The REAL ISSUE Behind the Ferguson, Missouri Police Response

Protest Is Treated As Terrorism In America Today

Washington Post writer Radley Balko is the leading expert on militarization of police in America.  Balko has testified to Congress and written books on the subject.

Balko said today that the real issue behind the Ferguson, Missouri police response wasn’t the militarized police response – or the minor incidences of looting, rock-throwing and possibly Molotov cocktails by a handful of protesters – but a crackdown by government on all protest:

What we’re seeing in Ferguson, this is not a local issue, really. I mean, this is something that’s been driven by national policies, by policies that Congress has approved of and has oversight of, and could end tomorrow, if they wanted to.


The idea that when we take domestic police officers and we train them like soldiers and we give them military gear and we dress them up like soldiers and we tell them they’re fighting a war—you know, war on crime or war on terror—they’re going to start to see themselves as soldiers. And that’s just a mindset that’s not—that really isn’t appropriate for domestic policing. And I think you saw that in the way that they responded to protests—not just in Ferguson, but also, you know, a lot of the crackdowns on the Occupy protesters, on the crackdowns at the political conventions over the years. I mean, this has become our default response to protest in the U.S., and it’s something that, you know, I think could be very antagonistic toward the very idea of free speech and the First Amendment.

The FBI treated the peaceful protesters at the Occupy protests – who were protesting too big to fail banks, and who were predominately white –  as terrorists. More here, here and here.

Highly-militarized, federally-coordinated police used such brutal violence to break up the Occupy protests – see this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this – that the Egyptian military used the crack down on Occupy as justification for the murder of protesters in Tahir Square, Egypt.  (Despite media portrayals, the Occupy protesters were not violent.)

Violence was also been unleashed against peaceful protesters outside of Republican and and Democratic conventions. And reporter Amy Goodman was arrested at the Republican convention for documenting violence against protestors.

The real issues are that:


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  • Ingolf Stern

    bring it back.
    don’t let them don uniforms and take up arms against their very neighbors during the day and then put on jeans and a tee shirt in the evening and walk among us.
    they want to be special and above the law, let them. but let them do it alone. let them make their own electricity and food and clothing. do not sell them things or talk with them. let them live behind their own walls – alone.

    • artguerrilla

      @ star-
      i like that: they -like korporate agents who carry out inhumane policies and bear no consequences- avoid any sort of righteous blowback from enraged citizens since they are a protected klass… *of course* the 1% are going to coddle and propagandize their mercenary goons who keep the revolting peasants at bay…
      well, most of the kops, many of the functionaries of the puppetmasters still live among and around us great unwashed…
      we go fight club on their asses, they can bend over and kiss’em goombye… of course, the second mere shunning becomes effective, there is the next second where it is (illegally) ‘outlawed’ , in some fashion or another…

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  • You know how we’re finally questioning the mainstream media “propaganda pattern” when Israel bombs Gaza:




    Here’s the MSM pattern we now have to start questioning whenever blacks protest. They always say:


    2. “LOOTING” (this seems to be a word ONLY reserved for blacks. we have to question the extent of the “looting” and whether there’s agent provocateurs doing it go sway public support against the black protesters, because “looting” then becomes the topic)

    3. “MOLOTAVE COCKTAILS” (every time blacks protest, they throw molotave cocktails? really? we have to question WHO the people are, always doing the “looting” and “molotave cocktails” every single time there’s blacks protesting, it’s becoming seriously questionable, kind of like the “rockets from gaza/human shields” propaganda. HAVE THEY EVER CAUGHT AND IDENTIFIED THE LOOTERS AND MOLOTAVE COCKTAIN THROWERS? no, of course not, which isn’t that odd?)

