US/UK/Israel ‘Empire’ same as Roman Empire: They make a desert and call it peace

Let’s examine connections between the empires of Rome and modern US/UK/Israel to discover possible solutions to restore republic from empire in our world of the present.

Roman Empire: History teaches that the Roman Republic devolved into psychopathic dictatorial empire; characterized by oligarchic families competing among themselves for power and wealth within vicious inner-circles.

This occurred while proclaiming to the public that their government still upheld the highest ideals of their Republic, and proclaiming expanding empire was only and always in “self-defense.”

Emperor Domitian’s assassination in 96 AD (among ~22 murdered emperors), allowed historian Tacitus to write The Agricola, a biographical text of his father-in-law contrasting claimed virtue of Roman military and citizenry with the emperor’s utterly corrupt despotism.

Importantly, this text describes the problem of virtuous Romans within a psychopathic government, with responses between extremes of martyrdom to sycophantic servility. Tacitus describes Agricola attempting to uphold virtue; but without recognition of any evil in serving an expanding dictatorial empire. Tacitus seems to assume the ideal of mos maiorum, “custom/virtue of Roman forefathers” will eventually triumph over the evil of present “leadership.”

In Agricola’s campaign as military and political leader of Roman Britain to expand the empire to modern Scotland from 78 – 84 AD, Tacitus records a speech he attributes to Scottish rebel-leader, Calgacus, to voice how those of virtue characterized Roman empire under corrupt emperors:

It is no use trying to escape their arrogance by submission or good behavior. Robbers of the world, having by universal plunder exhausted the land, their drive is greed. If the enemy be rich, they are rapacious; if poor, they lust for domination. Neither rule of the East nor West can satisfy them. Alone among men, they crave with equal eagerness poverty and riches. To plunder, slaughter, seize with false pretenses, they give the lying name ‘empire.’ And where nothing remains but a desert, they call that ‘peace.’                 – Tacitus, The Agricola and the Germania (analyses here, here)

Roman imperialists called Calgacus and those who preferred independence from evil empire a name: barbarus. This is translated today as “barbarian,” but its context for using unconventional warfare to oppose the most powerful military in its day is better translated in today’s language with a different word:


Indeed, Obama combines these terms to call ISIS “barbaric terrorists.”

US/UK/Israel today: Current Middle East armed attacks are proclaimed by US/UK/Israel “leaderships” as self-defense, just as Rome claimed. US “leaders” claim to uphold America’s highest ideals of freedom while removing almost all Constitutional Rights, as did Roman emperors. American Founders created the US Constitution in light of Roman Republic design (here, here, among dozens), and aware previous republics had always self-destructed from corruption within their own nations.

US/UK/Israel wars today are not even close to legal, and based on lies known to be false as they are told. This is easy to verify for those with intellectual integrity, moral courage, and about an hour to see clearly in context what you already knew about war law:

Given US/UK/Israel wars and lust for more, what do two ‘supreme Law’ treaties say about lawful and unlawful war?

US military legal argument for current wars: ‘Self-defense’ is whatever we say

Knowing war law exposes ALL US/UK/Israel war ‘reasons’ as BS propaganda; Oaths require leaders’ arrests

Confused about Hamas, ‘rockets’, war in Gaza? Those plus: Israeli occupation, lawful versus unlawful war, Israel illegal weapons, targeting hospitals

Israel, Gaza and Palestine: What Americans Need to Know

Solutions learned from the past applied to the present: Tacitus’ argument was to wait-out tyranny in confidence public virtue of past ideals would triumph.

Tacitus was wrong.

A stronger solution would be critical mass recognition by the public of corruption in an Emperor’s New Clothes analogy, arrests, and a clear forum for whistleblowers to disclose the full extent of corruption.

