Laughing Our Way to Destruction

If members of the U.S. public were ever to wonder what the other 95% of humanity thinks about them, would it be better to break that harsh truth to them gently or just to blurt it out?

I’m going to go with the latter.

Here’s Frankie Boyle explaining the advantages of Scottish independence: “Scotland would no longer have to invade places like Afghanistan for American interests. . . . I don’t support America’s wars. I don’t even think they are wars. They’re one-way traffic, mass-murder. There’s never been a time when a shepherd has beaten a helicopter. You never switch on the news to see ‘A shock result in Afghanistan today when a missile was destroyed by a wedding.’ Because not only will America go into your country and kill all your people. But what’s worse I think is they’ll come back twenty years later and make a movie about how killing your people made their soldiers feel sad. Oh boo hoo hoo. Americans making a movie about what Vietnam did to the soldiers is like a serial killer telling you what stopping suddenly for hitchhikers did to his clutch.”

If you don’t think people find such remarks acceptable, listen to this laughter:

Living in the United States we’ve been trained to appreciate the fact that the wars do in fact make the soldiers feel sad. In fact they significantly increase rates of depression and violence and suicide. We tell each other not to blame the soldiers, rather to blame the top politicians. But then we don’t really do that, do we? Bush is off painting himself in the bathtub and otherwise doing his imitation of the original King George III during his blue urine period. Obama is cheered by his fans because his wars make him sad and he declares them with such heartfelt reluctance. But from the point of view of people who are told about non-American deaths in their newspapers and on their televisions and radios (that is, from the point of view of 95% of humanity) U.S. wars are mass-slaughter of innocents. Ninety percent of the deaths are on one side. Ninety percent of those deaths are civilians by every definition. When the U.S. says it’s going to launch another war because it opposes genocide, the rest of the world responds “We what the f%^$^! do you call your wars?”

Think the rest of the world is crazy? Think it’s just bad jokes that miss the serious complicated facts of the matter. Watch how an intelligent Englishman watches an Obama speech:

Or you can watch how an American views Lindsey Graham’s speeches:

Or how an American comedian views U.S. foreign policy:

When an American gets honest about U.S. warmongering it has to be a joke. It has to sneak in. We don’t want to hear it. But we shouldn’t keep imagining the rest of the world doesn’t know what’s going on.


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  • Van

    Links missing.

  • Voice of Reason

    So that it comes about that by far the great part of what the modern world regards as wealth, and what is a perennial source of wealth to individuals, is not wealth but a consequence of lending or having lent wealth, and is in fact a form of national or communal debt. The intense competition for foreign or overseas markets in time of peace, aggravated by the home market drying up through the loss of purchasing power of the unemployed, is not due to any altruistic or missionary spirit of the industrialised nations, but to the necessity of finding new debtors, with good future prospects of being able to pay interest, to whom to lend their wealth.

    The modern wars that break out between industrialised nations have a precisely parallel explanation. Then the belligerent nations rather than individuals shoulder the debt. The glut of wealth, that in time of peace cannot be profitably exchanged, is now owed for as it is produced by the nations as such. Along with the flower of the country’s manhood, it is destroyed as rapidly as the most powerful modern engines of destruction allow. The dead do not return, but the wealth destroyed discards its corruptible body to take on an incorruptible. It is national debt, better than wealth to individuals, a permanent source of wealth, defying the passage of time and the ravages of rats and worms.


  • Diogenes Shrugged

    In the future, please proofread and edit BEFORE publishing.

    • Voice of Reason

      Are you directing this to David or me? (If it is to me, perhaps I should have added that Soddy is talking about money – as debt. That really is what all money is, whether it takes the form of explicit government debt obligations, e.g. bonds, legal tender or just bank deposits convertible into legal tender.)

      • ax123man

        Re: Money, there’s a difference between what (fiat) money is and what money was historically (and what it should be). It should be nothing more than some rare, divisible (etc) object that humans use to improve our ability to trade. Without THAT form of money we would all be much poorer since we would not have been able to take advantage of the division of labor.

      • Diogenes Shrugged

        I was addressing the person responsible for editing and posting the article, not you, and probably not David.

  • ax123man

    wow, I love the Scottish.

    (are there links missing in this post?)

  • Robert Barsocchini

    Awaiting links so I can share!

  • jadan

    If these other nations had large and politically powerful military establishments they would understand why we hold these truths: Strength is destructive capability; Peace is the capability to destroy your neighbors if necessary; War builds character; Everyone should be a soldier, even homos.

  • MCB

    “In war, the heroes always outnumber the soldiers 10 to 1.” – H. L. Mencken

  • tate matson

    The US people hate the US government the same if not more than everyone else–And NO Americans think wars are a joke–they are sick and tired of them–NO matter who we vote for–Democrat or Republican(shocker Bush and Bush Sr. both closet Jews–and even bigger shocker Obama was raised by his white Jewish Grandparents) meaning our government is currently operated by a Marxist plant(Obama) he reports to Israel, Saudi Arabia(the Saudi’s King is the Jewish King–they are not Muslims……) and of course the Marxist aka non-freedom peasant party nations of Russia and China) They are currently driving the US and the other Western Nations into the ground through fake Global Warming over Regulation—massive immigration making the only white nations on the planet–minority majority in less than a generation meaning not one white nation on the planet in 30 years–the goal civil unrest–collapse of their former enemies and everyone poor and under their JEWISH thumb……The Jews control the US media and through that they control who gets elected–every war the US has ever been in is due to the Jews getting us into said war…..and since the Jews created ISIS–which is also the name of their security service…..highly unlikely a Muslim Group would use the term ISIS—-blah blah–everyone knows the Jews have gone cold stone crazy-they are showing their blood thirsty ways as I type—I am not sure who the author’s target audience is? But no body is believing your pathetic lies–the Jews are the evil murders on this planet—and that’s a fact……………..