Top Russia Expert: Ukraine Joining Nato Would Provoke Nuclear War

U.S and NATO Responsible for Ukraine Crisis … and West Has Agreed to Cover Up Details About Shoot Down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

Stephen Cohen is one of America’s top experts on Russia.  Cohen is professor emeritus of Russian studies and politics at New York University and Princeton University, and the author of a number of books on Russia and the Soviet Union.

Cohen says that the West is mainly to blame for the crisis in Ukraine:

This is a horrific, tragic, completely unnecessary war in eastern Ukraine. In my own judgment, we have contributed mightily to this tragedy. I would say that historians one day will look back and say that America has blood on its hands. Three thousand people have died, most of them civilians who couldn’t move quickly. That’s women with small children, older women. A million refugees.

Cohen joins other American experts on Russia – such as former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union, Jack Matlock – in this assessment.

Cohen also says that if Ukraine joins NATO, it will lead to nuclear war:

[Interviewer:] The possibility of Ukraine in NATO and what that means and what—

STEPHEN COHEN: Nuclear war.

[Interviewer:] Explain.

STEPHEN COHEN: Next question. I mean, it’s clear. It’s clear. First of all, by NATO’s own rules, Ukraine cannot join NATO, a country that does not control its own territory. In this case, Kiev controls less and less by the day. It’s lost Crimea. It’s losing the Donbas—I just described why—to the war. A country that does not control its own territory cannot join Ukraine [sic]. Those are the rules.

[Interviewer:] Cannot join—

STEPHEN COHEN: I mean, NATO. Secondly, you have to meet certain economic, political and military criteria to join NATO. Ukraine meets none of them. Thirdly, and most importantly, Ukraine is linked to Russia not only in terms of being Russia’s essential security zone, but it’s linked conjugally, so to speak, intermarriage. There are millions, if not tens of millions, of Russian and Ukrainians married together. Put it in NATO, and you’re going to put a barricade through millions of families. Russia will react militarily.

In fact, Russia is already reacting militarily, because look what they’re doing in Wales today. They’re going to create a so-called rapid deployment force of 4,000 fighters. What is 4,000 fighters? Fifteen thousand or less rebels in Ukraine are crushing a 50,000-member Ukrainian army. Four thousand against a million-man Russian army, it’s nonsense. The real reason for creating the so-called rapid deployment force is they say it needs infrastructure. And the infrastructure—that is, in plain language is military bases—need to be on Russia’s borders. And they’ve said where they’re going to put them: in the Baltic republic, Poland and Romania.

Now, why is this important? Because NATO has expanded for 20 years, but it’s been primarily a political expansion, bringing these countries of eastern Europe into our sphere of political influence; now it’s becoming a military expansion. So, within a short period of time, we will have a new—well, we have a new Cold War, but here’s the difference. The last Cold War, the military confrontation was in Berlin, far from Russia. Now it will be, if they go ahead with this NATO decision, right plunk on Russia’s borders. Russia will then leave the historic nuclear agreement that Reagan and Gorbachev signed in 1987 to abolish short-range nuclear missiles. It was the first time nuclear—a category of nuclear weapons had ever been abolished. Where are, by the way, the nuclear abolitionists today? Where is the grassroots movement, you know, FREEZE, SANE? Where have these people gone to? Because we’re looking at a new nuclear arms race. Russia moves these intermediate missiles now to protect its own borders, as the West comes toward Russia. And the tripwire for using these weapons is enormous.

One other thing. Russia has about, I think, 10,000 tactical nuclear weapons, sometimes called battlefield nuclear weapons. You use these for short distances. They can be fired; you don’t need an airplane or a missile to fly them. They can be fired from artillery. But they’re nuclear. They’re radioactive. They’ve never been used. Russia has about 10,000. We have about 500. Russia’s military doctrine clearly says that if Russia is threatened by overwhelming conventional forces, we will use tactical nuclear weapons. So when Obama boasts, as he has on two occasions, that our conventional weapons are vastly superior to Russia, he’s feeding into this argument by the Russian hawks that we have to get our tactical nuclear weapons ready.

