VIDEO: Debt – There’s Just Too Damn Much Of It

The fundamental failing of today’s global economy can be summarized simply: Too Much Debt

We have taken too much of it on, too fast, in too many markets around the world, to have any hope of making good on it. Not only does the math not work out, but also on a moral level, we are placing a tremendous obligation on future generations that will unfairly limit the prosperity they can enjoy tomorrow in order to finance our consumption today.

In the US alone, total credit market debt stands at over $57 trillion and is doing its damnedest to continue expanding exponentially. Since simple math shows us that this debt level cannot be supported, the key questions to ask at this stage are:

Will the unsupportable debt disappear via default, or inflation?

And very important:

When these debts do disappear, who will take the losses?

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  • jadan

    Time to change the failed monetary system called “The Fed”, which has shown that the only thing it knows how to do is blow bubbles and watch them pop. The Fed created this debt. The financial elite, shameless predators, has shown itself adept at privatizing profits and socializing debt. Time to end the usury game. We don’t need austerity. We don’t need to pay Paul Singer and other parasites like him at the expense of the people’s welfare. There are solutions out there, such as HR 2990, the financial reform bill proposed by Dennis Kucinich in the last congress. We can’t reform the Fed. We NEED a revolution.


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    Introduction: Ron Holland is a contributing editor to several newsletters dealing with political and investing topics and author of several books, including Escape the Pension Trap. Originally from North Carolina, Ron lived in Geneva from 2003 to 2004 and divided his time between the US and Europe until 2012 when he moved to Toronto. Ron has developed and introduced several innovative investment products to investors in the US, including the first Swiss-franc denominated variable annuity portfolio licensed in the US.