Why I Quit the Democratic Party Yesterday

Eric Zuesse

I draw the line at racist fascism, otherwise known as ‘nazism’ (lower-case ‘n,’ just as lower-case ‘f’ ‘fascism’ refers to any fascist party of any country, rather than to the Italian original, ‘Fascist Party’). (The German original nazi party was, of course the capital-‘N’ ‘Nazi Party,’ the nazi party of Germany.) I left the Democratic Party yesterday, because I cannot support the first American President who ever installed anywhere in the world a nazi regime — it has never happened before, not even under a Republican President; and, until Obama, I had always assumed that if it ever would  happen, it could come only under a Republican President, never under any Democratic one. But I was wrong — mortifyingly wrong — because Barack Obama did this in Ukraine (see here and here for the evidence); he is the first-ever U.S. President to install a nazi regime anywhere, and so I wrote to my Representative seeking Obama’s impeachment by the Democrats in Congress; and, yesterday, that person, a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives, told me that, notwithstanding Barack Obama’s having unquestionably done this, this Democratic Representative will not introduce on the floor of the U.S. House (which is the only place where a bill of impeachment can  be introduced) a bill of impeachment against this — what is the appropriate term for such a person, if not a — nazi  U.S. President. (That’s nazi as an ideology, racist fascist, not as a party  designation, which is merely a party’s name.) Simply because Obama calls himself a ‘Democrat,’ that Representative in the House will not introduce a bill to impeach him. There was no argument on the facts; the facts weren’t at issue here at all; it’s just that Obama calls himself  a ‘Democrat.’ That’s all.

I had sent this person two days ago an email with all of the documentation, and here it is; so, when he said no to my request, he had all of this documentation;  what he saw is what you will now be seeing:

Dear Congressman — :

Please see this and click on its sources, most of which are videos, and all of which I (a national award-winning investigative journalist) have checked out and found to contain nothing that is at all bogus or even just dubious.

My political hero is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who opposed fascists both within the United States and abroad, and who especially opposed racist  fascists, otherwise known as nazis (after the original, German, anti-Semitic, version of them). (Mussolini’s fascism, which he called ‘corporationism’ wasn’t of the specifically nazi, or ‘racist,’ type, so he was just a ‘fascist’ in his ideology, not a ‘nazi.’)

I am the vice chairperson of my local town’s Democrats, and I was a delegate to the 2004 Democratic State Convention. I shall, of course, attend the town’s Democratic Caucus on Saturday. [I’ll now be going there in order to resign.]

I voted for Barack Obama three times, once in a primary, and the other two in the general Presidential elections.

Nobody could call me biased against him, but he is the first-ever U.S. President to install a nazi government in any country, and he supports them in their vile ethnic-cleansing campaign to get rid of the ethnic Russians in the southeastern regions of Ukraine; and, so, he has crossed over a line into the ‘racist’ (actually ethnic-hating) far-right, nazism, that is so abhorrent to me so that I cannot remain a Democrat if no Democrat in the U.S. House introduces an impeachment resolution against Obama, a resolution that gives Democratic (not Republican) reasons for him to be removed from office.

Therefore please consider my analysis of the polls, in my article “Why the Democratic Party Will Die Unless a House Democrat Introduces a Resolution to Impeach President Obama.” That presents the data on the basis of which I believe that as a purely strategic move by the Democratic Party, it is urgent that at least one Democrat in the House will introduce an impeachment resolution to remove Barack Obama, and so to remove from the Democratic Party’s crucial brand this vile fascist and even nazi stain upon it.

Do you want to spend 2015 and 2016 in a Congress of which both houses are controlled by Republicans, who are writing, and Obama is signing into law, bills such as S. 2277, which has 26 sponsors, all of whom are Republican Senators (no Democrats favor this bill), and which will give Obama carte-blanche to ramp up his military support to the nazi Ukrainian government, while it’s slaughtering and expelling millions of the residents in Ukraine’s southeast? Is this what America stands for? Is this what the Democratic Party (and not only  the Republican Party) now represents?

