The Secret Playbook of Internet Trolls

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
What’s confusing you
Is the nature of my game

– The Rolling Stones

What’s Confusing You Is the Nature of Their Game

The reason that Internet trolls are effective is that people still don’t understand their game.

There are 15 commonly-used trolling tactics to disrupt, misdirect and control internet discussions.

As one interesting example, trolls start flame wars because – according to two professors – swearing and name-calling shut down our ability to think and focus.

And trolls will often spew divisive attacks so that people argue against each other, instead of bad actions and policies of the powers-that-be.   For example, trolls will:

Start a religious war whenever possible using stereotypes like “all Jews are selfish”, “all Christians are crazy” or “all Muslims are terrorists”.

Yesterday, the alternative news site Common Dreams caught a troll using scores of different user names to spew anti-Semitic bile. (Common Dreams discovered that the same troll was behind the multiple user names by tracking their IP addresses. And the troll confessed to Common Dreams.)

The troll is a “a Jewish Harvard graduate in his thirties who was irritated by the website’s discussion of issues involving Israel”.

He posted anti-Semitic diatribes – such as Hitler should have finished the job and killed all Jews – using one alias.  Then – a couple of minutes later – he’d post an attack on the first poster using a different alias, claiming that criticism of Israel is the same thing as anti-Semitism.  (Note: Holocaust survivors and Israeli ministers say it’s not.)

Why would a Jew post vile anti-Semitic comments?  Because normal people are offended by – and don’t want to be associated with – pure, naked anti-Semitism, and so they will avoid such discussions.  If the discussion was originally criticizing a specific aspect of Israeli policy, the discussion will break down, and the actual point regarding policy will be lost.

Similarly, anti-Semitic posts weaken websites by making them seem less reputable. Indeed, Common Dreams says that the troll’s anti-Semitic comments drove away many of that site’s largest donors … dealing a severe blow to its continued viability. That’s exactly what trolls spewing anti-Semitic bile are trying to do: shut down logical discussion and discredit and weaken sites which allow rational criticism of policy.

It is well-known that foreign  governments and large companies troll online. See this, this this, and this. For example, the Israeli government is paying students to post pro-Israeli comments online.

And American students are also attempting to influence internet discussion.

While the Common Dreams troll claims that he’s not sponsored by the state of Israel, government  agencies have manipulated  Internet discussion for years. This includes the use of multiple “socket puppet” aliases.  The potential for mischief is stunning.

Unless we learn their game …

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  • ClubToTheHead

    Despicable persons commit atrocities; they then wave flags and religious symbols as a distraction; angry people of conscience are unthinkingly lured into attacking the distracting flag; despicable persons claim those who are represented by the distracting flags and symbols are being attacked by haters; wash,rinse, and repeat.

    Don’t be the bull in the bull fight.

  • Miggy

    Yeah the devisive tactic is clear. Its the same tactic the administration and the elite use. If we are fighting against one another we can’t focus on the real issues.

    I really wish more would see through this.

  • Tanya Stone

    I no longer read any comments that start with “those liberals” or “those conservatives,” or stuff Obama has done, or Bush did. The myth that the right is destroying the country, or the left is destroying the country, is to keep us focussed away from the elites that are controlling both political parties, both houses of congress, and now, it seems, the Justice Department as well. They are the ones who are destroying this country. Any other fight is a waste of our time.

    • edwardrynearson


    • Bernhard

      The game is called “Divide & Conquer”. Keep the people divided along political ideologies and they are easily controlled. America is a most fertile ground to divide the people along the left versus right paradigm because of a century of indoctrination. As long as an uneducated population keeps buying this propaganda the real criminals get away with murder… literally!

    • trigon400

      You’re right, the left is probably the biggest threat to the US right now in terms of social policies/immigration floods.
      However, the rightwing is pretty bad for devoting their energy & our resources to a foreign nation (Israel) that only brings us debt, spying, abuse, a corrupted & bribed congress via AIPAC, terror, wars & the enmity of the globe.

      • Dencal26

        I am a conservative who supports Israel but for different reasons. If Israel were overrun and destroyed where do you think the flotilla of 7 Million Israeli’s would end up? The 3 Billion a year is a small price to pay for keeping them over there.

