Politicians Try to Make Ebola a Partisan Issue for the Upcoming Election … But BOTH Parties Dropped the Ball

Both Parties Are Responsible

The Dallas Morning News notes:

The political blame game over the deadly Ebola virus is in full swing just weeks before the November elections — with each side ignoring the facts.

In reality, both sides have dropped the ball.


For example, Democrats are trying to blame Republicans for budget cuts to the Centers for Disease Control.  The CDC has had its budget slashed.

But Huffington Post notes that Obama also pushed for CDC cuts.  And McClatchy points out that both parties cut budgets for health.

Obama also largely ignored CDC’s recommendations for setting up Ebola centers around the world.

In addition, the health agencies have squandered money. For example, the Federalist notes:

A 2012 report on federal spending including the following nuggets about how NIH spends its supposedly tight funds:

  • a $702,558 grant for the study of the impact of televisions and gas generators on villages in Vietnam.
  • $175,587 to the University of Kentucky to study the impact of cocaine on the sex drive of Japanese quail.
  • $55,382 to study hookah smoking in Jordan.
  • $592,527 to study why chimpanzees throw objects.

Last year there were news reports about a $509,840 grant from NIH to pay for a study that will send text messages in “gay lingo” to meth-heads. There are many other shake-your-head examples of misguided spending that are easy to find.

The Daily Mail adds:

  • The NIH budget included $2.4 million for a new condom design whose inventor is now being investigated for fraud [The article explains:  ” ‘Origami Condom’ creator Daniel Resnic is accused of spending NIH grant dollars on cosmetic surgery, a Playboy Mansion party and exotic trips, and using his friends as informal research subjects instead of holding a controlled human trial”]
  • Another $939,000 taught scientists that male fruit flies prefer younger females
  • $257,000 went to create a companion website for first lady Michelle Obama’s White House garden
  • It cost $592,000 to determine that chimpanzees with the best poop-flinging skills are also the best communicators, and another $117,000 to learn that most chimps are right-handed

Indeed, some worry that the head of the Centers for Disease Control is more focused on stopping soda than deadly diseases.

This is very similar to all of the wasted defense spending.


Republicans blame the Democratic president and his Democratic CDC director for their failure to stop Ebola. And they have been doing an absolutely horrible job.

However, private healthcare – championed by Republicans – has been an absolute train wreck in dealing with Ebola.

Additionally, managers of the private hospitals are gagging the nurses, so they can’t say what’s really going wrong.  For example:

In a Washington Post story on October 12, about how many US hospitals seem not well prepared for Ebola infected patients, appeared this from Bonnie Castillo, director of Registered Nurse Response Network, part of the union, National Nurses United,

Castillo said the union has been trying to contact nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man diagnosed with Ebola, died Wednesday.

‘That hospital has issued a directive to all hospital staff not to speak to press,’ Castillo said. ‘That is a grave concern because we need to hear from those front-line workers. We need to hear what happened there. … They have them on real lockdown. There is great fear. This hospital is not represented by a union. Our sense is they are afraid to speak out.’

The Los Angeles Times story included,

The Dallas nurses asked the union to read their statement so they could air complaints anonymously and without fear of losing their jobs, National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro said from Oakland.


The AP story of October 15 stated,

The Presbyterian nurses are not represented by Nurses United or any other union. DeMoro and Burger said the nurses claimed they had been warned by the hospital not to speak to reporters or they would be fired. ***

Covering up information vitally needed by health care professionals, other institutions, the government, etc to better manage a potentially fatal disease that is already epidemic in other countries appears completely unethical.  Doing so to preserve the reputation of managers seems reprehensible.  But the implication of the recent stories is that is what happened. 

Moreover, health experts say that local governments have the ultimate authority to make decisions on handling Ebola and overseeing hospitals in their area.  The CDC can set protocols – which are widely followed.  But it is the local governments which have the power to actually issue orders.

Conservatives are against big government, and think that power should devolve to state and local governments.  But so far – at least in dealing with Ebola – local governments like Dallas have done a horrible job.

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  • redskmorning

    Chimps are as smart as small children. There are many precautions if you want to do research on them because you shouldn’t cause them distress and be cruel. Also you must understand their behavior to do research on them for other reasons. That’s why for example there’s research into why they throw things. Its very expensive though and chimps are rarely used.HHS due to the Obama administration did alter funding to obesity over all sorts of very important things like asthma and diabetes not just infectious disease prevention at the state and local levels. It was really dumb.

  • hvaiallverden

    Some of us have been acused for scare mongering.
    Well, the swine/bird flue was a flu, Ebola isnt a flu, its a loaded gunn and is de facto highly dangerous and extremly, regading sicknesses, deadly, in a prsentage there is no comparions to.
    You thing the black plauge is gone, it isnt, its still there, but not at that level it was before, and thats because of comon sanitary is imporved since 1800.
    But not gone.

    And this just confirms whats been sayed by some for a week, and I have sayed it before, and says it again, they simply dont understand nor is willing to do anything, since it hammers comerse.
    And of course, with in the coming two weeks we will know.

    So, like the scam AGW, witch is and will be blown to smitherines by this comming winter, I just sitt and await the next two weeks, since the incubation time is upto a month, it will stil not give us a clear pickture but the spreading will be more aparent.
    I dont belive in this amrmagedon babbelings, I belive what eventually will kill humanity is simple and plain Greed. Witch is what we see, in the freak show called the gov and they tread along the same old road of Blame game, as if that will imporve anything, that is an ilution that eventually will come back and bitt their asses of.
    But hey, we are just conspicarcy nutts, right.



    Proof That The Swine Flu Epidemic Was Man Made and Intentional Written by Sarah C. Corriher

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a patent for, Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof (patent #8124101). It was filed in 2005 for approval. The makers of the human variant of the swine flu virus waited until the patent was finally approved in January of 2009, before unleashing the virus into the wild. The makers of the swine flu vaccine had begun the lengthy patenting process long before the swine flu supposedly existed, which means that the outbreak was no accident, and the virus is clearly not natural. Patents only apply to man-made items, and natural things cannot be patented. The virus conveniently went public only after its vaccine patent was approved, after patiently waiting 3 years for that to happen. The pandemic was declared just five months after the patent was approved, in June of 2009. The tremendous hysteria following the outbreak was promoted by the same groups who had invented this genetically engineered virus. The word “invented” was actually used to describe the virus in the patent application.