What else than a Democratic-Party renunciation of Obama as his being ‘not one of us’ but just a fake  ‘Democrat,’ could even possibly salvage the U.S. Senate for the Democrats and thus block Obama from having the two Republican-controlled houses of Congress, and no re-election of his own to face, that’s probably been his actual dream all along — a united far-right takeover of this country?

Below are articles that provide additional progressive grounds for impeaching Barack Obama.

Please consider this, or else tell me that you will not; because, if you will not, then I shall promptly quit the Democratic Party. I hope to hear from you soon. I don’t want to drag this misery on, especially as I see coming down the pike a far-right Barack Obama in league with an even farther-right Republican Party, destroying American democracy beyond repair.

I hope to know your decision as soon as possible. And if I am to withdraw from the Democratic Party, I want to get it over with, not be plagued any longer about this painful matter.

A timely response to this email will thus be most gratefully appreciated.


Eric Zuesse

His handwritten reply to me, which I received yesterday, was brief, even curt, simply a hand-scrawled:

Dear Eric,

I appreciate your passion and conviction. But I’m just not where you [are] on impeachment.


He knows that I’ll never again communicate with, much less support, him again. I cannot communicate with anyone who blocks from impeachment the first-ever nazi U.S. President. If a person clicks on the links in my articles, there are plenty of other grounds why this President needs to be impeached, such as his protection of the banksters whose MBS frauds had destroyed the economy in 2008, Obama’s basically covering up the massive white-collar-crimes-binge that occurred during George W. Bush’s Presidency, and also his refusal to allow Bush’s many other crimes (torture, invasion of Iraq, etc.) to be investigated and charged, making Obama an accessory after-the-fact. Obama has kept his predecessor above the law; and now he too will presumably be above the law, protected by both the Democrats and the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives. And my Democratic U.S. Representative thinks that that’s just fine. He had a chance to salvage the entire Democratic Party, and American democracy, and he blew it (unless some other House Democrat draws up the bill of impeachment and brings it to the House floor).

Here were the articles that closed the email yesterday to my Representative; so, he saw these, too:









Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.



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  • Sullen Boy

    What on earth took you so long? Did you just recently show up from a remote outpost near Alpha Centauri? I quit that group years ago and sent Obama a latter asking him to resign after a month of indifference about BP’s Gulf of Mexico debacle. What do you expect of a group that elevates a former CIA employee to the Oval Office and has a Secretary of State that stood buy and watched someone get Tazed after he asked him about his membership in Club 322?

    • cettel

      All horrible things, but Harry Reid has fought against him, too, and successfully on at least one important occasion. And there are other Democrats who have done admirable things. But not to impeach a nazi in the White House? I draw the line at that. (Note: no Senator can introduce a bill to impeach the President. All the blame here goes, and only, to every House Democrat, any one of whom could blow this thing wide open and topsy-turvy American politics in a terrific direction.)

  • truthtime

    You certainly held out for some time. In reality, the most powerful Democrats and Republicans collude together who answer to the call of Defense Industry or Banks, one of the two. War Making, War Profiteering, and looting the country. Year after year, they get elected and adhere to the same failed policies.

    The U.S. in particular already slid deep into Mussolini style fascism as well, which is defined as the marriage of corporations and government as you mentioned. Which is EXACTLY what’s been happening. Throughout the 60s, people were talking about exactly that danger and drew the exact same comparison. The country was rocked by the massive civil movement, political scandals and assassinations such as MLK, RFK, and JFK when power-brokers took over. Much of what is happening today is due to bad policies that have been enacted and crimes over time. Take for instant the Militarization in the U.S., which came to pass under Reagen. The U.S. truly lost its spirit when MLK, RFK, and JFK were killed by usurpers and criminals.

    The U.S. is an runaway Totalitarian Empire with “corporate fascist” tendencies, that has fallen into the same traps as the Empires before it, such as Rome, that tricks its people every 4 years into believing they have a chance to “change” things.