        • Matthew Smith

          So neither of you cares much for Immigrants or Jews ?

          • Dencal26

            I like immigrants who come legally and gradually. 6 -8 Million Israeli refugees not so much.

        • neroden

          Wow, that’s an impressive piece of trolling. I have no problem with accepting some refugees, though the fanatical gun-waving extremist settlers who have been causing all the trouble in Israel should be declared to be “not refugees” and left to fight and die in the desert.

          • Dencal26

            I have no desire in bringing 7 million more refugees here.

        • Bill Adams

          Meanwhile, something like 6.5 million muslim “refugees” have been brought to the US in the last few years. Gee, I wonder who to blamed for that one?

      • Nicole Richardson

        Watch the youtube video where Netenyahu openly brags about how America is easily manipulated. HE was caught on CAMERA , our news papers actually reported on it yet, of course, Americans are blind to it. Israel has free health insurance, good for them, but it doesn’t redact from the fact Americans are not afforded the same luxury.I have no clue what the USA OWES the nation of Israel. Why are American tax and charity dollars used to prop Israel up when US cities are going bankrupt. Both parties are equally guilty on it.

    • whitesnake11

      “Republicans are red,
      Democrats are blue,
      Neither one of them gives
      A #*@$ about you!”

    • falina

      THIS^ needs to be copied and pasted onto every website with a comment section.

    • Living Sovereign


      • freedomsofine

        Yeah, Tanya Stone and Bernhard hit the nail on the head. The vile creatures are exactly who Tanya said they are, and their strategy is what Bernhard said it is. The free press hasn’t been “free” for decades, a propaganda machine flooding our nightly news with one agenda, to create division. There is no truth or integrity in reporting. I think Trigon400 competely validated the story line of this article, trolling on an article about trolling, lol, oh the humanity. Clearly some of us are fully awake, and your ALL CAPS statement doesn’t make the lie more convincing.

    • “Both sides do it” is pro-GOP trolling. You’ve been outed, troll.

      • Merritt Burks

        Good call, lets troll the trolls

    • nicethugbert

      The “both parties do it” mantra can be used to demoralize voters, make them give up voting entirely.

      • edwardrynearson

        voting in national presidential elections is a complete waste of time > the rigging happens long before anyone gets to cast their votes > howard dean’s scream?

        • nicethugbert

          That’s pretty mild as far as rigging goes. One would have to be a deaf or stupid to not realize the audio was doctored the second they heard it.

    • Nicole Richardson

      I could not agree with you more. Simple logic is both of these parties are who have destroyed this country so why on earth would anyone think either of these parties are competent enough to fix it?? American oligarchs own the politicians just like Russian oligarchs did, Americans are mere sheeple who remind me of gang members ‘bloods and crypts’ flashing blue or red.

    • Bill Adams

      LOL! You must not read many comments! If you weed those out there’s not much left other than the Weight loss link shills.

  • As a veteran of the internet’ s earlier days (, It’s easy to spot the disinformationists.

    September 11 is coming up. Watch the spike in official story trolls. They will use the same ‘ol logical fallacies that have failed for 10+ years.

    • trigon400

      Right, we’re still supposed to accept that 11 Saudi’s did it w/o any help from Israel who ran all of the security at all airports involved (ICTS).
      (they also ran “security” for the underwear bomber & Richard Reed, the shoe bomber).
      Carl Cameron of FOX delved into Israel’s involvement in 911 but was shut down by the state department with the statement “Israel’s involvement in 911 is classified”.
      Now, you can avoid the mental anguish of thinking & researching by calling me a “troll”

      • Living Sovereign


        • Jerry Winkler

          Wow, you are truly a piece of schit. do the world a favor and go kill yourself.

          • Living Sovereign


        • asher2789

          I love how on a post about trolling you out yourself as a troll.

          I’m also not sure how destabilizing the region is helpful for Israel, considering bombing innocent people (100,000 civilians died in Iraq, why?) is a great way to breed future terrorists.

