Russia Has Now Joined the Ukrainian Civil War, and Is Lying to Deny It

Eric Zuesse

The reports that Russia has ‘invaded’ ‘Ukraine’ were repeated for many months and were just lies from the Obama Administration and their agents at NATO, and from the Ukrainian Government that Obama had installed in February. But, now, finally, Russia actually has sent regular Russian conscript soldiers and military equipment into the formerly Ukrainian areas of the former Ukraine’s southeast, where, for months, the Obama-installed Ukrainian Government has been bombing and otherwise mass-murdering the residents, and destroying and outright stealing their property.

Russia is simply lying about their military operation against the continued reign, in that resistant region, of the Obama-installed Ukrainian Government, a government that’s widely hated there (and especially in Crimea, where the residents never wanted to be ruled from Kiev), and which region had voted overwhelmingly for the President, Viktor Yanukovych, whom Obama overthrew, which is the reason why Obama needs to get rid of these people now in order for his coup in Ukraine to be able to last beyond the current rulers there, whose only ‘legitimacy’ in their current posts is Obama’s having installed some of them, and the rest of them having been elected in an ‘election’ that was held only in the regions of Ukraine that had voted against Yanukovych in 2010, but which Ukrainian national regime nonetheless claims the sovereign right to continue ruling over the people whom it’s now bombing and robbing, trying to exterminate and to expel the rest of them into Russia.

A public debate on whether Putin is right to be doing this, in response to what Obama has been doing for months (and why he is doing it) in Ukraine, would be constructive. However, continued lying, both by the Obama regime, and by the Putin regime, will not be any more constructive in the future, than it has been in the past.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.



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  • Except it’s the “former Ukraine’s southeast” town NOT UKRAINE TERRITORY!
    Got that Eric?. Russia has done nothing of the sort unless it’s
    something like THIS US/Syria version → #Syria #FSA Officer >
    @McClatchyDC: ‘We report to the #CIA and our leadership is American’

  • colinjames71

    I wouldn’t be so sure about this, given the fact that msm is jumping all over out, for one, and two, this is the same commission that “accidentally” posted some bogus “REAL Crimean vote total” in June that was also an attempted propaganda coup that never caught on or was swiftly debunked, although the entire story is somewhat unclear to me. I suspect fifth column from people with an axe to grind. I can’t find any info on these people or the commission itself that’s not part of other stories, from a quick search so far.

    I don’t doubt there has been some covert assistance beyond what’s admitted, but I think you’re going way too far, too quick with this story at this point. I’m suspicious and I doubt the veracity of this story in total, though I will admit it really needs to be investigated more to get to the bottom of it. The fact remains that Russia has been a far more honest country, or far less deceptive may be more accurate, and has shown much more respect for international law than any country in the west and the US in particular.

  • Jim G

    Jeez Erick. I have been quoting Washington’s blog that the resistance captured hundreds of tanks, and I saw the pictures at this site, a picture of hundreds of abandoned tanks. If I were Russian, I might consider volunteering to fight for my gene pool. But if I were a contractor and well paid, an invention of the US, I would certainly be willing to fight for my gene pool. Quoting Reuters just doesn’t convince me that there is a Russian invasion. Rather, I think it is a proxy war, a civil war, just like Vietnam. But I think that if we think Russian has already invaded, there is some incentive for them to do so. What is there to loose. If Europe does sanction the Russian oil companies, perhaps Russia should go full frontal and invade the pathetic shell of a country with no government (legislature dissolved due to infighting until new elections), no money (they will soon go begging to the IMF for money to pay for Russian gas and oil), and no military, no public support, except for the neo-Nazis. Maybe Putin has been a little soft on the Ukraine. For example, the shoot-down of the commercial airline. There are two black boxes on the plane. Why didn’t they keep one?

  • ICFubar

    The Saker has qualified Russian support at his site suggesting covert aid and many “volunteers” some being Russian military service personnel retired or on “leave” crossing as individuals into Novorussia. Kiev can claim the same sort of arrangements no doubt and more.Other internationalists have also come to Novorussia to offer their services apparently, including French, German and Dutch nationals with military training, in shades of the Spanish civil war. Why would Moscow destroy all the hard effort at trying to solve this debacle with diplomacy and peacemaking just to blow it all by sending in a few troops and machinery that really amount to very little, squandering their position of sensibility in the face of naked aggression? If it makes no sense it’s probably not true. As Dmitry Orlov has penned if Russia was to invade Ukraine we would not have to guess if they had invaded or not. Much more proof that these are troops under the command of the Russian armed forces chain of command is necessary for your assumption to hold any water I believe. No going off on the half cocked….

  • LeseMajeste

    Zuesse is pushing lies. One of the links in the article goes to a Reuters story, “Exclusive – Over 100 Russian soldiers killed in single Ukraine battle – Russian rights activists,” that claims to get its info from the “Russian presidential human rights council.”

    There’s two major problems with that source. One is that there is no “Russian presidential human rights council,” but there is a “Council for Civil Society and Human Rights” that is on the “President of Russia” page listing of state institutions.

    Another BIG problem is that the two people cited by Reuters, Ella Polyakova and Sergei Krivenko, aren’t listed on the web site, or at least a search of the site doesn’t bring up those names.

    Is that why Zuesse didn’t link to the Russian page?

    • TruthHawk

      Not to mention the missing fact that Reuters is a Zionist/Rothschild/globalist media organ and syndication information filter. Same goes for AP. Quoting from the masters of spin. Wake up.

  • GEvans2
  • Eric Zuesse

    This is Eric Zuesse. My reply is: All that you say is true. But my article doesn’t assert anything to the contrary. So, why do you mention this fact in the present context?