In today’s world of tragic-comic US/UK/Israel corrupt empire, I propose the solution of:

  • public demand for “leader” arrests. An arrest lawfully stops crimes.
  • Truth & Reconciliation to encourage criminal minions to become whistleblowers so we can best discover the extent of the crimes waged by the 1% upon the 99%.
  • With removed criminal oligarchs and corporate media who “covered” these crimes, we’d have honest opportunity for available economic solutions that would transform our beautiful, but historically dominated planet.


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  • Rehmat

    ISIS is an American creation to destabilize Middle East in order to maintain Israel’s supremacy. Listen from a horse-mouth.

    “The Iranians have caused great harm in their insistence to manipulate both Syria and Iraq, but the Obama administration, with the help of Saudis and ISIS, has now effectively squeezed Iran into brokering a deal,” wrote Morgan Strong at Jewish Middle East Eye, on June 21, 2014.

    • Carl_Herman

      Agreed, Rehmat. I can only effectively address a few topics for any given article. In this case, it’s helpful to compare what the Romans called, “barbarians” who opposed their imperialism to today’s term of “terrorist” who oppose US invasion, armed attack, and occupation.

      • Dawg_em

        How does slaughtering Christians equal opposition to an imperious oligarchy?

        • Kenai

          Mostly because they have been fed information their whole lives from the imperious oligarchy, helping to create a hate for people different then themselves. They don’t just come up with this stuff on their own ya know. They are carefully fed information to manifest barriers and fear in their minds against other HUMAN BEINGS. Just as Christians, Americans or any other category you want to draw are. They all think they are fighting the enemy, and in some respect they are, without knowing the real enemy is controlling them.

    • jollyroger

      Absolutely. They were supported by the neo-cons who have infected Washington like a parasite.

  • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

    Always thought the saying was ” . . . and they created a desolation and called it peace” 6 of 1 half dozen of the other.

    • jollyroger

      War is peace
      Freedom is slavery
      Lies are truth

      • Shill Buster

        “We are here to protect you. We mean you no harm. We come in peace. You must cooperate. If you do not cooperate, we cannot protect you. Therefore, you must cooperate! Resistance is futile!

        -The Germans when invading the Ukraine; The Russians upon entering Germany; The United States in Vietnam, Philippines, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc.; NYPD to the people of New York and America; most all municipal police departments in America, the Mafia to their victims, pretty much all organized crime and/or organized tyrants of any kind. They are always doing what they do to protect us; to save us; to help us!

        What would we do without them?

        • Hyber

          what u have is the roman empire controlled by a small group of psychopath non Christian impersonators…..and the same goes for Israel…..a group of non jews…..who claim to be jews but lie… recorded in the Book of Revelations. we have 2 huge world controlling powers…..romans and muslims…..who have ancient backgrounds…..the muslim world making up ancient babylon and ancient persia…..and the roman catholics making up ancient rome which came from greece. so then…..these 2 powers have been fighting one another for thousands of years. each one has sustained its longevity by being brutal psychopath fanatics who kill and rape anything and everything. dont be so naive as to believe that one is good and the other is bad. both systems and cultures create fanatic psychopaths which would compete over the pettiest of things…..and many times do…..but both their eyes are on the one true prize which is Israel…..and that one true prize has been fought over by these 2 groups for thousands of years. its not going to stop until Christ forces them both to stop…..and that will be a day every true non psychopath regular Christian looks forward to.

  • johnm33

    Do you think that some sort of game theory strategy is an inevitable consequence in all empires, such that any large enough social organisation, acting beyond moral constraints, tends towards the hierarchical structure that the social insects all seem to share ? The end game being a priviledged totally self referential center protected by a army of mindless disposable thugs and supported by a pheremonally [or meme] bemused mass of inconsequential workers. If that’s the case it would be interesting to know how few families were needed to be that priviledged elite in Rome.

    • Carl_Herman

      Hi johnm33: I see two different human groups: one is the psychopaths/parasites/oligarchs/royals/1%/”leaders” who lie and manipulate the 99% who are sheepish enough to be enslaved, be parasitized, and fight wars for the psychopaths.