  • edwardrynearson

    the propaganda posits that there are two sides opposing each other

  • Oh… I “know” the game. *looks at his blotter*. yeah. That book is about to be opened.

  • clarioncaller

    The bottom line is ‘do your homework’ and ‘know your history’. These people thrive on low information types who are easily swayed.

    • oldman67

      Former Chinese Premier Chou En- lai once observed:one of the the delightful things about the Americans is that they have absolutely no historical memory.

  • Anon

    “The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organization called the Anti-Defamation League as an instrument to try to convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds or their allies is an attack on all Jews. In this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarship on
    international bankers and made the subject taboo within universities.” — Gary Allen, in his book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” (1972). pg. 38.

    “The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim – nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements
    [BIS] in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations … Each central bank sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.” — Carroll Quigley in his book “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World In
    Our Time” (1966)


    • Living Sovereign


  • Been on the Internet for a while too. It becomes clear after a while. What I didn’t get about said troll, is why he would do this? Quo Bono?

    Clearly it was not for Israelis who simply want peace.

  • truth time

    Why not trace some obvious agitators that post here?

  • identalias

    Common Dreams won’t let me post comments.
    No reason.
    The system won’t allow me to post.
    So why should I trust anything CD says about posters?

  • James Williams

    Is this a surprise? Jewish students at Universities have been caught putting swastikas on doors. Of course, they are never expelled for such actions, even though the fallout usually includes a witch hunt for a phantom anti-semite. It is a desperate cry for attention and validation on the only thing that matters to them in life – their ethnic identity.

    • GwydionRhys

      And your confirmation for this comes from???

  • H.L. Mencken once defined his work as “stirring up the animals,” so enraging the chandala as to knock the pecksniffs off their pins and loosen up the venues of discourse for the people desirous of plain truths in public discourse.

    Such a policy has never been without opposition, chiefly from those who cannot bear to see or hear that which challenges their bigotries.

    I awoke this morning to the creaking sound of the Western mind closing shut. I felt it squeezing in on me like a car crusher. Public discourse is more controlled and political dissent more squashed than at any point in memory. Try as I may, all the evidence suggests we are on the brink of an ideological Dark Age the likes of which America has never seen. It seems we’re only inches away from living in a world where stating the obvious will be criminalized.

    Online, the chief enablers of this situation are the smirking young progtards, who are unwilling to even touch any viewpoint that hasn’t been spoon-fed to them in school or beamed into their eyeballs via TV. Their brains have never hatched a single original idea in their lives. They are mere hollow carriers of infectious ideas, not so much Trojan horses as little pink Trojan ponies.

    The modern young leftist is a weak, wretched, psychotic creature, at once nasty and cowardly. Notice how these bespectacled, bearded nerdlings didn’t have one shred of bravado until they had the full weight of the government, media, and academia on their side. They are the sort of cowards who were terrified to make a peep until it was absolutely risk-free. They are extremely bold — at least behind a keyboard—until directly confronted when there’s no crowd around to protect them. A lone earthworm has more spine than any hundred of them.

    Bandwagon-riders that they are, they tell everyone who doesn’t think in lockstep with them to “Get with the times,” which is a dishonest way of saying, “Be a conformist like I am.” Hence their smugness as they tilt at windmills that were destroyed generations ago. They are still deluded that they are fighting the power rather than working for it — often without pay or benefits.

    It’s one thing to be unwittingly brainwashed, yet quite another to assent to one’s brainwashing once it’s been made clear. These hateful little [frackers] are defiantly brainwashed, and whether it’s cognitive dissonance or doublethink or pathological lying, they’ve made it impossible to rationally engage with them. Believe me, I’ve tried. For decades. Honestly. Foolishly.

    It took decades for me to realize I was dealing with fundamentally dishonest people. I naively thought I could politely discuss ideas with people for whom “reason” is a dirty word. But you can’t debate the brainwashed. Their cognitive dissonance is too powerful. The truth doesn’t matter to them at all. This is why, in nearly all cases, they will flee from the gentlest offer of an earnest discussion. There is to be no debate. There is a reason they won’t engage, and it is not because they are certain they are correct. Censors are motivated by insecurity in their own beliefs, but they are not remotely honest enough to admit it.

