The REAL Reason for New U.S. and French Military Involvement In Iraq

It’s All About Erbil

Why is Obama now re-committing the U.S. military to Iraq? Why is France strongly backing military action?

Obama says it’s to protect minorities.    That’s nothing new.  Obama is the fourth president in a row to bomb Iraq … while claiming it is for humanitarian purposes.

But the architects of the Iraq War (the one which started in 2003) themselves admitted it was about oil.

But what about now? Why are the U.S. and France deploying military force in Iraq now?

Well, ISIS captured some key oil fields in the Kurdish region of Iraq on August 3rd.

Mere days later, the U.S. started bombing ISIS.

And the strikes were targeted in protecting oil resources. As International Business Times notes:

Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby tweeted: “US military aircraft conduct strike on Isil [Islamic State] artillery. Artillery was used against Kurdish forces defending Erbil, near US personnel.”

Two F-18 fighters dropped laser-guided 500-pound bombs on the mobile artillery target. Militants of the Islamic State were using artillery that has been abandoned by the Iraqi army when it fled to shell Kurdish forces defending the regional capital of Kurdistan.

US airstrikes were very small and very targeted and the Peshmerga Kurdistan forces are waiting for more strikes by the US fighter jets, according to reports.

Similarly, the Military Times reported yesterday:

The Pentagon’s top war planner … Army Lt. Gen. William Mayville, the director of operations, or “J-3” for the Joint Staff [said]  “I think in the immediate areas where we have focused our strikes, we have had a very temporary effect … and we may have blunted some [ISIL] tactical decisions to move in those directions further east toward Erbil,” Mayville said.

“However, these strikes are unlikely to affect ISIL’s overall capabilities or its operations in other areas of Iraq and Syria,” he said.

Obama authorized the airstrikes for two specific purposes. One mission is to prevent an ISIL advance into the city of Erbil ….

It should be noted, initially, that months of murder, mayhem and brutality by ISIS on Christians and other minorities didn’t cause the U.S. or France to intervene militarily for “humanitarian” reasons.

And notice that the airstrikes were very targeted on protecting Erbil … the regional capital of Kurdistan.

The U.S. and France have never lifted a finger to protect the Kurds.   Indeed, the U.S. has actively betrayed the Kurds and let them be slaughtered.  For example, during the Gulf War, the U.S. called on the Kurds to rise up against Saddam (implying that he would protect them), but then let Saddam slaughter the Kurds en masse.

So why are the U.S. and France moving now to protect Erbil?

Because Erbil has now become a major oil center.  The Kurdish government estimates that the region is the world’s 9th largest oil producer.

Oil companies from around the world operate in Kurdistan, including (major oil companies are indicated in bold, U.S. and French oil companies in italics):


  • Exxon Mobil
  • Chevron
  • Aspect Energy
  • Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Hillwood International Energy
  • Hunt Oil
  • Prime Oil
  • Murphy Oil
  • Hess Corporation
  • HKN Energy
  • Viking International


  • Total


  • Forbes and Manhattan
  • Western Zagros Resources
  • Talisman Energy Inc
  • NIKO Resources
  • Ground Star
  • Shamaran

South Korea

  • Korea National Oil Company (KNOC)


  • Genel Energy
  • Petoil
  • Dogan


  • Gulf Keystone Petroleum
  • Sterling Energy
  • Heritage Oil


  • Perenco


  • TAQA
  • Dana Petroleum


  • OMV


  • China acquired a significant presence in Iraqi Kurdistan after Sinopec Group bought Addax Petroleum in 2009.


  • MOL


  • Reliance Industries

Papua New Guinea

  • Oil Search


  • Norbest
  • Gazprom Neft


  • DNO


  • Oil Search (Iraq) Limited
  • Kar Group
  • Qaiwan Group


  • Repsol



Yup … with Chevron, Exxon, Marathon, Hess and Total operating major facilities in Erbil, the latest Iraq war is also about oil … as confirmed by the New Yorker, New Republic and Vox.

For those who don’t believe that Iraqi oil is driving foreign policy, take a look at what Brookings wrote in June:

It should be obvious that a key consideration for the United States arising from [the seizure of huge swaths of Iraq by ISIS] is its potential to affect Iraqi oil production.


