9/11: What Happened?

What do you think about this fascinating new documentary from David Hooper?

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  • kimyo

    it’s measured, clear, well executed. mr. hooper delivers rational discourse without resorting to the typical i-documentary emotional swell.

    i didn’t think i could find it inside to be more disgusted by bill maher and tucker carlson, but their scant few on-screen seconds suffice. if you’re human, you will particularly despise the nist guy.

    people skeptical of the 9-11 commission report will be on firm and familiar ground. i’d pay money to watch a roomful of the non-skeptical as they view this film. i bet you’d see actual, physical squirming.

  • Innnnnnpuuuuttt!!!

  • John Quindell

    People would be more willing and less fearful of adopting the views of 911 Truth activists if they felt they were calling for forgiveness rather than retribution and punishment.

    The peace movement should call for granting amnesty from prosecution and guarantee of an ample, lifetime pension to anyone who agrees to testify on their roles in the
    events of 9/11, extending this offer to any members of the US government, foreign governments and/or terrorist groups involved in the planning or execution of the attacks of that day.

    Additionally, individuals should step forward and volunteer to spend time working with those who give testimony on crimes they have committed so that they might be reintegrated
    into society.

    Instead of executing Nazi war criminals we should have devoted all the human resources available to us to rehabilitating them, awakening in them awareness of the nature
    of their actions so that they could have come to understand that they must make amends. If they had remained alive they would have been a living testament to the transformative powers of forgiveness.

    Historians and psychologists especially should come out in favor of preserving invaluable study material in the form of the opportunity to converse with the authors of
    unfortunate historical deeds.

    We must find a solution to the existing state of affairs that would be acceptable to both the accusers and the accused. It should solve the problem it sets out to solve
    without creating additional problems. It should present itself as an ethical means to an ethical end.

    In “The Art of War”, Sun Tzu said never to surround an enemy. If you do not leave him an out, he will fight to the last man.

    For an interesting discussion of these ideas please see (and expand the comments) three posts by “John Stan” here:


    • kimyo

      People would be more willing and less fearful of adopting the views of
      911 Truth activists if they felt they were calling for forgiveness
      rather than retribution and punishment.

      at no time in the film does mr hopper make any kind of suggestion re: retribution or punishment.

      none of the dozens of people interviewed talk about anything other than the science and evidence implicating controlled demolition as the reason the 3 towers fell.

      in any case, offering amnesty to the most vile of mass murderers and giving them a lifetime pension seems to be an over the top solution. unless of course you want more of the same in your future.

      the options aren’t binary. it’s not just 0) execute at dawn or 1) provide for a posh retirement. i’m sure you can find an alternate solution which doesn’t offend your sensibilities and yet still addresses the gravity of conspiring to kill 3,000+ civilians by wiring their buildings to explode.