    — Jim Goad, How to Deal With the Braiwashed” (18 August 2014)

    • SupernaturalCat

      “It seems we’re only inches away from living in a world where stating the obvious will be criminalized.”

      A defining machination of the phony/manufactured ‘war on terror.’

      • It’s got to be understood that this “moral equivalent of war” business (the war on [some] drugs, the war on poverty, the war on alcohol, the war on [fill in the blank]) has been a stock element of Progressive politics since World War One showed them how war socialism could work to obliterate all objections to top-down government control of every aspect of human existence.

        What the Progressives – today we call ’em “Liberal” fascists – dislike about declared wars is that they have to end, and thus we’ve had more than a century’s worth of this “How dare you object?” leftard arrogance employing wars that, by definition, can never end because they’re “wars” being waged against enemies that can’t be conquered.

        Indeed, if you put a lucid examining eye to ’em, they’re “wars” against human nature itself.

        So “War is the health of the state,” and the Progressives – Republican and National Socialist alike – are nothing if they’re not statists, right?

        • Slinky

          they’re “wars” against human nature itself.

          Exactly, the other key element is it’s never a direct attack on human nature. There is a huge amount of noise about “gun” deaths in America. There is not a huge amount of noise about murder in general. Why? I would love to see anybody propose any solution to humans murdering humans. The abuse they would suffer would be hilarious, stopping murder is just not going to happen ever. Stopping “gun” deaths does seem possible if you take everybody’s guns away. then their knives, hammers, baseball bats, hands and feet, cars…..

          Denial of and escape from reality=insanity.

    • RealityAlwaysBites

      Exactly like dealing with the religious, same brainwashing and basic lack of intelligence necessary to follow.

      • Penny

        Ha ha! Obvious. Troll is waaay too obvious.

    • Hawtry

      have the dark ages begun? According to the historian Heywood, the fall of Rome was the loss due to error of the roman empire’s western provinces. The west lost its provinces in the late 1940s.

      Education is nearly dead. Almost all the art we produce is ugly. Do we still have free speech? I suggest that a lot of speech is allowed because ( as Marcuse noted) it simply has no effect; and that If some kind of internet traffic were having an effect , (such as helping people to organize militias that were killing N W O agents trying to confiscate weapons ) such speech would be terminated by the NSA or whoever.

      We should consider what is the right way of conducting ourselves in a Dark Age.

  • DelmarJackson

    it’s all THE KAISER”S fault!!!
    We all know what type of people support him. Unless we get rid of the Kaiser and all those who have helped him stay in power, NOTHING will ever change… THE KAISER is a……wait a minute….uh oh….. better get back into my time machine. Wrong century. Sorry about that. carry on.

    • neroden

      You are so, so right! Kaiser Bill is a monster! He even invaded peaceful Albania!

  • trigon400

    Knowing that there is no greater threat to us than the one we cannot even discuss, I shall jump right at it!
    “By way of deception” is the motto of this chosen tribe of deceptive louses & of the Mossad, so who’s surprised that they would engage in this?
    Moreover, I would bet good money that the Israeli government did pay (using US tax dollars) this creep for his sayanim work.
    Whether it’s trying to disarm Americans, opening our borders, ruining our currency (the FED), having to “press #1 for English” (ACLU), or labeling us as homegrown terrorists for having the temerity to criticize the direction our nation is headed, Jews are the primary force in our demise.
    And no, I am not a “troll”, I’m simply mentioning that which is verifiable & no thanks to the ADL, is still legal to do in America!.

    • LAPhil

      If you’re not a troll why do you keep repeating yourself? I would say you meet the classic of definition of a troll.

    • Jay_Sherman

      Very true. That is why they have the reputation of being “hated and persecuted” wherever they go- because they’ve been pulling this same BS for millennia! They did it in ancient Rome, till finally the Romans threw them out; Ben Franklin was aware of their antics, and wanted to ban them from emmigrating to the US; They were the force behind communism in Russia and were trying to establish it in Germany…

      But just like the damn knee grows, they never look to the members of their own community and say “Hey, stop perpetrating the negative behavior that is causing everyone to hate us!”- instead, they try and blame the good people who are naturally repulsed by the bad behavior they see emanating from that community. And thanks to our stupid white liberals, such a ploy has gained legitimacy, and has destroyed our own nation and culture.

