Gallup Poll Shows Doom for Dems in November, But One Hope Remains

Eric Zuesse

The 11 September 2014 Gallup Poll report shows that Americans are turning against the Democratic Party just months before the upcoming November elections. The answers to the survey question that has always correlated the most with which Party gained or lost how many House seats, in mid-term congressional elections, now overwhelmingly favor the Republicans. This question is: “Looking ahead for the next few years, which political party do you think will do a better job of keeping the country prosperous?” In 2010, when Republicans gained a record 63 House seats, they enjoyed an 8% edge on this question. Their edge now is one point higher than that, 9%.

This Gallup report also finds that there is a record-breaking 55% to 32% margin, or a net 23% advantage, favoring the Republican Party, on their other key question: “Looking ahead for the next few years, which political party do you think will do a better job of protecting the country from international terrorism and military threats?” That question also correlates highly (though not as highly) with each Party’s gain or loss of House seats. In 2010, Republicans had a 7% edge on that. So, Republicans gained 63 seats when the public favored their Party by 8% on the economy and by 7% on defense; and now Republicans are favored by 9% on the economy and by 23% on defense.

Both the economy and defense are actually primarily the responsibility of the President, rather than primarily of Congress. But (and other polls also confirm this fact) the mid-term congressional elections are largely determined by the rub-off of the President’s Party-label onto the congressional members of his Party. The reason Americans don’t like congressional Democrats is mainly that they don’t like what Barack Obama has been doing as President.

In other words: on both the economy and defense, Republican candidates now enjoy the far better brand after 6 years of the “Democrat” Obama occupying the White House. The albatross dragging down the fortunes of congressional Democrats is “Democratic” President Barack Obama himself.

There is thus only one way possible that the Democratic Party can avoid losing both houses of Congress to the Republican Party (and all polls currently do show that both houses of Congress — both the House and the Senate – will be ruled by Republicans as a result of the upcoming November elections). That way would be for the Democratic Party itself, in effect, to announce that despite much of President Barack Obama’s liberal rhetoric, his actual decisions and actions as President now make clear that he is not really a Democrat at heart, but that he has instead been, all along, a closeted Republican — far too conservative in his Presidential decisions for him to be a Democrat — and so to introduce onto the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives a resolution to impeach him for having violated his Oath of Office (which he has actually done in many ways, such as by his protecting Wall Street at the expense of Main Street via blocking prosecution of Wall Street megabank criminals, etc.).

As I have previously documented, there is now a stronger sentiment in this country to impeach President Obama than there has been to impeach any recent U.S. President at a similar stage in his Presidency, except for Richard Nixon. The reasons for impeachment would be different this time: Obama did no Watergate, but Obama’s record is certainly highly impeachable, perhaps even more so than was Nixon’s (who quit when it became clear that Congress would remove him from office). (George W. Bush, of course, was also highly impeachable, and one of the reasons why Republicans lost 30 House seats in 2006 and 21 more in 2008 was that congressional Republicans stood with, instead of against, that criminal President.)

Impeachment is the only accountability that a sitting President has. It is not a judicial proceeding, but instead a political one. It can be, and has been, initiated for political reasons (such as was the failed Republican attempt to remove the Democrat Bill Clinton), but if Democrats were to initiate it against an even nominally “Democratic” President, the reasons will be real and not political, though the political impact would be absolutely enormous, history-making, and even Gargantuan. The point here is that this President must be impeached, because there is no other form of accountability for a sitting President; and because this President has actually broken many laws, and has not merely driven the nation even farther to the right than it was under his predecessor, the declared  Republican, G.W. Bush. Furthermore, unlike all previous impeachments, this one would not  be tainted as being political, if the President’s own nominal Party introduces it.

The public might not want Obama to be impeached if a Republican initiates the proceeding, but if a Democrat does, then this would not only be historic, it would also bring about the real and substantive political debate that this country has long needed and never yet had: What does my Party actually represent?

If the Democratic Party represents what Obama has done, such as to seek to cut Social Security benefits while all of the income-increases are going to only the richest 1%, and to prosecute the fewest cases ever against Wall Street fraud (and doing this after the Bush-era’s orgy of precisely such frauds), then two conservative Parties co-ruling this country are two too many, and congressional Democrats will deserve to go down to humiliating and shameful defeat in November. But Republicans won’t then deserve to win. And that’s the problem.

