Why I Removed My Name from Senator Elizabeth Warren’s E-Mail List

Eric Zuesse

They asked me why, and I told them why:


2 Sep. 2014

Please tell us why you are unsubscribing:


Her equating Israel’s massive bombing of Gaza with the paltry and (by comparison) almost inconsequential bombing of Israel by Hamas made me sick, especially since it wasn’t accompanied by a statement that, “but my patience with Israel will end unless, before January, they permanently halt their illegal West Bank settlements, and promise to remove their existing ones.” She is a Senator. She is supposed to know at least the basics about those things. I assume that she does, but then the only explanation for her remark is that she’s a psychopath, another ObamaYich! 



Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.



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  • Party Like 1999

    Signing up for any e-mail list is a bad idea.
    Also, note for future reference that there are no authentic “progressives” (or “populists” for that matter) in American politics. Just deep state vetted fakes, frauds and flunkeys.
    Any genuine articles are either dead or in prison.

  • jadan

    Warren will certainly loose a portion of her constituency and is likely dealing with the consequences of her myopia as we speak. She’s not a psychopath. Her views represent the views of the people who voted for her, most of whom believe Israeli propaganda. Dick Cheney is a psychopath. Warren is a new senator, naive, and insulated in an academic ivory tower the better part of her life. She will change in time and might become disillusioned. She’s just stupid. Give her a break!

    • MCB

      That’s eerily serendipitous jadan! You and I were just both basically posting the same thoughts simultaneously about Warren. Wow. 🙂

      • jadan

        I guess we’re just floating in the same thought cloud, MCB……..I’ve felt kind of sorry for Warren. She’s a good person who brings out the best in people…..if she had presidential aspirations, well then, I’d revise my views! That’s a symptom of psychopathy…….

        • MCB

          She’d be worse than Hoover or Wilson as President, jadan.

          • OJohnny

            This sounds like a bunch of Big Bankers have posted against Warren. Doesn’t anyone remember when credit card interest rates were going up 10% per month?What is it about her truly fighting Wall Street and the big banks to protect the public that bothers you so much?

  • MCB

    Warren is a blevit and a useful idiot who gets maneuvered and puppeted because of her base political naivete. Bernie Sanders has a similar progressive ideology and he is an order of magnitude more politically savvy. I don’t like Sanders ideology, but I think that he’s easily in the top 5 most honest members in The Senate and he’s at least competent too.

    • GregoryC

      I can’t think of a war Sanders hasn’t voted to approve. He votes with the Democrat(ic) Party greater than 98% of the time.

  • Westcoastliberal

    I did the same thing over the same issue. I hope she’s getting the message.

  • truth time

    Politicians are just interested in what advances their career. And that’s what is sad about politics in the U.S., they treat is a career, and many take assloads of money from lobbyists to vote one way or another. War pretext coming up? Well here comes the Defense Contractor money right into your piggy bank! Vote yes on War Lies and Pretext, and we’ll give you more!

    Originally the concept was for a politician to serve only for a term or two, and go BACK to civilian life or a regular job. But now politicians are millionaires and it is their permanent “job.” Its just all one big sham now.

    In some ways if we go back, really far back to Rome, we can thank them for their style of politics that inevitably leads to massive corruption.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    Good job. She is a crackpot. Also on Iran. See Greenwald’s recent article about her.

  • OJohnny

    Almost everyone on this thread has blasted Warren in some way or another. Strangely no on has given an alliterative to her ideology? Who would you rather have in her seat…and why? What are you looking for in a Senator?

    • GregoryC

      Integrity. Honesty. Representation of all constituents, not just corporate backers, special interests.

      • OJohnny

        If you have read or listened to anything she has said or done it’s never in the interest of big Business. She fought like hell for a Federal consumer protection agency the Republicans fought like hell to try and stop her.

        • Carl_Herman

          B.Miles and OJohnny: Warren won’t call for ARRESTS for financial CRIMES of trillions in damages, so whatever she says is bullshit pretense. Her job includes oversight to uphold the laws, so when she whines without action for arrests (lawful stop in face of apparent crimes) she is the same kind of tool the UN Secretary-General is to whine about Israel without upholding the law.

          • OJohnny

            You do not understand. Warren does not have the authority to indite these people. The body that does unfortunately, goes to them presents their evidence, then negotiates with them. They pay a fine which is usually a percent of the money thy got they should not have gotten, and then they go about their business. So the only one that profits from this is the Gov. and the Banks. Warren has exposed this time and time again, but has no power to personally bring them to justice. She is as frustrated as all of the rest of us. She is on the banking committee but has no power of arrest.

          • MCB

            Great point Carl to always keep me on topic and to continue to help me focus on the macro. What’s the answer to our systemically failed government and its parasitic banking system? Will a few more Byzantine laws change things? No. That would be simply rearranging deck chairs on The Titanic. What’s the point of more laws disguised as reform (i.e. Dodd-Frank)? What good are laws, rules and regulations if banks won’t adhere to them or if The SEC and The DOJ won’t enforce them? That’s quite simply called a “circle jerk.” And Warren being a paragon of virtue is laughable… It’s just another Kabuki Dance from Warren.

  • B. Miles Teg

    @Zuesse Congrats on the unsubbing. But to my (outsider – nonUSer) mind, I think there is a balance that needs to be attained by Warren that is hard to achieve. Firstly, ANYONE who takes on the AIPAC, B’nai Brith, etc (as harvard Profs have shown) has a bad time of it in election time.
    Now I am all for more support for oppressed Palestinians, but I think it is too much to expect of the US establishment at this juncture. So it may be wise for Warren to keep her priorities financial reformm and let others carry the can on other issues. Principled politics in or times is an oxymoron. So we need to keep the necessity of this perspective in mind… someone needs to take on Wall Str and save Main Str – and to do so, they cannot do all things…

  • Tonyandoc

    The longer as we continue to respond to our conditioning and political environment by choosing “us” and “them” based on 100% compliance with our individual realities the further we will retreat from mature politics. The state of the Union is that there is no Union.

    The problem is simple; politics in a two-party system of 200m plus people and “winner take all” elections is complicated. If we want to be represented at the top we have to start communicating with each other at the bottom. Yes – even with “them”.

  • margsview

    Now, I understand, but just who can be acceptable —not one candidate in either party is against what Israel did or does to any Palestinian……period. Just you and I and a few million others.