  • trigon400

    Knowing that there is no greater threat to us than the one we cannot even discuss, I shall jump right at it!
    “By way of deception” is the motto of this chosen tribe of deceptive louses & of the Mossad, so who’s surprised that they would engage in this?
    Moreover, I would bet good money that the Israeli government did pay (using US tax dollars) this creep for his sayanim work.
    Whether it’s trying to disarm Americans, opening our borders, ruining our currency (the FED), having to “press #1 for English” (ACLU), or labeling us as homegrown terrorists for having the temerity to criticize the direction our nation is headed (SPLC), Jews are the primary force in our demise.
    And no, I am not a “troll”, I’m simply mentioning that which is verifiable & no thanks to the ADL, is still legal to do in America!.

  • trigon400

    There is no greater threat to us than the one we cannot even discuss, I shall jump right at it!
    “By way of deception” is the motto of this chosen tribe of deceptive louses & of the Mossad, so who’s surprised that they would engage in this?
    Moreover, I would bet good money that the Israeli government did pay (using US tax dollars) this creep for his sayanim work.
    Whether it’s trying to disarm Americans, opening our borders, ruining our currency (the FED), having to “press #1 for English” (ACLU), or labeling us as homegrown terrorists for having the temerity to criticize the direction our nation is headed (SPLC), Jews are the primary force in our demise.
    And no, I am not a “troll”, I’m simply mentioning that which is verifiable & no thanks to the ADL, is still legal to do in America!.

    • LAPhil

      You ARE a troll and an ignorant anti-Semitic boob as well.

      • Greg Day

        LAPhil: I am lead to believe this poster may even be a “bot”…

  • esquimaux

    Note how your article is an example of the very thing you criticize. You single out the Jews and Israel as though they were the sole perpetrators of this practice and, in doing so, you get comments such as (from trigon400) “Whether it’s trying to disarm Americans, opening our borders, ruining
    our currency (the FED), having to “press #1 for English” (ACLU), or
    labeling us as homegrown terrorists for having the temerity to criticize
    the direction our nation is headed (SPLC), Jews are the primary force
    in our demise.”

  • I think the ADL actually foments anti-Semitism to make American Jews feel unwelcome here and maybe think about going back to Israel. Sort of like what the Jewish troll in your post here is doing. I think a lot of the time it’s actually Jewish trolls posting anti-semitic things. And also so they can get congress to pass laws that infringe on the 1st Amendment. That is my take on it. The ADL should not exist in America, or should be listed as an agent of a foreign country.

    • RealityAlwaysBites

      How about listing the ADL accurately as a terrorist organization run by enemies of the USA.

  • Don Robertson

    Definition: Troll; anyone who doesn’t play along with the mindless drivel so common to internet blogs, or, anyone expressing an opinion contrary to the mindless drivel of some specific internet blogger.

    Any site that uses the “troll defense” is clueless. They complain of swearing, even if swearing is due. They complain of flaming out, which is their main fare in every article. And they pretend to be as enlightened, humorous and entertaining as some modern day Voltaire. All the while, internet blog sites are like grains of sand in a desert of banal ignorance and stupidity.

    What better place to plug my new book, -Maine – And Why Maine Should Not Legalize Marijuana-?

    But it would be pointless. The hangers-on here are all still waiting for the revolution. They cling to anything that even remotely might bring it on. Their mantra is, we are oppressed! The police shoot at us. And the government lies to us.

    No. I’m not back. I don’t read the mush on this “Washington’s” blog any more. I caught the article title over at ZeroHedge, that endless predictor of economic collapse and gold at a million dollars an ounce. They sure swear over there.

    Even in a depression, this is a wonderfully rich country with almost endless freedom. Stay or get off the dope, kids. It not only will ruin your life. Dope will ruin your perspective on life.