Any significant disruption of current Iraqi oil production or long-term diminution in its expected growth could have major repercussions for the U.S. economy.

Kurdistan also possesses approximately 89% of all Iraqi natural gas reserves.  And so the West – including France – is eager to protect Kurdish hydrocarbons from falling into the hands of ISIS.

Postscript: Indeed, virtually all U.S. wars involve a fight over hydrocarbons.

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  • Herschel

    ISIS captured Iraq’s largest dam, which if destructed, would not only eliminate electrical power to Mosul and other cites, it would also inundate Baghdad with at least 15 feet of water in the entire city. Not to mention many towns and villages in the flood zone of that dam.

    Impressive incompetent insight.

  • Garz

    These people are committing genocide and make Hitler and his cronies look like choirboys. At least they tried to cover up their evil. These bastards are beheading children, putting their heads on stakes and seem to be proud of it. They especially enjoy doing it to Christians. I guess they think they’re pretty safe knowing that Christianity won’t respond. They keep taking land and converts along they way, there’s no telling how far they’ll go. And again, what will happen, maybe the Pope will declare the Christian version of a jihad? Does he or they even care? This little group, ISIS, has quickly become a “clear and present danger”. Even if your misguided ass thinks our involvement is only about oil, the Western world has to do something and the sooner the better. They are a LOT closer to Russia and China than the USA. That is where maybe a common enemy could bring all of the superpowers together. This little band of miscreants needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. I see helpless people being brutalized for any reason, it makes me nuts. And no, I’m not all talk. Someone talk Uncle Sam into letting 62 year old who can pick off a woodchuck at 400 yards join the rest of the troops and not only my, but a whole lot of other “experienced” troops would be willing to help put a stop to this. And one last shot. What’s to prevent them from turning right and heading for Israel? We all know what would happen then.

  • jay_diggity

    if its not drugs its whores. fuel is a-biotic, there never was a fuel shortage and there never will be. the dark occultists who run things know this so its not oil.

    so its got to be drugs OR gold maybe minerals.

    everyone knows there’s a blank spot on google earth over an Iraq archeology site. if the powers to make that happen made it happen its got to be something dark occultism is “sensitive” about.

  • Geronimo
  • Cheese-eating frog

    This article reminded me of the most hilarious papers written in the French-bashing period of 2003. At that time, many self-entitled American “specialists” wrote that the French refusal to join Bush’s war was because of the French economic interests, especially in oil. Actually, The business with Iraq represented 0,25 % of the French foreign trade.

    This time, you are putting France and the US in the same basket :
    “The U.S. and France have never lifted a finger to protect the Kurds. Indeed, the U.S. has actively betrayed the Kurds and let them be slaughtered. For example, during the Gulf War, the U.S. called on the Kurds to rise up against Saddam (implying that he would protect them), but then let Saddam slaughter the Kurds en masse.”

    Come on… work a bit, read books,..

    … Your assertion is really true about the US. When the Iraqi helicopters were slaughtering the Kurds crowds fleeing in the mountains, American planes were monitoring the situation from above , without doing anything.
    I was reporting in the Kurdish mountains at that time, and I’ve been told this story by so many kurds…

    But about France, it is just the contrary. France “never lifted a finger to protect the kurds”…??? In1990, the reaction of the French public to the massacre of kurds was huge, Danielle Mitterrand raored for an international intervention. Bernard Kouchner, alongside with the italian lawyer Mario Bettati, lobbied for the implement of their old idea for an international “droit d’ingerence humanitaire” (right of intervention). They finally succeded, with the vote by the UN security council of the 688. It created the legal ground for the international operations “Provide Hope” and “Provide comfort”, led by the US (..!).

    After that, many kurds seeked and found asylym in France.

    One last thing : Your oil companies list is really funny, because, in itself, it demonstrates that your article is nonsense (Total all alone in this very long list… :)))))

    I’ve selected a few links for you.
    I haven’t found on your site if you pretend to be a journalist, or a researcher…?

    My advise : try to find something else for a living. Or get a training.

  • Ziad K Abdelnour

    The real power (of ISIS) is controlling oil assets and being
    self-sufficient. If ISIS controls the entire peninsula, that’s 40% of
    global oil production!”
    Continue Reading

    Ziad Abdelnour