    Here is how it goes:

    – Republican gets elected, dubiously or otherwise. Lies to go to war overtly or covertly. The minority population that are Democrats denounce said Republican.
    – Democrat gets elected, dubiously or otherwise. Lies to go to war overtly or covertly. The minority population that are Republicans ‘denounce’ said Democrat.

    So each brainless minority population cheers when their “guy” gets into power and defends said person with their last dying breath, even if they and their administration of assholes commit illegal acts. This minority population of voters is truly clueless while the “rest” actually see what’s going on.

    The last 4 Presidents and those that have colluded with them are all criminals after the fact: Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama.

    I don’t doubt there are a some SANE “democrats” or “republicans” but they are too FEW. The entire system is corrupted and damaged.

  • Carl_Herman

    Yeah, it’s the only way to go: withdraw support of any kind from an organization that is led by nazis. I worked with both parties for 18 years, and found 90% from both were people who would do what they said for ending poverty. AND: both parties’ “leaderships” only and always lied to us, reneged on every promise (public and private) and seemed to enjoy this type of game.

    “Leadership” would destroy anyone who posed a challenge; Dennis Kucinich from the Dems just found this out last election cycle when Dem “leaders” districted him out of office by choice after Dennis had been the strongest opposition to these nazi wars.

    Both parties are led by fascist, war-mongering, lying, bankster-loving psychopaths. We can’t belong to that. In fact, the only rational choice seems to be demanding their arrests for OBVIOUS crimes centering in war and money.

    • BuelahMan

      That is the Jewish nature of every other ‘nazi” puppet government installed by many other POTUS’s.

      But I don’t expect you all to truly address the real issue and for some stupid reason you are using the Jews’ own rhetoric to avoid assigning the proper blame to the correct entities.

      It is sad.

      I have come to expect it from Eric, for he is too stupid to know any better, But you, Carl?

      • Carl_Herman

        BuelahMan: if you’re saying the Israeli “leadership” are the same type of fascists/nazis as the US and UK, I agree. I do want to be clear that people who have the religion of Judaism are the same as people of any other religion.

        The Bush family worked with German nazis before, during, and after WW2, so the term fits those within US “leadership” of both parties.

        • nomadfiles

          It is a bit confusing to call these fascists “nazis”. Jewish “nazism” is evidently identical in its deployment to Nazism. It’s just that a different ethnic group is deigned to be superior to the rest of mankind. Fucking mirror images of the same damn thing, diametrically opposed to each other, ideologically One group of racial supremacy in contention with another. Hey, they can’t both be the supreme race! I have always find it ironic that Israel was willing to do to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them.

          Anyway, fascism is a damning enough charge to level against Obama and the political elite. No need to muddy the waters with the Nazi vs nazi debate.

          • BuelahMan

            No need to muddy the waters with the Nazi vs nazi debate.

            Exactly. First of all, there is no small n nazi and secondly, the big N Nazi is a derogatory term applied by Jews to the NSDAP (it was not their own terminology).

            To compare a Nazi (NSDAP, to be accurate) to the Bolshevik Jews (which is basically what you see in Israel) is like insisting that dogs and cats are the same thing.

            Jews are not Nazis. The are Bolsheviks. They are Marxists. Neither of those words could ever genuinely be used to describe the NSDAP.

            The demonization of the NSDAP is a Zionist/Jewish thing. It was they that declared war on Germany, not the other way around.


          • nomadfiles

            Muddy waters run deep.

          • Really really deep. It has already been exposed. Acceptance is next.

          • Carl_Herman

            Fair enough. And then, WW2 requires massive reconsideration for the facts of what happened in that war. I’ve only done some of that homework, and of course, given muddy definitions we can just as easily call all the colonial “masters” as nazis…

          • Indeed my friend. How much mud is in those water’s, has yet to be seen.

            But I know where to go.

          • BuelahMan

            Up until about 2 years ago, I held all the same beliefs about the Germany of that era… the one the MSM and Hollywood and our Government has brainwashed us all with for many decades (of course, there are some who, for some unexplainable reason, still believe these entities lie now, but not back then).