  • Creole Genius

    Those journalists are displaying such arrogance by their own insistence that internet trolls even exist. They are being paid to make news sites seem to be the ‘VICTIMS’ of mythological troll conspiracies. I can no longer stomach the published whining of these losers, so desperate to prolong their putative way of life. The internet will go the way of printed newspapers and magazines, eventually, if this blame game continues to direct the causes of our problems on non-existent entities.

  • David

    So is anyone who asks tough questions or who articulates a contrary opinion automatically considered a “troll”? That’s what it sounds like you are saying. If as an example someone writes something negative about Israel is that person “anti-Semitic”? That’s a very dangerous position to take.

    • Deuce

      Are you really this dumb? Did you miss the WHOLE ARTICLE describing how the same person was making anti-Israel comments then calling THEMSELF an anti-semite using a different profile. This has noting to do with the posting a simple opinion, supportive or contrary. It has to with willful and intentional deception and manipulation to digress and devolve the entire discussion. Your question has nothing to do with the case presented here, though you’re like the tenth person to ask this totally irrelevant question.

      And THAT is why nobody should put any stock in anything they read on any blog. They’re mostly inhabited by idiots.

  • Deuce

    Probably the scariest information presented here is the idea that anyone would form their worldview based on the wasteland of shit that typifies most blogs and the inane comments posted on them.

    Folks there is a nearly limitless archive of (relatively untainted) historical and scientific facts out there to draw a truly informed perspective from on nearly any topic. Blogs and the inane comments posted on them are hardly a substitute. That anyone chooses the latter route is the thing that should really scare you.

    • Folks there is a nearly limitless archive of (relatively untainted) historical and scientific facts out there to draw a truly informed perspective from on nearly any topic.

      What’s missing your attention is an observation by F.A. von Hayek some decades ago, to the effect that information is not knowledge.

      People have to chew over the “historical and scientific facts” in order to translate such information into “perspective,” and without public discourse this is simply not possible.

      Fortunately – and a misery to those arrogant cods who’d thought that they’d finally sewed up all such channels of public discourse by infiltration and co-option of the broadcast media – the ‘Net has come along to open the marketplace of ideas to the equivalent of the 18th and 19th Century pamphleteers like Thomas Paine.

      Don’t gripe at what you’re seeing in Web logs and their comments threads. Along with all the “inane” stuff about which you’re complaining, there’s genuine and informed exchange of ideas.

      Jeez, you sound like the kind of guy who’d grumble if he were being hanged with a silk rope.

  • rosemariejackowski

    Misinformation has been around for years. Just check any history book used in USA schools. Critical thinking skills are the answer. Last time I checked, no schools had classes on that.

    • neroden

      Actually, elite private schools have classes on it. Because it’s important that the masses be sheep, and critical thinking is only for the elite to use to rule over them. 😉

      Question, however, whether the elite are actually paying any attention in those classes.

  • diver454

    Divide/Conquer Bread/Circus two of the powerful tools used by parasitical elites. Notice the amount of time wasted on entertainment and food. There’s a reason for this. Wake up!!!

  • Jay_Sherman

    It’s not so much the trolls that are the problem; but rather the fact that so many web admins don’t seem to value/believe in free speech- so instead of letting participants in a discussion work things out naturally; or just ignore stuff, they invariably end up doing just what the troll wants: Shutting down the discussion; deleting posts; banning people (often people other than the troll(s) ) as they become more and more paranoid.

    I used to run a forum, and except for deleting spam, I had no moderators, and did absolutely no moderating- and guess what? The one or two trolls who came in, didn’t stick around very long, because without moderators to police and destroy the site, the troll’s efforts were completely ineffectual. (And this was a forum where people on extreme ends of the political and religious spectrum would often debate).

    We even got a “Hitler should have finished the job” guy. His comment, was of course, left up….and pretty much ignored; and that poster must have grown bored when no disruptive action was taken, as he abandoned the forum shortly thereafter (And he was not banned or blocked or even slapped on the wrist).

    More proof that libertarianism really works the best- and that we should practice our ideals in all facets of life- including on the interwebz! The trolls are winning, thanks only to web admins and moderators, because people like myself will not post on or participate on forums where ours words are edited or deleted; or where we are treated like children and everything we post is scrutinized by a commissar.

