Federal Reserve Bank Admits Again That It Is NOT a Federal Agency

No More Federal than Federal Express

As we’ve reported for over 4 years, the Federal Reserve banks are private, not government agencies.

Indeed, the government admitted 86 years ago that the Fed banks are private. And the Fed has repeatedly reaffirmed this fact.

As Matt Stoller points out, they have just done so again … in the AIG trial. Specifically, government lawyers said:

Now, some of the documents … were not actually produced by the United States, they were produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which is a third party.


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  • ClubToTheHead

    Take that, you MMT guys.

  • AJC1973

    I love to ask your normal run of the mill american, not someone that keeps up with politics, these questions.

    1) Do you think that a group of American And foreign banks should run the monetary agency that controls the money in this country?

    Hell no Frack that… i dont trust those bankers… Is a consensus of the answers…

    2) thats what the congress did, and the president signed it!

    Bush? no… Obama did that? no… huh? Its been that way since 1913…



    3.)do you know how much the value of the dollar has changed since then?

    I dont know its gone up? 100% maybe…


    its lost 97% of its value…


    Why the hell do we continue to allow them to do it?

    That is the question…

    4.) Now do you want to audit and end the fed?
    ah yea…

  • Carroll Price

    Which explains why the Federal Reserve (as a privately owned business) is not required to submit to a government audit of it’s books. A position they will likely take if congress forces the issue past a certain point.

    • Tom Dee

      IT is a corporation like no others in that all corporations have a home state which has laws to demand audits if for no other reason proper taxes.

    • David Mowers

      And yet in 2010 and again in 2013 it was Congress who changed their charter and renewed it.

  • Ken

    Kill the nasty Jews running the FED and we can take back our Nation.

  • Tom Dee

    I still wonder how they pull off we cannot be audited game. AIG and the money the federal reserve sent overseas should be enough to get an audit but then we might have to put a few of our banker on trial

  • Truthis

    The owners of the Fed are counterfeiters, plain and simple. They also pulled off on the same year that they were founded, the INCOME TAX FRAUD, to keep the people working and poor. Their unconstitutional crimes did not stop there, by starting WWI & WWII and endless other wars that yields endless profits and power for them and endless suffering for the public.They are the embodiment of pure evil.

  • “Federal” is a registered trademark of the USA Corporation, so the fed must be a subsidiary. Or is it the other way around?