            My Mother is full blooded German, born in 1942 and raised in the war’s aftermath and came here when she was 18 (and had me). To this day, the re-education has her such a mixed bag of unintelligible beliefs, having a direct logical conversation is impossible.

            Her Mother (my Oma) told me the stories of rapes and murders and starving that the Communists (many Jews) conducted towards these people. She explained how Weimar Germany was Jew run and the horrors that they endured. It was the NSDAP that stopped it, at least temporarily (and now we endure the same thing in America).

            I have spent the past two years trying to study and learn as much about this entire set of lies as possible. I can assure you that as with every other MSM propaganda that is pointed out here and at my place (and many others), the stuff regarding Hitler, the NSDAP and that era are mostly lies to brainwash us into supporting the illegintimate “Israeli” state and continue the false sympathy that gives the Tribe their power.

            Nothing is different now. They didn’t tell us the truth then and start lying later. They lie continuously. Unless anyone here wants to defend them (Eric notwithstanding).

            Eric has a preconceived notion that forms his writings, but they are based not from truth, but imagination and believing the Tribe’s propaganda. I haven’t read his books, for I would not support him with a nickel of my hard-earned money (he can send me one free, if he likes), but I have read several reviews and I can see that his brand of investigative journalism has a slant that just happens to protect the Tribe. Convenient.

            I plan to address all of this on a blog post coming at my place soon.

            For what it is worth to Washington’s Blog management, Zeusse is a huge detriment to the good work the blog is known for. It is why I have been so vocal lately, having read here since its inception, you have brought on someone (I assume to get the “progressive/liberal” view. That’s fine and dandy, but he is much more than the other side. He is sayanim..

          • nomadfiles

            There never seemed much difference to me between American racists and Nazis. The GOP is a nazi party as far as I’m concerned. The US with its continued gross oppression of black people is a nazi state.

          • cettel

            Re. your “First of all, there is no small n nazi”:

            That statement is ridiculous, it’s so obviously false.
            If your statement were so, then there is no small ‘f’ Fascist — only the Italian original.
            And then too there is no ‘d’ Democrat, only the American original.
            And there is no small ‘c’ communist, only the Soviet original.
            But, of course, you are obviously wrong about these matters: there is a difference between an ideology (such as “democratic” or “nazi” or “communist”) versus a political party that merely happens to be the first one to name itself according to that particular ideology and to rule in a given country.
            I am still a democrat, even though no longer a Democrat.
            If you insist upon thinking only of German totalitarian anti-Semites as bearers of the ideology nazism, then perhaps you like German totalitarian anti-Semites and no other type of racist fascists. But Nazis are merely the German variety, the German party bearing nazism, and that’s true regardless whether they’re the only type of nazi that you like.

            In other words: your being a Nazi wouldn’t negate nazis who don’t happen to be Germans. It would simply be your assertion of the type of bigotry you happen to self-identify with. It would be a statement of who you are, but not a statement about nazism per se. It wouldn’t say anything about nazism, other than that you refuse to understand what it is.

          • BuelahMan

            Jews have a tendency to hijack word meanings, Sweetie. You do your job well, but we a re not all fooled.

    • Ronald Woolever

      Nice to see the writer of this article isn’t the only insane person here. You can seek mental health assistance now. You are covered and it appears in desperate need of care,.

  • Al

    We need to boycott both major parties at the national level. Make a mockery of this supposed democracy. Make it crystal clear that it is anything but a democracy.

  • mmckinl

    Join the Green Party Eric …

    • nomadfiles

      Hey! I voted Green last presidential election. I could not stand the idea of voting again for Obama.

      • Me, too. I voted Green Party. First time I didn’t vote Democratic.

        • jo6pac

          Me to the lesser of 2 evils is still F$$$$$$ evil
          It took you long enough Eric. Thanks for ending your support and the demodog party and like its evil twin the repugs aren’t worth trying to save.