      Moreover, I think this Earth game has been rigged to support the parasites up to about now. Now, we have perhaps one to ten million people like the readers of this blog who are shining light on the oligarchs and providing choice to the 99% to grow-up, actually use their education to see the facts, and then free themselves from the parasites.

  • Jay_Sherman

    Your proposed solution is admirable, Mr. Herman- but unfortunately, it would not work, because it is not just the “leaders” who are corrupt- but rather, a good deal of our society- from the Christian seminary student (the majority of whom don’t believe in the divinity of Christ) to the welfare mama who believes that strangers should be compelled to support her and her [often illegitimate] kids… These “leaders” [who are supposed to be servants, but instead act as though they are kings] were put in their positions by our fellow countrymen, and thus are a reflection of the character [or lack thereof] of our people. A case of “people getting the government they deserve”. Remove them all, and they’ll just replace them with crooks of equally bad character; and still send their kids off to kill and be killed for their illicit wars; and still covet tax-funded union jobs where they carry out the will of the state. Our problems are far deeper than just bad leadership; our problems are a result of a whole culture gone awry.

    • Logic Be Damned

      You speaken the truthen Mr. Sherman. Mesa salutifies you.

    • Carl_Herman

      I don’t know, Jay, ‘cuz perhaps ordinary humans have never been free from a parasitic 1% class. There may be much more to the human story than we know that has supported these parasites.

      If, and this is unprecedented, we could fully expose the “Big Lie” crimes with current and future ability to communicate those facts, we could have a whole new game on Earth.

      • Jay_Sherman

        Aww, C’mon, now…. 2/3’s of our voters voted for a Marxist president. How is that the fault of the 1%? Our fathers & grandfathers stood-by while they set-up the Federal Reserve and the IRS and Socialist Security, because they thought tyhey’d be getting something at their neighbor’s expense; and people sit around every night, watching horrible filthy and violent acts portrayed on a screen, and even pay for the privilege. On a local forum, a woman is complaining that local farmers are “greedy” because they sell tomatoes for $25 a bushel (much cheaper than the supermarket), and she wants them to be cheaper, and even stated that they should give some away for free! That all has zero to do with the 1%- that is human nature- and I would even say that baser elements of that nature are even more in evidence the further down the socio-economic scale ones goes.

        • Shill Buster

          Hear, Hear!

        • Carl_Herman

          Again, with all due respect for you to have whatever interpretation seems best for you, I personally see this as blaming the victims. Until we have arrests with whistleblowers ending the psychopathic chapter of history, and until we account for all the dumbing-down of the 99% is soooooo many ways, I’m not sure we can accurately assess our human condition.

          We probably share the view that we’d like to find out 🙂

        • Kenai

          I would be curious to here in what ways we have a Marxist president or how that would even matter. But in any event the fact that 2/3 of voters vote for any president is a result of the 1% by way of propaganda. I’m not saying that is the only reason, people vote for someone based on lots of reasons, many irrational. Those irrational reasons seem rational to a public who has been fed a certain system of ideas their entire life. Media, education, economic system, etc, are all set up and controlled by that 1%. Ideas that don’t fall in line with what they want have a tough time grabbing on to any significant number of people because 1%, for the most part, control the systems that disseminate information. And don’t ever try to blame anything on human nature, it is human culture that is the problem. I imagine, to that, you will say that people have been killing each other since our inception, thus it is part of our nature. And I concede that is probably true, but isn’t also possible that their have been cultures of people throughout history that knew nothing but peace. But when they encountered one of the more violent cultures they were wiped out and or absorbed. Thus allowing this violent culture becoming the dominant one all over the world. Not saying you are wrong, but I really think their is a lot more at work here then you are realizing.