However, if Democrats instead introduce the bill to impeach President Obama, then all of the existing polling on the upcoming November elections will be thrown topsy-turvy. This, and this alone, could well salvage the Democratic Party, redefine it as the real Party of principle, a party that really does stand for the progressivism of FDR and JFK; and — above all — avoid the catastrophe of having a closeted Republican (Obama) sitting in the White House during 2015 and 2016 signing into law tons of bills that have passed two Republican-controlled houses of Congress, which is the way things now are headed: a far-right-ruled America.

There is only one way that even possibly could avoid that outcome. But it will take one courageous and principled House Democrat, perhaps Alan Grayson, to do it. If that courageous person, whomever he or she might happen to be, salvages the Party in 2014, then who would immediately rise to become the progressive challenger to Hillary Clinton in 2016? That person has been disturbingly quiet until now, on the one issue that’s to determine this Representative’s place in American history. And if there is no such person, then fasten your seat belt for the wildest far-right ride that this country has ever experienced, which is now set to begin in January 2015. Committed Republicans will love it: they’ll be able to perpetrate unlimited damage while Democrats will get the blame for it. Only aristocrats and their fools will then vote for either Party. But democracy in America will then be over, anyway: this will become an outright fascist dictatorship.

The Democratic Party is now in the Emergency Room. Is there a surgeon in the House?


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • kimyo

    then fasten your seat belt for the wildest far-right ride that this country has ever experienced,

    this is not our future, this is what has already come to be. an ‘investigative historian’ who doesn’t recognize this is probably better off calling himself a ‘stenographer’. only a stenographer can pretend that the democratic party has offered any kind of resistance to drone attacks on children or gmo’s in food or tbtf or fracking. where is the democratic party in calling for prosecution of war crimes and torture? certainly not at the head of the line. i don’t think they even know that there is a line.

    you need to stop pretending that the democratic party is viable. it is a decayed, putrefying corpse. if you were an actual historian, you’d have penned its obituary on nov 12, 1999, when bill clinton killed glass steagal. if you really had your finger on the pulse of the party, you’d have also noticed a major disturbance in the force on dec 8, 1993, when clinton signed nafta into law.

    this will become an outright fascist dictatorship.

    again, past tense is called for here. monsanto and goldman sachs have been calling the shots for how long now? does it really matter if their agents wear red hats or blue ones?

    • cettel

      “kimyo,” anyone who looks at the key rollcall votes in the House and the Senate know that what you say is false — and not just by a little, but by a lot..

  • jo6pac

    Sorry but the demodogs have done this to themselves as they run once again on that magic slogan (we are the party of the lesser evil) evil is just that evil. The demodogs aren’t on the table they’re DOA. I don’t have a lot hope of the sheeple waking any time soon because right now they’re worried about another made up enemy Amerikas own isis.

    • T. Matson

      7 white people murdered in Kansas MO by a black guy and Eric Holder is investigating a black congressman’s broken office window(this crime apparently was not deemed newsworthy to the NYT but since the paper of “record” has a readership of less than a million in a nation of over 300 million lets all laugh at them thinking they are even relevant anymore. My point is–the white people of Kansas MO and their fellow American’s who read this story are not thinking about the Saudi’s and Obama’s trained murders in the middle east–they are thinking of the black criminal murders here in the USA and the criminal AG who dares investigate a broken window after a black murder beats a whole bunch of 80 something year old whites to death–seriously people want an eye for eye after reading that story–and the people see Obama and the Democrats and the federal government as the enablers of this crime against them….

      • jo6pac


      • cettel

        Well, now, you hate Jews and you also despise if not hate and fear Blacks, so: is that supposed to make you superior to Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, etc., or just another run-of-the-mill nazi?

  • Mark

    I really wish people could throw off the blinders of ‘red’ vs ‘blue’ here.
    The reality is that, largely, the same policies are followed by the ‘administration’ no matter whether the player in the House is on the red team or the blue.

    I truly believe that, at this point, there is not appreciable difference. Look back over the past 20+ years and you’ll find this is true. I don’t think it’s really mattered since Reagan was in office.