          • Carl_Herman

            I also voted Green, and that said, if Green becomes a threat to the Left and Right arms of US fascism under the current criminal environment of “leaders” in government, money, and media, then Green will be taken-over by those leaders.

            That’s what happened to the Greens in the UK: they were co-opted as controlled opposition.

            This is why we need arrests of the obvious criminals before we’ll have functioning government to do anything other than Orwellian theater.

          • cettel

            I agree with you 100% Carl. Accountability is what this is all about. In order to be able to hold Obama accountable, he must first be impeached, because he’ll never be prosecuted unless he is first impeached and involuntarily removed from office. So, when my Congressman told me that he wanted Obama to be above the law, that drove me out of the Democratic Party.

          • Carl_Herman

            Kucinich showed what happens when you go for impeachment: your own party redistricts you out (I lobbied Kucinich to impeach Obama, but received silence in response). Obama (and all the criminals) can be prosecuted NOW under the argument that these lie-begat Wars of Aggression are so Orwellian unlawful that there is no reasonable argument that these actions were taken in the course of office.

            When the damn breaks, when the audience of Americans snap-out of their “Emperor’s New Clothes” stupor, then arrests will happen quickly. When war law is contrasted with US actions, they won’t be able to construct a reasonable link between the definition of “self-defense” and using armed attacks.

            Your Congressman will also be subject to arrest.

        • ICFubar

          How did that feel Big Dan?

    • cettel

      Those slimes stood with Ralph Nader and didn’t damn him when he concentrated his campaign in close Gore-Bush states where every minute of his campaign was weakening and sucking off support from the stupidest Democrats and so increasing the likelihood of Bush “beating” Gore. Throughout the period when he did that (including especially the end of Nader’s campaign,) all the polls showed that this was only a Gore-v-Bush race; and Ralphie boy was campaqigning virtually 100% to liberals and not at all to conservatives (who aren’t embarrassed at all to be doing the bidding of the large corporations).

      The Green Party in 2000 gave us President George W. Bush, and Ralph Nader won, not only George W. Bush did — because Nader had been campaigning, really and only, for a Bush “win.”

      I will never vote for a Republican. I can’t imagine a circumstance in which I would vote for some liberal “third party” — only liberal fools do that. As to whether I will ever again vote for a Democrat, I can imagine such a circumstance but I don’t expect it to happen.

    • robertds47385


  • nomadfiles

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: because of the Obama betrayal, the Dems are worse than the GOP. We need a new party. Actual not faux progressive.

    • cettel

      Yes! Yes!

      It’s now like with Lincoln abandoning the Whig Party to help start the new Republican Party, which gained power in 1860 and held power for five years until the nazi John Wilkes Booth murdered Lincoln and the northern aristocracy grabbed hold of the Republican Party and has held it ever since.

  • Roberto Mazzarella

    Good for you Eric!

    Truth is: both parties are totally corrupt. Nothing to be saved in eight of them.

    The government needs to be cleared. Throw them all out along with all the “Career diplomats”. These people are nothing but parasites serving their own interests. They are an ever revolving an in crowd of criminals who have used their positions in government to legitimize feathering their own nests.

    • cettel

      The new Ukraine isn’t building upon the tradition of American democracy; instead, the new U.S. is building itself upon the tradition of Ukrainian kleptocracy — and bringing that to a culmination.

  • Tsar Caustic

    Congratulations. Your talents and energy were wasted there.

  • Party Like 1999

    Self-styled American liberals and other fake progressives have been wrong and deluded about many things for many years. Most often worng about what the two main US political parties really represent.
    Obama installed a fascist junta in Kiev because the money guys in London and Switzerland told him to.
    There is a script that Washington must follow no matter who the puppet is.
    If a US president gets elected who strays from the script or refuses to follow orders, they do what they did to Kennedy. They killed Kennedy because he refused to okay the CIA’s creation of the VIet Cong to create a fake enemy for London and Switzerland to profit from.