          And imagine if that farmer you were talking about did give some tomatoes away for free. Gave them to the hungry families in his community. Helped someone who really needed it. Showing someone, who has been beaten up by life, the goodness in humanity, giving them a new view of the world. Who knows what this could lead to, the ripples are incalculable. It could lead to them surviving, shedding some of the fear and hate they have the world, doing something unexpectedly nice for some one else, who knows? But I think that these are the types of things that have the power to change the world. First it’s one farmer, then it’s ten, then it’s the whole community helping each other for their collective benefit. Call it socialism, crazy, stupid whatever you want, but it’s the only kind of revolution that I can think of that will actually make the entire world better for all it’s inhabitants. And one that we all have the power to start, if we make the choice to.

          • Jay_Sherman

            Sure, nothing wrong with that farmer giving some tomatoes away of his own free volition to whom he thought worthy- but when someone is calling a productive person “greedy”, and then cops an attitude that she is ENTITLED to his tomatoes…..well….let’s just say that she’s probably one of the >60% who voted for the Marxist. (Seriously, you don’t think Obama is a Marxist? ….]

            Now I do realize the role that propaganda and such plays in the scheme of things- as I’ve aid, withouit the communal gov’t schools and the media, the world of tyranny which now exists would not be possible- BUT, if society at large in the Western world not traded it’s religion/values for perceived benefits, those forces would not have such a universal effect on so many.

            And think about the contradiction here, you guys who keep citing “the 1%”. Seriously, if the 99% are so feeble as to be so controlled by [in reality, less than] 1%, how is it that you think that they would somehow create a better world??? It’s kind of like when some group demands “equality” and then wants all kinds of protectionist legislation. If they were truly equal, they wouldn’t need laws forcing others to “make them equal”.

            The way I see it, the much-larger-than-1% who become cops and soldiers and gov’t minions are a much bigger problem than the so-called 1%. Remember, none of what you see would be possible without them working as enforcers- and just like in Nazi Germany, they are doing what they do of their own free volition, ofr profit and self-aggrandizement- and THAT is a perfect example of why it is not just the 1%, but much more so those who walk among us.

            We are truly governed by the consent of the people. Not so much by how they vote, but by their day-to-day activities which further tyhe institutions of The Beast, and aid and abet it; while treading upon the necks of their fellow countrymen.

          • Kenai

            Fair enough. I only used 1% because that was the term being thrown around here and I didn’t want to confuse anyone. And you are totally right about being governed by the consent of people. We have the power to change things. Most people in this country though are simply too comfortable to truly want change or even to listen to people who see what is going on. But it seems our comfort level will be changing before too long and if we are lucky we will start to see a mass consciousness change in this country, military and police included. Or if we are unlucky we will continue to blame others for the problems we have and things will just keep rolling along the same way they have for most/all of human history.

            And to create a better world it will take 100% not 99 or any other number, so you do have a point there. We need everyone to see every life as equal. Anything short of that and another empire will eventually just take this one’s place. Ego will be a real barrier but I have a sneaking suspicion once we reach a certain percentage things will start rolling down hill. We have to start somewhere, even if its just one soldier laying down is gun or one farmer generously sharing their surplus.These things have the potential to build momentum, especially with the help of modern information technology. If it starts with one, it can become two, which then becomes four, and so on. Sure, it’s far fetched and probably naive but it’s about the best my imagination can come up with. Anything else will just lead us back to where we are. As Einstein said, “we cannot solve today’s problems with the same thinking that created them.” I truly believe humans are capable of just about anything, good or bad. And I for one am not really interested in seeing what other bad things we can come up with.

          • Jay_Sherman

            Dude, (just for one example) Obama remarked that the Founders of the US “made a mistake by not including the redistribution of wealth as a precept of the Constitution” [paraphrased]- not only showing his assent to such a concept (as do his political decrees) but also showing a GROSS ignorance of what the Founders stood for; as well as a gross disregard for the foundational principles upon which this country was built.

