“FBI Wiretapped Left-Wing Journalist Who Wrote Critical Stories About Nazis In America, Internal Records Show. Mr. Hoover Declared the Journalist … a Potential Threat to National Security”

U.S. Government Treats Reporters and Whistleblowers as Terrorists

Yesterday, the New York Times reported:

In 1968, Mr. Hoover authorized the F.B.I. to wiretap a left-wing journalist who wrote critical stories about Nazis in America, internal records show. Mr. Hoover declared the journalist, Charles Allen, a potential threat to national security.

Similarly, in 1972, the CIA Director relabelled “dissidents” as “terrorists” so he could continue spying on them.

Indeed, the U.S. treats whistleblowers and investigative reporters as terrorists.

Postscript: And the U.S. government is currently supporting Nazis in Ukraine … just as we did 70 years ago.

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  • 1ofthe2witnesses

    “The Secret Operation To Bring Nazi Scientists To America – NPR: In the fall of 1944, the United States and its allies launched a secret mission code-named Operation Paperclip. The aim was to find and preserve German weapons, including biological and chemical agents, but American scientific intelligence officers quickly realized the weapons themselves were not enough. They decided the United States needed to bring the Nazi scientists themselves to the U.S. Thus began a mission to recruit top Nazi doctors, physicists and chemists — including Wernher von Braun, who went on to design the rockets that took man to the moon.” http://www.npr.org/2014/02/15/275877755/the-secret-operation-to-bring-nazi-scientists-to-america

    Nuff said.

  • ericlipps

    The FBI, in those days, seems to have ben wiretapping everyone in sight, especially those whom Director Hoover personally disliked and/or on whom he wanted to acquire blackmail material.

    Ironically, Hoover himself was potentially subject to blackmail over his relationship with his subordinate and longtime housemate Clyde Tolson, which was an open secret at FBI headquarters.