  • ICFubar

    Personnel comment to Eric Zuesse…So your illusory democratic bubble has been popped. It’s not a nice feeling to cut your mooring lines and drift out to sea as so many, myself included, have done, many well before your casting off. Well welcome to the coast line and “independents awakening” where the view of the political landscape is from above the trenches. From here you can see that what one formally viewed as war being waged, with philosophical ordinance falling on both trenches, is in actuality an effort of the singular officer class in conspiracy with one another not to injure each other if at all possible, but to extract as much from the”other” ranks as much as possible as they erge them on, dupes set against themselves for the sick entertainment and profit of the war makers and money masters. The other ranks being expendable, in fact their purpose other than being complacently exploitable is the final observation to be made before mutiny enters the mind as the only way to save yourself and any others you may care about. You have made it through,many do not!

    Sorry to say but the American Democratic Party as a managerial stratum has been in the service of the money masters to a greater or lesser extent from inception; as per Zinn’s historical inquiries and the prevailing level of public complacency. They serve the rich and powerful’s agenda of a New World Order of feudalistic rule for and of themselves. Some time reading Chris Hedges’ commentaries should find your “ship” in less troublesome waters and arriving among others equally seeking a new beginning with safe harbor for all.

  • Panamajax

    Here’s an experiment for anyone, regardless of political bent. We live in a Republic, but there are a few distances. First is that there are no ‘parties’ as such, so take that ‘D’ or ‘R’ from all the names of the people we need to judge. And there are no Presidential elections. The Senate and House have some system they use, and they need not even announce when they decide to have an ‘election’. There would be some Constitutional stipulation that every certain number of years there had to be a change. And we would never get to see any of these people on TV or hear any ‘speeches’ from them. Just a listing in the paper of laws passed, regulations changed…..virtually everything the government actually DID, without any embellishments. And those 92,000,000 (last number I saw, it’s a few years ole) that they classify as ‘SECRET’ each year? People who know a lot more than I do say that number should be in the hundreds, not the millions. Because all they ‘classify’ are crimes and/or incompetence and corruption. Now if you can sit back and really really construct that scenario in your head. And you’re a sane, sort of normal human being with an I.Q. above 70 or so, you’ll see just how totally screwed we are if we don’t start getting extreme. By that I mean, read the Declaration of Independence real slowly and thoughtfully. Then do some research on all the things that you’re not really sure about. And so on…(the Declaration reading is just a random idea, there’s a lifetime of reading that’d be applicable) And finally…….can you name the years when the ‘Presidency’ changed hands? Not unless you’re a psychic or work in the Senate or House you can’t. If you think I’m wrong, I’d appreciate you ‘enlightening’ me. Really. Pura vida

    • 7generead8

      Under the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution? I’d like a little clarification on “changed hands” though. Do you mean the assassinations of the presidents in the mid to late 1800’s as well as the others that we already know of? ( see The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Burke McCarty at http://www.archive.org ) We also had 2 presidents during the Civil War, Lincoln and Davis. The president, and his cabinet, take 2 oaths. One public the other private. We see the president take the public oath, does he sign the private? I know the Secretary of the Treasury, does not sign that oath, only swears it. If that person did, they could be arrested on the spot as working for a foreign concern. Why? There is no treasury since 1920-21 as it was abolished. We only have a Dept. of Treasury. The Secretary is the Treasurer of the IMF with the Attorney General of the US as the second alternate. Finally, there is the Electoral College and of course, there are the people who count the votes. I mean the latter facetiously as we know elections are stolen via fraud.
      It’s a good question you pose so please share what you know on the topic.


  • Justin

    This is a good piece, but the author forgot to list how else Obama is a DINO.

  • Garret Fitzgerald

    But Isn’t Russia fascist too?

    • 7generead8

      https://archive.org/details/NoneDareCallItConspiracy This is a must read for all who think we can vote in good government. It’ll never happen. http://americandeception.com/index.php?page=viewsamples The second link contains a book “The Impossible Dream” a nice expose on Cons Ronnie Regan. You must scroll down the page some for the book. Also grab the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto, we’ve installed all 10 on a bi-partisan basis. Since 1848 and thru today. Speaking of Fascism, run like hell when thou hear of politicians using the term public/private partnerships. Mussolini loved that idea. All governments go totalitarian, no exceptions.