            Seriously, if you can not easily see Obama’s BLATANT Marxism, there really is little point in discussing it, as you are either totally oblivious to the man’s beliefs and actions; or are clueless as to the precepts of Marxism.

  • Dawg_em

    Just because fascist criminal oligarchs of the NWO call the neanderthals “barbaric terrorists” doesn’t mean they aren’t. It just means battles are fought on many fronts, and if we cut off the head the snake will die.

  • Abolt

    While I wholeheartedly agree that the US government is corrupt to the core, I do not think the best way to criticize any countries warring tendencies is to refer to “war law”. War crimes, etc. can only be imposed on the vanquished in any military contest. The Victor, by definition, is not subject to penalties imposed by the defeated. If Germany had won WW2, there would have been no Nuremburg Trials.

    • jollyroger

      Maybe and maybe not. Eisenhower might have been tried as a war criminal as he allowed over a million German soldiers to die of starvation and exposure.
      Many German soldiers were tortured into confessing crimes they did not commit. The allies commited war crimes just as heinous as the Germans or Japanese. It is also true the victor has the privilege of writing the history of that particular war and as is often the case twists the facts, obfuscates the truth and leaves out many important details in order to justify its actions.

    • Shill Buster

      Had Germany and Japan won the war there would have been Moscow Trials, London Trials, New York Trials, and Washington trials. And if we win this war there will be at least the latter three!

    • Shill Buster

      Can you imagine trying the Bushes, the Clintons, The Obamas, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, et al?

  • jollyroger

    What we are faced with is a move by the oligarchs of the west in an attempt to create a one world government under the guise of American Hegemony or empire if you wish to call it. This has been thoroughly spelled out by the neo-cons in Washington when they created the Project For The New American Century or PNAC. However it also encompasses the international banking cartels run by the Rothschilds as well as the major oil companies and of course the M.I.C.
    That Washington has been working overtime destabilizing one nation after another in the middle east as well as the Ukraine is an understatement. It is now going for broke. Some inside Washington most notably the neo-cons are thinking the unthinkable- launching a nuclear first strike on Russia and China; Of course this would only lead to massive retaliation with izrahell caught in the middle as it too has been a source of chaos in the middle east.
    Empires exist only as long as that nation can afford it. As in the case of Rome it was because of its over reach and over extended forces needed to keep it intact; It wasn’t long before the cracks began to appear. Britain’s empire failed because of the miscalculations of Churchil, a drunken idiot of man who should never have been put in any position of power.
    The so-called American empire will also collapse. It’s military spread out across nearly a thousand bases and outposts, a massive 17+ trillion dollar debt and still rising, massive unemployment and an increasingly oppressive and over reaching government that is corrupt and out of control. This is a recipe for the disaster that is to come for America. Sooner or later the facade will crumble. No longer will the talking heads on the alphabet news networks be able to put any positive spin on train wreck that is headed towards the nation.
    No crystal ball can predict when this will all occur but rest assured the die is cast and it would take a massive upheaval to prevent it.
    “No democracy ever lasted more than two hundred years . It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself.” John Adams.

  • scott furniss

    the romans are domineering psychopaths no doubt…..but…..the writer fails to mention that the muslim world is made up of the ancient babylonian and persian empires…..both of whom were led by equally if not even more so…..psychopaths. these 2 psychopathic systems along with the zionists and the chinese…..are the 4 most psychotic forces on planet earth…..well…..u can add the hindus in there as well.

    • Carl_Herman

      The point, scott, is public recognition and ending the unlawful and lie-began wars of the present. History can help us see the present in sharper contrast. The point of history is intelligent action in the present from those lessons. What are you doing to help in the present, bro?

  • Persning

    The arabs are a murderous and backward people.They murderd muhammads family his grand children and six generations after that. Find all excuses you want….these peoples will be killing each other for the next thousand yrs