  • wearethey

    I think commenters should refrain from name-calling and/or any willfully demeaning language aimed at groups of people, no matter how difficult it is. When emotions override reason the discussion should end. Rules that govern debates serve the purpose of keeping the discussion on point. Our emotion-based culture is proving to be destructive in every way. There’s a war between worldviews happening in America. Whichever one you embrace would best be furthered by showing why it is superior to others, without impugning the people with whom you disagree. Keep in mind that more than likely, most people who come to this site share similar values and believe that there is substantial evidence that points to planned crises and staged events. I think the more clever trolls use the conspiracy mindset against us. They get us arguing about whose theory is correct. In the end, the best way to neutralize a troll is to not reply, or firmly rebuke the choice of language they employ to make their point without stooping to the same level, then move on.

  • Jeffersonianideal

    It is important to acknowledge that incidents of false troll labeling also exist. A person who constructs a well formulated, perceptive and cohesive comment about a controversial subject can be deceitfully branded with the mark of “troll”. The detractor’s intent is to discredit and malign. As with legitimate trolls, the person who falsely and maliciously declares, “troll!” is eager to sidestep a legitimate point that is uncomfortably contradictive to the consensus of the forum participants or to an individual contributor. I would not be surprised if I was falsely categorized as a troll for simply citing this

    • Robert What?

      That is true. It is usually a dead giveaway that the accuser is a troll if they accuse a poster of a well thought out argument of being a troll. A typical technique that such a false accuser uses is to take a generalized statement in a post and turn it into a personal attack against himself / herself.

      • Jeffersonianideal

        Thanks for validating. I can recall a few times being denounced as a troll after applying principled free-market or personal liberty viewpoints within a heated discourse involving a political or social issue. The opposition either cannot or will not present a coherent counterpoint. They are so intimidated by the possibility of having the forum’s mob mentality blemished, they attempt to stop the invader using a trumped up accusation of trolling. I was never comfortable with the term “troll”. Like so many other catchwords that eventually become stereotypes, one size has been manufactured with the expectation it should fit all.

        • Robert What?

          The only time I’ve been accused of being a troll was on a discission of Obama care just after my health insurance got cancelled. A couple of the people accused me of lying that my health insurance was cancelled. I think people know better now.

          • Silvia Squirre


  • Robert What?

    I guess there are at least two types of trolls – one who is trying to promote a specific agenda or trying to suppress any alternative views of their agenda being discussed. That would be the government troll and corporate troll. The other kind are those that thrive and grow stronger on negative energy like in that old Star Trek episode. It sounds like the Common Dreams troll is the Star Trek type of troll.

    The only commonality among the latter type of troll is that most are, at heart, abject cowards who would run away and hide at the slightest hint of actual human confrontation.

    • allah_speaking

      There is a third troll you fail to mention. Those that troll the trolls. I’d like to think of myself as falling into this category just to see how far you can push them. When they start making death threats you’ve got them cold.

      • Robert What?

        Interesting. Would you be able to give an example without compromising yourself?

        • allah_speaking

          Here’s are a few responses from a poster named “Paul”…
          My original post on yet another article trying to keep up the Democrat’s morale by saying that the Democrats are polling even with Republicans:

          Like the PPP polls… Every time they claim a Democrat is close, they get hammeredby 8 to 12 per cent…
          >We all know that the RNC and the Kochs pay you mopes to post this
          drivel. You guys project more than a 24 screen multiplex. Love how bad
          it makes you look, though.

          >All the intelligent people are voting against the Republicans this year.
          And all the intelligent people want the Democrats to keep the Senate
          and take back the House. More proof that allah-speaking is a dopey
          troll, if the name didn’t already tip you off.

          I politely asked him if he plans on telling his fellow liberal EBT card holders that there be free food at the polling place come November.
          Usually I just use their own tactics against them with facts they can’t refute…

  • The Bobster

    When I criticize the rogue state of Itzalie, I’m sincere.

  • chucky beston

    A troll is anyone that disagrees with your own narrow minded agenda. Trolls are here to stay.

  • Howard Treesong

    Making multiple accounts to have an argument with yourself.