  • OWS99

    This is trash. The links are equivalent to a youtube video and this firebagger is full of it if he thinks Obama is involved in Nazism, which is a right wing movement. Insane.

    • juliathemechanic

      Nazism is not and never has been a right wing movement. It is a socialist movement, which by it’s very nature is left wing. What we have under Obama is Obama-style fascism, quite literally. The reason that the Democrat party has installed a fascist president is because they truly believe that fascism is the “third way” – the transition between capitalism and communism. Hope you enjoy being serfs, kiddos, because our next “president” will likely be a communist like Bernie Sanders. Don’t you know any Eastern European or Russian people to explain Nazism to you? Jeesh!

  • Maurice Cobbs

    FDR wasn’t that opposed to fascism; he greatly admired Mussolini and was admired by the Nazi state newspapers… until the war broke out.

  • knight4444

    The author of this juvenile, silly, immature rant needs to go sit down somewhere, first off using terms like NAZI’s and FASCIST to describe Obama shows how under educated they are. Obama is a corporate democrat!! secondly, this so called democracy here in america is turning into a corpocracy, thirdly, after reading that dog $HIT you threw up here, simply tells me, YOU WERE NEVER A DEMOCRAT from the start, nice try RIGHTIE!!

  • ilduderino

    There’s nothing in the constitution that says the president can’t be a lower case n nazi. By the way, Godwin’s law applies whether you capitalize or not, moron.

  • Ronald Woolever

    You never were and never will be a Democrat. Your article is so full of bull it makes me want to vomit. You appear from your writings to be a pro Russian person. If you were a member of the Democratic party then by all means leave. The last thing Democrats need are morons easily duped by Putin’s crowd. Haven’t got a clue as to how you got on my feed but you will be gone now.



  • Kevin

    You know I was going to take you seriously then you mentioned impeachment then I realized you have no fucking clue about politics

  • bobbyalpy

    Wow…you actually voted for the turd three times?I knew he was a blowhard demagogue without any morals whatsoever,from day one.It took him actually setting up facist states elsewhere,before you were keyed in to his dangerous rhetoric?

  • juliathemechanic

    You clearly misunderstand fascism. And for the record, if it weren’t for FDR and his parade of Communists and fascists, we wouldn’t have an atrocity like Obama to contend with. FDR broke the constitution in more ways than one.

  • Jalil Middleton

    I left the Democrat Party at the age of 19 and never looked back. I became a red pill anarchist. Statists are stupid to begin with. They should know that both political parties are equally stupid and full of shit.

  • wabby99

    Mr. Zeusse needs to contact the North American Law Center or the Constitutional Accountability Coalition and join our national effort to impeach this President. We are non-partisan. We accept Democrats, Republicans, No Party, Libertarian. We want to stand with our fellow AMERICANS and save this country from Obama’s destruction. cactn.weebly.com or northamericanlawcenter.org

  • Bob Cohernour

    First of all, I’ll get this out in the open from the start. I WAS a die hard Republican for the last 20/25 years. NOW however, I choose to be affiliated with NO party. Why? Mainly, because I now believe the “Party System” of our government is 100% the fault for ANY problem the USA has today. At the same time, I have been 100% against the Democrats. I DO agree with Mr. Zuesse , when he stated, (if I understood him correctly), that he was seeing HIS party agreeing with the Republicans on this subject. I do agree agree with his remarks against President Obama, however I have trouble with his blaming the Republican Party for actions taken by a Democrat President. Even after informing his Democrat Senator the reasoning behind his decision to resign from his Party then IGNORING his request to bring this to the Democrats attention. Stop and think, Eric, it was the Democrat Party that introduced Mr. Obama to America, NOT the Republicans. Think about it real hard, and come join me to fight against this PARTY SYSTEM” we are plagued with in our government. It breeds deceit, division and corruption in our America, which we see every day.