ISIS: Bush Was Right

Finally, somebody commenting on the state of Iraq thinks George W. Bush got something right. Turns out it’s ISIS. In the new hour-long ISIS-produced film about how nice it is to die for ISIS — Flames of War: Fighting Has Just Begun — Bush is quoted: “You are with us or against us.” Video shows him saying “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.” A graphic in the upper corner of the screen reads: “Bush spoke the truth, although he’s a liar.”

What truth does ISIS think Bush spoke? The Manichean truth that there are two groups of people on earth with nothing in common between them and a shared dedication to annihilate each other. Of course, the notion that they have nothing in common is delusional. They have almost everything in common: their belief in violence, their monotheism, their stupidity, their desire for a U.S. war in the Middle East.

“In the face of the dark wave of the crusader force…” begins the ISIS movie.

“This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while,” said Bush.

ISIS shows Obama as well as Bush and denounces both as liars, including rejecting Obama’s lie that he won’t send combat troops to Iraq. As even a number of U.S. Senators and Congress Members have pointed out, the 1600 troops he’s already sent are trained and equipped for nothing other than combat, and a pilot in a plane is engaged in combat.

But ISIS wants more.  This film is not aimed at provoking the United States the way the beheading films were. It’s far too long and boring for Americans to watch.

(Why did ISIS make a full-length movie? Because they couldn’t find an editor.)

This film is aimed at recruiting fighters. ISIS claims to be fighting the United States, to have long been the core of the resistance to the United States, and to be defeating troops armed with U.S. weapons. (ISIS never mentions that its own “beloved” weapons come from various infidels, including the U.S.) Here’s the ISIS pitch to recruits:

Join us in fighting the evil empire. If you die you’ll go to paradise. The afterlife is far longer and more important than this life. “Unshakable faith” is the “most effective weapon of war.” Come join “Allah’s soldiers” and experience courage, excitement, vengeance, adrenaline, the thrill of victory, and martyrdom. Never mind that our movie is so boring, the fighting is really fun, and Allah is guiding our RPGs!

Of course, ISIS is mistaken. God does not have time to be guiding their RPGs when he’s busy making sure the football team that prays the loudest wins each game. And of course Obama has told us that “No religion condones the killing of innocents,” forgetting that all the religions of Moses contain this teaching: “Kill every male among the little ones and Kill every woman that has known man by lying with him. But all the women children that have not known a man by lying with him keep alive for yourselves” — forgetting in fact that all of these religions have violent and peaceful traditions but venerate as holy ancient texts from a barbaric age and teach as essential the idea that there is another magical world that matters more than this one whose climate we are destroying. Sing it, soldiers!

Here’s the ISIS pitch to the U.S. government:

We will accept only victory or death, just like Patrick Henry, and we will fight you. Fighting you builds our movement because people hate you so much after the past decades of your attacks. We have no doubt that you are stupid enough to fight us if we keep insulting you.

Here’s their pitch to opponents:

Oppose us, and we will make you dig your own grave on camera, because we are so courageous and brave that we wear masks to hide out faces and shoot anybody we don’t know how to talk to.

Here’s their pitch to Hollywood:

We’ve got dramatic potential. Sure, make us the bad guys, but put us on the silver screen. We’re not as slick and convincing as a White House video news release aired by an “independent” media outlet, but we’re way more dramatic. We only have a narrator, no actual characters, but we’re still more entertaining than C-Span, and the weapons makers are going to absolutely love us — just check with them about funding. Then die, you faithless dogs.

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  • Diogenes Shrugged

    Quoting from the article: “… all of these religions have violent and peaceful traditions but venerate as holy ancient texts from a barbaric age and teach as essential the idea that there is another magical world that matters more than this one whose climate we are destroying.”

    Ridicule one mythical religion (Islam) while in the same breath aggrandizing another (climate change). Since carbon taxes and “green” regulations have victims, isn’t this just hypocrisy? Also, what on Earth does climate change have to do with the topic of the article? A glaring non-sequitur if I ever saw one.

    • kimyo

      here’s how i think it works: sites like washington’s blog, naked capitalism, watt’s up with that work hard to gain the trust of their readership by exposing lies about politics, the economy and climate models.

      more and more faithful readers become strongly attached to these sites. if forced to choose between coffee and wb, quite a few would forgo the brew. (imagine someone giving up the java in order to read the ny times or watch cnn)

      this allegiance is insanely valuable. it must be exploited (said tptb).

      so, on wblog we get to read the truth about politics. but we have to accept an advertisement every 30 seconds for climate change. at naked capitalism, we get truth on the economy interspersed with lies on how nuclear is the way forward. at wuwt, insanely accurate and detailed climate model takedowns mixed with pro-fracking propanganda. kunstler: peak oil truth vs innocent israel being attacked by vicious palestinians. pfif: truth on pandemics vs the modern ‘miracle’ of vaccines.

      our allegiance to w’s blog is being exploited by authors like swanson (all climate all the time, even when discussing isis) and zuesse (vote blue today cause red is very very scary).

      • Diogenes Shrugged

        kimyo, an adroit and impressive response to my comment. I’ve often suspected that what you describe must be true, but now I at least know I’m not alone in those thoughts. Many thanks.

  • boogoo

    David..not only did I not find their ‘movie’ NOT boring, but incredibly intelligent propaganda aimed at recruiting young, easily manipulated boys prepared to give their lives for a ’cause’ or ‘god’…But I found your article very immature and ill informed. You are obviously a wanna be journalist looking to make a name for yourself using the incredibly dysfunctional political structure as your strawman. By belittling their ‘movie’ in such a childish manner you have displayed your own ignorance..Go back to writing sports columns that don’t require intelligent analytical skills. They may be ignorant in their agenda but you are equally, if not more so in your feeble attempt to discredit it. These people are more intelligent than you think or can obviously understand…Humanity is obviously on crash course on a global scale and hopefully if there is anything or anyone standing at the end of it they might see the errors of our ways in a clear manner of which so few today can plainly see. Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it but then those who DO study it are doomed anyway to sit back and watch those who don’t. Good luck to us all I say!!!