Ukraine-News Flash: Bloodiest Days of Ukraine’s Ethnic Cleansing Expected to Come Now

Eric Zuesse

A reliably well-informed resident in the area that Obama’s Ukrainian regime is ethnically cleansing (i.e., exterminating and/or expelling) has informed this reporter (and all of this source’s previous reports to me have subsequently turned out to be true):

“Kiev is attempting to blow up a chemical plant that will destroy a 600 KM diameter/ 300KM radius of area — every living thing.

The largest battles of the war are starting today or tomorrow. I may not be able to update you. Lyashko wants to make our area bloody. He said it hasn’t been hit enough to feel it yet.”

The object of the Ukrainian Government’s campaign is to produce as many residents there fleeing into Russia as possible, so that the voting-base that had elected the pro-Russian Ukrainian President whom Obama overthrew in February, Viktor Yanukovych, will no longer be Ukrainian voters.

Oleh Lashko, the person my source is referring to, is a convicted embezzler who then became a leading parliamentary member of the “Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko,” led by the woman whom Obama had initially expected would become elected on 25 May 2014 as Ukraine’s new President. She was also known as “the Gas Princess,” due to her having skimmed billions from Russia’s gas-sales to the State. But another oligarch, Petro Poroshenko (‘the Chocolate King,” and also a shipbuilder), became elected President instead, because Tymoshenko was too far to the right even for most of the voters in Ukraine’s northwest. (There were only few people voting in the southeast after Obama’s coup, because the post-coup regime had already begun its campaign to exterminate them by the time of the May 25th election.)

The pro-Hitler portion of Ukraine during World War II was the country’s northwest. Ukraine’s southeast tended to prefer Stalin’s rule instead. After the end of communism, the southeast sought closer ties to Russia, whereas the northwest sought closer ties to “the West,” but came to be led actually by CIA-backed admirers of the pro-Hitler Ukrainian Stepan Bandera, whom Hitler’s forces imprisoned when it became clear that Bandera sought to establish a pro-Nazi independent Ukraine, and Hitler’s forces insisted instead on Ukraine’s total subjugation.

When Obama took over Ukraine in the February 2014 coup, his agent Victoria Nuland placed at the top of the new Ukrainian Government the leaders of Ukraine’s two nazi (or “pro-Nazi”) Parties, Right Sector, and “Freedom” or Svoboda (formerly called the Social Nationalists, but the CIA instructed them to change that name), both being led by Yulia Tymoshenko’s ally Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

The exterminations of the residents in the southeast started on May 2nd and are continuing. Obama’s people call the residents there “terrorists,” because those residents overwhelmingly oppose the Obama-installed leaders and seek to establish their own autonomous republics instead, or else to become part of Russia; but, in any case, not to be ruled by Obama’s Ukrainian regime.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Concerned

    The Russians show a masochistic level of restraint in the face of a deranged two-bit racist like Obama.
    Probability demands that in the vast majority of the other timelines that make up the multi-verse, Washington is a bombed out, unhabitable ruin.

    • Jill

      Yes, morally bankrupt! Symbolically, when Stephen Vincent Benet wrote “By the Waters of Babylon,” a futuristic vision after a nuclear war, he should have written about Washington instead of New York City.

  • Jill

    America is no longer “beautiful” when it sides with the neo-nazi infiltrated government such as Ukraine’s.

    • LG

      And here I thought you were going to do some serious research. I guess it’s easier to make ridiculous claims than to actually do the research. Shame on you!

      • Jill

        The leader of the Ukrainian parliament Svobada Party is quoted in Reuter’s from a speech he gave as calling “Russians, Jews, and Germans scum.” I don’t believe that the laws allowing only Ukrainian to be spoken in the country, only “pure Ukrainians” to hold civil service jobs, and forcing Jewish people to fill out forms with the government registering that they are Jewish, just to name a few, are supported by Jewish people. I saw the actual form on The 700 Club.The Neo- Nazi Svoboda Party, according to Michael Hughes in his article in The Huffington Post Politics, The Neo-Nazi Question in the Ukraine,” in which he interviews Per Anders Rudling and Timothy Stanley, flies the old Ukrainian Nazi’s collaborators’ flag at their rallies, wears the wolf’s angel rune symbol of the Waffen-SS panzer division, declared criminal at Nuremberg, and 2 members of the Ukrainian parliament were seen on Channel 4 BBC News showing the Heil Hitler numbers. Remember also that Hitler pretended to be sincere when he called all of the clergy of Germany together and told them to go back to their churches and synagogues and tell all of their members to get rid of their guns because they were going to have a peaceful Germany. That, is , of course how Hitler could herd 300 Jewish people onto trains to their death–gun control,no BIll of Rights, as we have here in America guaranteeing the right to bear arms. My father’s program at Manhattan College was closed down as WWII escalated, and he was sent to the front lines for Uncle Sam where he lost his hand, fighting Nazism in government. I watched him struggle his whole life, often with bursts of anger, to work a full time job and do everything with one hand, refusing all help. Do you really think I’m going to sit still for our government giving my hard- earned, ridiculously high tax dollars to the Ukrainian government? I think you know the answer–not as long as there is even 1 Svoboda party member in it ,and there are many more, and way toooo powerful. Also, from what I’m reading, The Fatherland Party runs a close second,

  • LG

    Interesting that the government you accuse of being neo-Nazi is widely supported by the Ukrainian Jewish community. Member of this community stood on Majdan and are now fighting in the East in the ranks of the Ukrainian army.
    On the other hand, real Russian Nazis paraded in May 2014 in St. Petersburg, Russia, in full dress uniform and that seems to escape your attention, as does the fact that “Putin’s ‘Russian Spring’ Idea was Invented by Russian Fascists in 1920s.” Search article. No thinking human buys your idiotic propaganda, but I can see where it is comforting to spew forth such venomous garbage in the hope that it will somehow deflect attention from the atrocities perpetrated by Putin and his terrorists.

    • Jill

      The atrocities being committed by the Ukrainian government, bombing a whole nursing home full of innocent old people. and bringing in Neo-Nazi mercenary soldiers from other countries( See the recent article on Neo-Nazism in The London Telegraph, The Washington Post blog, and The New York Times) to bloody up and slaughter whole villages of innocent people are even worse. It’s time to stop the fighting on both sides and give equal rights and respect to all citizens whether pure Ukrainian or not.