U.S. Supreme Court Justice: “We Are In that Brave New World, and We Are Capable of Being In that Orwellian World, Too”

Top Politicians Warn of Fascism

Current U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said yesterday in reference to spying and drones:

We are in that brave new world, and we are capable of being in that Orwellian world, too.

Two former Supreme Court Justices – Souter and O’Connor – also warned of dictatorship.

So have both Republican and Democratic congress members.

And two top-level NSA officials.

A small handful of players control:

The loonies are in charge of the insane asylum … but people are so distracted, afraid and hampster-on-a-treadmill-busy that we can’t shake of the stupor enough to reclaim our freedom.

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  • ClubToTheHead

    The Autonomous Military Power submits its budget to Congress and Congress accepts it with only the smallest of differences for show. And when the AMP is asked what the money–400 to 600 Billion Dollars annually–is to be used for, the response is “Can’t tell you because it’s classified.”

    So the AMP has weapons enough to make it the world’s most powerful suicide bomber or mass murderer, can listen to and read anything digitally communicated by anyone, elected official or citizen, and can target anyone, unaccountably, in the interest, so it says, of the State.

    The AMP says “Support Israel” and 100% of Congress salutes and says, “Yes Sir, more weapons are on the way.” The AMP knows all of their secrets and so they had better.

    The only privacy rights enforced are the rights of the AMP to know all, say nothing, and deny its own existence, as such.

  • So… what do the justices recommend?

    • Undecider

      They’ve outlived their usefulness.

      • I do not think replacing them will do much good.

        • Some Guy

          I think he was referring to the Supreme court in general.

  • RobinDatta

    In a country where all men are created equal (to the exclusion of non-men: black, brown, yellow, red, and women), made possible by lebensraum, through the extermination of the native non-men, what else does one expect?

    • Undecider

      Well, now the white’s are included among the non-men. Where does that leave us?

  • Undecider

    The first time around, the Declaration of Independence was written towards a government that was headquartered across the ocean. Now that government is situated here. The next time we have to have a Declaration of Independence, not only will we have to fight them but we’ll have to expel them from this land.

  • Mitch Rapp

    We have traitors in the Supreme Court. Right John Roberts? You know, the Obama care vote. Why is it that the Justices are all millionaires? Good question.