D.C. Is America’s Most Expensive City, Because It’s Where the Pig Trough Is Located

People Will Pay a LOT of Money to Live Near the Money Spigot

We noted in 2011 that Washington, D.C. is like a separate country.  Specifically, the sausage-makers engaging in pork-barrel politics and the lobbyists feeding at the trough are doing great … while the rest of the country stagnates.

No wonder D.C. is the most expensive city in America.

My daughter just came back from D.C., and brought me this souvenir:

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  • Hp B

    The US of Phony Baloney Everything Is Rigged.

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  • starviego

    Pigs feed at the trough at every level. Recently here in San Diego there was a news story about two cops–a captain and a lieutenant–who made 100k a year in salary and then retired at 90% of full salary. Paid for by the taxpayers who most likely have no pension plan at all.