t they focus on “documenting” the facts from the Belfour Declaration 1917 onwards, which drew the Israeli borderline, and the Saudis and Egyptians jihad in the late 1930’s with flash mass immigration into Israel’s territory with vicious unprovoked attacks for the sake of jihad?

            There is no coincidence that the third largest group fighting with the islamic state are palestinians.

            And why don’t these “historians, journalists, UN” filled with jihad propaganda and deceit funded by Saudi Arabia ask themselves, – even after these pro-Nazi illegals poured into Israel arguing that all land was their dar al-Islam and no one had right to it except a Sunni caliph, – why their relentless jihad did not stop when Israel was split into two and Jordan was created for them to subdue their argument?

            Although Israel lost most of its borders and Jordan is much larger in size and handed to them freely and even with a King placed there to govern – they continue to commit jihad and to terrorize. They now had not only their original land to return to – Egypt and Saudi Arabia – but they even had a third country: Jordan. But that was not good enough because Islamic duty to overtake and invade others is never interested in facts or someone else’s rights. And they never stop to spread Islam and to occupy territories that do not belong to them.

            And why do all the delusional pro-Nazi left wingers who support terrorism with such passion that no one is allowed to fight against it without being branded by their slurs, ask themselves why these “Palestinian” people with their false claims of losing land, end up in Gaza and West Bank? If they actually live there they would have been positioned all over the land. The reason they ended up in these two spots is that the terrorist who flooded from Egypt got cornered by Israel at Gaza, and the terrorists from Saudi Arabia got cornered at the West Bank.

            Like Winston Churchill said, “Palestinians” are no Palestinians but foreign occupiers and have never been deprived of anything. They have forced their presence through huge illegal settlements to commit jihad, just like ISIS is forcing its way into Syria and Iraq to commit jihad and occupy the region. And THAT is what Palestine supporters are supporting, are funding and aiding: Terrorism.

          • Robert Barsocchini

            I do not agree that the dog in a manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain there for a very long time. – Churchill on Palestinians

            It seems you are sincere and not an intentional propagandist, so let me just say your history needs serious work. Keep investigating.

            Please take last word if you like.


          • minted

            British Prime Minister Winston Churchill noted the Arab influx.
            Churchill, a veteran of the early years of the British mandate in the
            Holy Land, noted in 1939 that “far from
            being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied
            till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry
            could lift up the Jewish population.”

  • Joseph Hammer

    I imagine you’d find similar responses to: “Do you think we give Egypt too much?” or “Do you think we give OUR government too much?”

  • Rehmat

    Even those who think America gives too much to Israel don’t realize that America has long become sn Israeli colony. So far American taxpayers have donated over three trillion dollars through USAID (over 46% of total annual aid), soft loans and $3 billion annual military aid.

    • minted

      The only mistake America has done is to donate money to a terrorist state like Gaza. The “Palestinian” invaders have received so much funding from around the world that every single resident terrorist could live a middle class life without ever working a day in their life! But they prefer their endless Jihad. I say, fook them all and leave them to starve! Sick violent people who never stop hating others should not be provided with aid. In Europe “Palestinians” commit endless arson, rapes, drug peddling, assault, murders and robberies. We had enough of this dirty lot. In ISIS Palestinians make up the THIRD largest fighting force, demonstrating what their sick mentality are.

      • Kieron

        Sources? Citations? Proof?

        Just another hasbaRAT.


    How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas Jan. 24, 2009

    Moshav Tekuma, Israel Surveying the wreckage of a neighbor’s bungalow hit by a Palestinian rocket, retired Israeli official Avner Cohen traces the missile’s trajectory back to an “enormous, stupid mistake” made 30 years ago. “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel’s destruction.

    • minted

      “Tunisian born Jew”. Puhlease! Tunisia is overwhelming Muslim and filled from morning to evening with Muslim propaganda. Hamas is no creation of Israel. Its the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood who came into being long before the CIA even existed, and who is the mother ship to lead funding and support for Jihad groups to form all over the world.
      Get real! You know nothing about the Middle East and how truly sick the Muslim mindset is.


    We’re killing ourselfs fighting Israeli wars

    • minted

      No you’re not. Muslims being occupied fighting Israel is the only reason America has enjoyed some level of peace. Once Israel is out of the way they will focus their entire hatred on the U.S. because nothing in the world is allowed to exist and rule the world but Dar-al-Islam. And if you oppose that, you are an enemy to Islam. That is the fact and Americans need to stop being so fooking stupid about Islam and stop imagining that their foreign policy is the cause. The cause for their endless hatred is not the foreign policy – but the Quran and the instructions in the Quran.

  • minted

    What a strange way of interpreting a survey. 25.9% , 6.1% and 7.3% or 39.3% want support for Israel while a minority of them want even more support for Israel.

    Israel is the only buffer left in the Middle East that blocks Muslims from uniting into one core group to attack Europe from the South and spread to the rest of the West from there onwards. It is complete INSANITY not to support Israel’s right to exist free from Muslim provocation and terrorism. Egypt has now closed access from Gaza into Egypt for “Palestinians” because they know their old countrymen are terrorists and sent to occupy the region for the sake of Jihad. Bringing them back into Egypt would spread further terrorism into Egypt. This is the same reason Saudis don’t want to allow “asylum” to Palestinians of Saudi background. Meanwhile Israel is stuck with an insane world opposing their right to defend themselves against terrorists. Palestine is NOTHING but a terrorist state.

    Israel’s fight against Islamic demands for a Caliphate in the entire region and beyond, was provoked and initiated by the Saudis and is clearly documented in letters between the British government and Saudi leaders. Saudis had no presence at all in British Mandate of Palestine. Jews in particular are pointed at as a slaughter target for Muslims in the Quran. The entire battle Muslims have against the Jews is a racist one.

    The Saudis worked out a strategy joint with Egypt to mass occupy the region in late 1930’s with illegal settlers forcing their presence onto Israel. Over 100,000 illegal Arabs poured into Israel’s borderlines suddenly claiming it “theirs” although they had never had a history or presence there before. Israel’s borderlines was created by the British in 1917. At the time the entire Jordan belonged within these borders. Because of these illegal Muslim settlers and Britain not wanting to engage in yet another war and conflict with the Muslims, they divided Israel into two and created Jordan. And Jordan became the homeland handed to the fake “Palestinians” so they could no longer use the argument of loss of land.

    So why are the Muslims still attacking Israel 60 years later? Because Jihad has no end. Jihad has been ongoing for 1,400 years without a break. When Muslims commit Jihad they commit it until every enemy of theirs is dead and Dar-al-Islam is the only ruling existence where they force their presence. And this is how they have occupied over 43 countries to date, transforming them by violence and threats into Islamic countries.

  • Joseph Smith

    We give too much money to Pakistan.