Former Polish president – and famed anti-communist activist – Lech Walesa agrees that the U.S. and Nato’s arming of Ukraine could lead to a nuclear war

Cohen also notes that the West has entered into an agreement to cover-up what happened to Malaysian airlines flight 17, because Russia was not responsible:

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  • Euan

    Look up John Titor on the Internet and do your research on him.
    Read his posts, I think you will be very interested .

    • btruth

      A total waste of time, more garbage. Dont bother looking into john titor!

    • GEvans2

      I looked him up and read through it. Interesting. However there are things he does stress, over and over again, though many miss it. 1. You have two timelines, though I think there are more. One act of kindness can have a ripple effect and therefore change a timeline from one outcome to another. By the same token, one act of hatred can change the outcome as well. 2. There is a choice, but the choice is not for the time traveler to make, it is for the people who are living in the moment to make that choice. To interfere would be taking away free will. People have to agree or disagree, the NWO knows this, hence the brainwashing, the propaganda, so that people will say yes to what they want. But you can say “Nyt!” You can choose your own timeline and it does not have to be the one Titor lays out. I think in may ways this is already happening. Syria was supposed to be bombed into the stone age two years ago along with Iran. The colour revolution was supposed to have happened in Ukraine in 2004 and NATO was supposed to have been on Russia’s borders by now. In fact long ago. 2012 was supposed to be the big shake down with all the HAARP earthquakes and hurricaines etc, but… there has been a big delay because many woke up and said “NYT!” The “Temple”was supposed to have been built in Jerusalem by now and the slaughter of animals on the altar and the blood running down the streets should have become a regular feature. And no more Palestinians from the Nile to the Euphrates. You can see the desperation because they are way behind schedule and the longer they are behind the less the chance of their success. Once people wake up from their slumber and exercise their free will and their own choice, the better chance of humanity changing it’s destiny from one timeline to another. I think we are well on the way. And Washington’s Blog has played a major role. As have so many, many others. Here is another choice you can make, should you feel it is fitting :

    • dkshaw

      John Titor, the time traveler?

  • Party Like 1999

    According to Titor, the peace prize winning war criminal that sits in Washington now will be vaporized in mid March next year… A huge crater to be his mark on history… Unless his doomsday place spirits him away to a golf course in the Virgin Islands first…
    The Titor story was pointed out to me by a retired marine officer in 2003 on the old site. I also remember a old liberal friend who had mentioned Titor before then after hearing on Art Bell. He died a few years ago and he’d be very sad and disillusioned with Obama. Glad he’s not here to have his entire worldview crushed. Ex post facto I-Told-You-So’s aren’t any fun for me.
    I not sure time travel is possible. However, I think at the time in late 2000, the Titor story was possibly a WARNING to the Clinton Cult and the international finanical, military and organized crime organizations that back them.
    Only Democrats are selfish enough to think only THEY are entitled to start a nuclear war. The up side is that the long Hollywood induced American PSYCHOSIS is almost over.

    • dutch

      I agree. If nothing else the Tutor story is compelling. And regardless of whether or not he was really a time traveler, he was clearly someone deep in the know about world events. He even used the term “weapons of mass destruction” before they became part of the public parlance.

      So yes I think of Tutor almost daily now as the distance and animosity between the west and Russia/China grows. And hear the ticking of the clock as we approach a total annihilation that could easily be avoided, but I nonetheless believe will come to pass without a sea change in public (im)perception in the very near term. And I don’t think the American sheeple are up for the challenge.

