Doctors Nationwide Slam CDC Handling of Ebola

Infectious Disease Experts, Safety Experts, Doctors and Nurses All Say the CDC Has Been Messing Up the Ebola Response

Healthcare experts throughout the U.S. are strongly criticizing the Centers for Disease Control for its handling of Ebola. For example:

  • Infectious disease experts say the CDC is blaming nurses for their exposure to Ebola when the CDC has given faulty instructions on how to handle Ebola patients
  • Public health experts also criticize the CDC’s statement that any hospital in the U.S. can handle Ebola patients
  • And nurses are calling the CDC hypocrites for saying that cloth masks and goggles are sufficient … while CDC personnel wear respirators and full hazardous materials suits when visiting hospitals with Ebola patients
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  • kimyo

    the possibility that multiple strains are loose in different geographical areas should be considered. nigeria and congo together have had fewer than 100 cases. the spread and disease progression there is very unlike liberia/sierra leone/guinea.

    if there is a difference, it becomes imperative to determine which strain is present in dallas. if not, the practices in place in nigeria should be examined for possible deployment here.

    ps: as it happens, as the 13th largest producer of oil, nigeria provides 2.5 million bpd, or 2.62% of the global total.

  • My Side of Town

    A foreigner who decides to enter the US illeaglly, six months from now, will receive better and faster medical care than a US military veteran who sought a doctor appointment… Six months ago.
    This is the context is which the issue is placed.

  • My Side Of Town

    The Democrat controlled CDC devotes more people and money to voter registration drives than to actual disease protocol trainings..
    The trainings provided to the people Oama is sending to Liberia is approximately 30 minutes duration and includes photocopied handout.

    • SufferinSuccotash,Moderate Reb

      I can hardly wait until the Republicans get in and massively increase spending on public health, can you?

      • Sean Johnson

        Typical lib……throw more taxpayer money at it…..FYI… The government never found a cure for anything, except an overflowing budget.

  • RobinDatta

    The government goons don’t have to risk their lives.

    There is a reason why experimental work on pathogens like Ebola is restricted to BSL-4 facilities. That reason is also operative when a human container of Ebola viruses enters an Emergency Department’s triage area.

    There is also a reason why there are Infectious Disease BL-4 containment wards. And there is a reason why the Ebola cases shipped back to ‘mericuh from elsewhere went to such facilities.

    Just as anything less risks researchers’ lives, so too, anything less risks medical care providers’ lives.

  • Absent 2032

    This situation is out control..

    My name is Nicholas Gagnier and my new book Absent 2032 is about a global epidemic in a dystopian future. It was the first day of school at Freedom Elementary and Mrs. Weiss’ first day of her teaching career.

    I hope you can check it out.

  • smithpae

    The CDC’s only client/customer is Congress which funds them entirely. They F*ked up AIDS (see” “And the Band Played On.”) They will F*k up this. No problem can be so bad that the government can’t make it worse.