    • FredJ11

      The looting vandalism rock throwing etc is probably agent provocateurs. The cops/government use them to discredit and shut down dissent going back decades. They used them at Montebello, Seattle, Genoa, Miami etc The list goes on and on. It’s the same thing over and over. The cops stand around twiddling their thumbs while the thugs throw molotovs, break windows, loot, set fire to cars etc. Funny how the cops never arrest them. Then when the government stenographers aka the corporate media (and state media CBC BBC ) have blown the violence way up and framed it as being carried out by protesters the cops begin to brutalize the legitimate peaceful protesters.

      • Right, and there was a (I think FOREIGN) “official” who stated just what you said above, years ago, I wish I could find the article.

    • interesting

      Big Dan you are obviously a liberal moonbat. There are rockets daily from Gaza. The islamo Nazi’s do use human shields. Islam is determined to eliminate you and me. But one cure for you and the garbage you wrote above is for the mess in Ferguson MO to move to your neighborhood but without any police, hiway patrol, or national guard.
      One question for you: When was the last time you saw a predominately white neighborhood and retail district destroyed by white “protesters” after a white child was killed, kidnapped, or otherwise?

  • artguerrilla

    remember, kampers, we are STILL under a ‘state of emergency’ that has been renewed every 6-12 months since nine one one (*BOOGA*!*BOOGA*!); so, you know, we are still, um, like, emergency like, and stuff, um, buy bonds!, and, um, *obviously* our militia has to crack every head to get to the terrorist nut inside, and, um, we have to stop them over here, so they don’t something over there…
    oh wait, something like that, crap…

  • marki

    the real reason they backed down was anonymous threatened to hack and bring down all their data and web and promised to expose publicly all their secret details- but sure wasnt on the msm

  • theblame/e

    If the “good” people of Newtown, CT need to tear down their schools and their homes to rid themselves of the memory or Adam Lanza, then I guess the “good” people of Ferguson deserve to loot and burn down the store Michael Brown allegedly robbed, and was summarily executed, for allegedly stealing some cigars. And those are not American tanks parked on Ferguson’s American streets, but those missing Russian APCs.

    • interesting

      Funny how you use “allegedly” in reference to the case of cigars the video shows he stole but “executed” in reference to his shooting. ISIS is executing Iraqi soldiers and Christians and videoing it. I think we now have a good idea that Brown physically attacked and attempted to get the officers gun and was shot. Brown then “allegedly” charged again and was shot. The second time a guy like Brown charges me to get my gun I would also nip it in the bud and halt him. Brown was a thug. If he had done what the officer had asked in the first place and get out of the middle of the street……….problem solved. He brought it on himself.

  • jon

    WE NEED A BLACK LEADER!!! And im not talking about weak ass al sharpton he is an oppurtunist…We need another Malcolm X…to lead us…im so sick and tired of these white people killing us….I know alot of people who are just waiting to hear that call…the call to arms!! Enough is enough!! We cannot let them(whites) get away with this….granted…we are not perfect as a people…race whatever…..But why are we holding back from dealing with these people who have persecuted so many other races not just ours…..they robbed the indians and killed them….they kidnapped and enslaved the black race to build this country…they lie …cheat …steal…etc. F&$@ THESE POLITICAL PARTIES!!! WHERE OUR PARTY….THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY!!!!!! Come forth leaders we are ready!!!

  • I have to disagree with you here in your assertion that Police are against peaceful protests and that the “militarization” happened as a response to people being peaceful. This is not the case. Police have to arm themselves when the “protest” turns into cinderblocks being thrown at them, firebombs being thrown at them, and shots being fired at them. It is really that simple, and every millitary weapon or armor that was used was used in direct response to how the rioters were acting. RIOTERS. LOOTERS. People threatening the lives of police. Assertions like this are also not going to be help combat the movement that is already growing to enact violent and disruptive “peaceful protests” when and if Darren Wilson is not found guilty (as though mob justice should rule). They are shutting down the highway, is that peaceful? Shooting at cops, is that peaceful? If we keep being delusional about how violent Ferguson got over a rush to judgement about the shooting, then we are preventing progress.