    • Kelly Driskill

      Looks like that sh!t didn’t happen…

  • jadan

    We don’t actually know what weapons our military and the Russians have. We don’t know if the technology of directed energy weapons that took down the WTC on 911 is available for use on the battlefield. So much of the military’s technology is hidden from view we simply can’t predict what could happen if NATO, ie, the US, were to confront Russia. Tactical nukes? What are they? Projectiles with a bigger bang? There will be surprises if one side or the other is pushed against a wall. That’s when the secret weapons come into play, and they aren’t necessarily little nukes in artillery shells. What about EMP weapons? That’s a type of directed energy weapon. Lasers. Microwave projectors. Sound machines. Javelins hurled from space. All kinds of shit will come into play, short of nuclear war. Obama thinks he’s got the technical edge and the EU seems to think so, too. Putin ain’t backing down, though. They think they can control the MAD impulse. They think they can fuck around demonstrating their steroid musculature for the cameras. It’s a sporting event, the WWF, with collateral damage, a few thousand fat babushkas and Chernobyl retards. And if the risks were not so great it wouldn’t be so much fun. Nuke plants everywhere. a nuclear exchange no one really intended. That’s the problem with a military like the US monster. It can’t stand peace. It can’t be all it can be without war. It’s too late. These fools may kill us all……..with our money. We’re the enablers. Why is there no protest in the US against the outrage in the Ukraine? The Pentagon doesn’t like it.

  • Ferdinand

    At the end of the day, Ukraine will be guilty for being invaded. Russian propaganda is ridiculous.

    • guest

      Ferdinand: Exactly. Russia is pillaging, plundering, and raping all across Ukraine now. and stories like this are blaming the victims. Acting in true neo-Soviet fashion, Russia even conquered Crimea with no more justification than imperial “might makes right”. This is a continuation of many decades of Russian imperial privilage over Ukraine, and it has cost millions of lives.

      And it is entirely unprovoked: at no time did Ukraine threaten Russia in any way. Time for Russia to retreat from Ukraine and pay this victim nation billions in reparations. Then Ukraine should join NATO to prevent any such aggression in the future.

      • Rob Jones

        Except none of this is actually happening, although if you replace “Russia” with “NATO”, and “Ukraine” with “Libya”, “Iraq”, “Afghanistan” etc etc, your comment may actually make some sense.
        Newspeak version: Duckspeak good, blackwhite plusgood, doublethink doubleplusgood, you bellyfeel ingsoc fullwise, comrade.

    • guest

      Ferdinand: Exactly. Russia is pillaging, plundering, and raping all across Ukraine now. and stories like this are blaming the victims. Acting in true neo-Soviet fashion, Russia even conquered Crimea with no more justification than imperial “might makes right”. This is a continuation of many decades of Russian imperial privilage over Ukraine, and it has cost millions of lives.

      And it is entirely unprovoked: at no time did Ukraine threaten Russia in any way. Time for Russia to retreat from Ukraine and pay this victim nation billions in reparations. Then Ukraine should join NATO to prevent any such aggression in the future.

  • StevenStarr

    It would be helpful to know the source of the interview . . . John Batchelor show?

  • Hollywood

    Russia will skull fuck NATO if they come into war. The Nobel committee if they have any courage and brain left before nukes start flying needs to take back the Nobel prize from Obummer.

  • Михаил З

    Images Show the Buk that Downed Flight #MH17, Inside Russia, Controlled by Russian Troops

  • restinpieces

    What’s the big deal about an all out nuclear war? Something has to kill you. Death is your best friend.

    • rw

      Then head to the nearest bridge and jump off. You’ll be doing us all a favor. There are about 2 billion children on earth at the moment. Their lives would be snuffed out, but you think it’s ok. You must be Russian. Only they think of such retarded things like that.

  • The US provokes and provokes Russia.. It reminds me of a kid provoking a dog. The dog might not bite for the first or second time, or even the third time. But eventually it will bite, and the kid will get hurt only because he did not listen to his parents telling him not to do that. For the US it’s a game: Ukraine now, Iraq, former Yugoslavia, Lybia etc…a “color” revolution here, another one there.. what a fun. They never think of the people who live in those countries, of the people that died because of their game. It’s really sad. And now, instead of finally doign at least one good thing and stopping supporting a war in a country which is thousands of km far away from the US, they continue pushing and pushing…. now Kerry come sto Kiev and we’ll see if another provocations comes right after this visit…

  • John Baptist

    Russia must not forget the displacement of over a millions Russians by European extremists and Russian children killed! And not to mention thousands of Russian women that have been raped by vicious European extremists!! Putin can not back off now!!! Or Russians future generations will never forgive him for the betrayal!!

  • Kelly Driskill

    Really…skull fuck us huh…how about we all die…