    And I totally agree with ‘kimyo’. The dems haven’t raised any sort of fuss over all these things that are supposedly an affront to what they stand for. They’re all posers, just like the repubs. I say this country was bought & paid for quite a while back.

    If you don’t catch on to this one detail you won’t be able to make sense of anything.

    • T. Matson

      Your right—currently the Jews control both parties–they do not have control of the House or Speaker Boehner or the real tea-party candidate’s(hint Ted Cruz is Jewish) if we want change we need to basically threaten the current leadership of the Republican and Democratic parties and say we will go to war with you F’s if you do not turn over control–we can bypass the press and with a few generals giving speeches around the nation, mass mailings and the new media if the people found out the truth about how much power and theft and not to mention 9’11 / Vaccines, literally in 3 months everyone would be demanding to Nuke Israel—aka no reason to go there—but that is reality if they do not back the f down….get some balls People we outnumber these crooks how many to what? They are not tough or smart–they are just back stabbing murders… that we all know that–guess what 10 on 1 is pretty good odds……..FYI(leverage)The Saudi’s “royals”, all of the Gulf “royal families” The “king” of Jordan, the new “general” of Egypt, the dictator of Turkey, the “general” financed by the USA in Libya currently fighting for control of that nation, etc. they are all Jews……SO is the newly elected PM of India…..and lets not forget Khan a Jew who recently failed in his bid to get control of Afghanistan…he must be the poor Jewish stepchild who didn’t get his own country….

      • cettel

        Re your “currently the Jews control both parties”:
        You belong in the Hitler brigades, for all the fluff and suckerdom and bigotry that is evidently inside your head. Are the Kochs and their friends “Jews”? Is Karl Rove and his friends? Is Barack Obama? Is Hillary Clinton? Are the Bushes? Is Bill Clinton? Are the Waltons? Is Jamie Dimon?
        There are powerful people who are bad who are Jews, and there are powerful people who are bad who are Christians, and there are powerful people who are bad who are Muslims, and there are powerful people who are bad who are other religions or no religion.
        Do you also believe that Blacks are inferior to Whites? Will you please lay out for us in detail the contents and extent of your bigotry and of the lies that you believe to be truths in order to pretend to be rational about the bigotries to which you hold allegiance?

  • Margaret

    twiddle $$ dee or twiddle $$ dum

  • Demonocracy

    It’s no longer Left Vs. Right. It’s the State Vs. You

  • MCB

    The only poll I even remotely trust is Nate Silver’s statistical model. Gallup doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

  • T. Matson

    Obama is a Trojan Marxist Scum(and that is being nice)–I will not detail why that is(everyone who has been paying attention knows what he is)–but if this is the plan to get rid of this disgusting racist sociopath I am all for it. I laughed when the author said “principled” house democrat Alan Grayson, but hey if he files impeachment charges against Obama(and he gets impeached) he will become the Hero of the Republic!
    PS–in Kansas MO, The Justice and all the Press are reporting about a broken window in some corrupt black Congressman’s office–but they are ignoring the fact that a black man was recently arrested for violently killing 5 WHITE people–1 of those white people worked at a SOCIAL Justice Non-Profit(Irony) the accused murder had been tried for murdering 2 WHITE high school kids 6 years ago but a black jury found him innocent!! White people are being attacked all over this nation, due to blacks being fed toxic lies such as “whites make money off of every black person in jail(the only people making money off people in jail are some of Obama’s largest fundraisers who own the private prisons(those people as we all know are non-Christians who most likely have Duel Citizenship) the white people in this nation pay the taxes for those prisons(they obviously do not get the J-kickback like Valerie Jarrett….or the myth that blacks built everything for us whites then 100 years ago we whites took it all from them(blacks believe this kind of stuff and that is what is fueling their constant attacks on whites(a large group of blacks also believe they are the majority and that the USA is a South Africa….)and with the media ignoring the real crimes!!–And Eric the Arch-Criminal Marxist Holder literally suing and trying to remove whites from leadership positions in his dream(all cities)–obviously the white Majority has had it–people are angry–and its starting to finally boil over–and once it starts it will not stop—so if your going to do it–it better be before another illegal Holder lawsuit………because a revolution is not to far off…which most likely would be a good thing–our press truly needs to get purged!