    Wow man… that makes me feel good about myself.

    • gabriel314

      And it’s from a 30+ year-old. I wonder if he got paid for his work.

      • Howard Treesong

        At least he has someone to talk to about why he should be paid in full for all his hard work.

  • At Odds

    Yes, I’ve ran into some of the Israeli students. lol

  • Dorothy

    Just because I curse in my posts doesn’t make me a troll. It makes me an angry Democrat who’s tired of the shenanigans in Washington.

  • Living Sovereign

    YOU folks have really no clue what the albino jew is planning for you. The reason Sweden albino jew wants you to love on negroes is because he know it will destroy the white man intelligence.The rason the albino jew president of france wants the french to love on the negro is to destroy them. The reason your ALL jew CONgress in Amercia wants you to love the negro is the same reason: they want you to be a worthless piece of shit with out a functioning brain. You are already stupid for allowing it to happen. Your children will be even more stupid. Look at the documented facts about america from 1700 to current. You will see ALL the problems America and the good folks with round cylindrical hair face are directly because of the albino jew bringing the negro jew over here and forcing them into our consciousness. Anyone who disagrees is a moron. The jew wants to be the only white on the planet. Noel ignatiev is an asshole who needs to have his ass kicked so bad he can not see anymore. That jew stated in a class that all white men need to kill themselves. He wants your duaghters to love negro jews that will destroy YOUR BLOODLINE!@!!
    You folks do not have long before folks like me stand up and start taking action. All you negro lovers will be treated like the vile negro jews and albino jews you love.

  • Living Sovereign

    until the negro jew and albino jew is put back in its own vile environment all of the folks with round cylindrical hair will suffer. and what is worse you will turn our people into the same savages. We are not made to kill and destroy. It goes agaisnt our very creation. This is why we are so out of balance. When will oyu folks wake up??? You folks fuss over illegal mexican folks when your problem has been here for 300 fucking years !! god damn you morons!!!

  • Jews are the problem. Jews in DC, Jews in Education, Jews in the Judicial system… even NYPD’s first Hasidic cop beat up a woman his first week, over her dog. Told her “want to act like a woman, I will treat you like one”. Did he shave her head and make her ride in the back of the bus?

    Vote NO for EVERY JEW. Free America! Throw the Jew down the well.

  • edwardrynearson

    They make strawmen

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  • kyle

    The reason internet trolls are effective is because there are so many of them, & they are everywhere.
    The definition of an internet troll is someone who disagrees with you online.

  • Dracaerys

    Well, I have been known to both wield the flame thrower and wear the flame proof undies… that said, I have never been paid to post on the net, and certainly take no orders from anyone. My posts are my own. For all you paid stiffs from Obamalama Land… we already know who you are. Cheers.

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  • Mari

    No, Ive never encountered people who think all jews or muslims are terrorists, online. Sarcasm*. Youtube and facebook is filled with idiots, anyway. This may surprise people, but usually its better to ignore it. If people dont have anything nice to say, dont pay attention to it. Atleast not online. I think people should have the right to post opinions on Israel, islam, jews, arabs and whatnot, but if they verbally attack, I tend to sometimes give them a well thought – answer or I ignore it. I remember back in school, I was the ugly girl, according to some.Got exstensively bullied. By now, I think I have grown a thick skin, and if people feel the need to insult, I kind of shrug it off. It rarely happens, these days, if it happens, you’d find it very boring, anyway. F’ck em, I say. I had a person insult me in public, quite recently, I pretended he wasnt there. Go figure. And Im not a muslim, nor a jew. This happens really rarely, it was more common for me to experience it about ten years ago. I guess hatred, guilt by association or ignorance is why.

  • david310

    I figured this was going on. Some of the comments I read are just too ridiculous to be real. We see stories on the news all the time about hate speech being spray painted on a building… then it turns out to be done by a member of the group that was being hated on. It’s a false flag on a small level. Wether it’s a jewish person on Prison talking about how the holocaust didn’t happen, or a lesbian professor scratching the word DIKE into own car then calling the news to report the hate crime. People are screwed up.

  • Delora Bulger

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