The Insane Terrorist Group We Armed and Supported Now Greater Threat to U.S. than 9/11

The Guys We Armed Are Now Threatening to Blow Us Up

American foreign policy is on par with the Keystone Cops or the Three Stooges.

Today, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said ISIS is going to attack America … and the threat is even worse than 9/11.

What he forgot to mention is that the U.S. and its allies were the ones who armed and supported the crazies who are now threatening us. For example, we noted in May, before Al Qaeda had re-branded as ISIS:

The U.S. “switched sides” to arm and support Al Qaeda in Libya, so they would topple Gaddaffi. This misguided effort actually created a terrorist safe haven in Libya.

The same thing happened in Syria. The Syrian rebels are mainly Al Qaeda, and the U.S. has been supporting these terrorists for years. Indeed, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, the National and other sources, Al Qaeda’s power within the Syrian rebel forces is only growing stronger.

Rank-and-file Syrian rebels have:

In fact, one of the heads of the Syrian rebels is also the global boss of Al Qaeda … and he is calling for fresh terrorist attacks on America. CBS News reports:

Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri called has called on Muslims to continue attacking Americans on their own soil in order to “bleed” the U.S. economy.


“To keep up the hemorrhage in America’s security and military spending, we need to keep the Unites States on a constant state of alert about where and when the next strike will blow,” Zawahiri said.

Let’s recap … Most of the Syrian “rebels” are Al Qaeda. The U.S. government has designated these guys as terrorists. Things are getting worse, not better: Al Qaeda is gaining more and more power among the rebels. The U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel have been backing these guys for years. Indeed, we’ve long known that most of the weapons we’re shipping to Syria are ending up in the hands of Al Qaeda. And they apparently have chemical weapons.

Summary: We’re arming the same guys who are threatening to blow us up.

Indeed, the U.S. and its closest allies may have directly backed ISIS.

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  • jadan

    This kind of thing is not at all unprecedented. It has been common in
    the past. All the “great” conquerors, Alex, Ghenghis, and so on, were
    utterly ruthless. The Muslim hoards that swept into eastern Europe and
    conquered Spain, were utterly ruthless, as were the Christian hoards
    that swept into the ME in those glorious days of the “Crusades”. This
    “ISIS” isn’t new at all. Obama, as leader of the imperial crusader,
    notes that this behavior doesn’t belong in the 21st Century. What
    hypocrisy! The US created these monsters when they destroyed the order
    Saddam Hussein had painfully established. Sure, he was a dictator, and
    so is Assad in Syria, and Ghadafi in Libya, but these guys knew what
    they were up against and they had it under control. They knew about
    these ISIS creeps and had them hung & beheaded whenever they could
    catch them. And thus they controlled the beast.

    The US destroyed
    that order and control and is directly responsible for the deaths of
    hundreds of thousands of innocent Arabs, far more than any of these
    dictators. The US has destroyed civil society in the Arab world. Obama’s
    hands are covered in the blood of Ukrainians as well. The US war
    machine is color blind.

    The US created this was on terror. It has sponsored and armed terrorists, including the terror
    state of Israel. It does not promote peace. It preaches military force
    and war as the solution to the world’s problems. So what do we do to protect
    ourselves from ourselves?

    If we want to protect the homeland, stop the US war machine,
    which includes the CIA and agents provocateur, from engaging in terror
    abroad. Stop creating chaos everywhere in the ME so that a vicious
    little nation called Israel can murder its neighbors and steal their
    land with impunity. There is no protection against “karma”, or
    “blowback” if you prefer. If these crazies get WMD and use it against
    us, it will be WMD produced by the US war machine. We will never be
    able to quarantine this country against terrorism. The war on terror has
    already brought this republic to its knees. The only solution to the
    problem is to launch a peace initiative. Islamic radicals hate the
    ideology of peace, which is why we need to ram it right up their

    There is no military solution. Sorry. That would be so
    easy. Just kill the terrorists, bomb them to hell. Doesn’t work! That’s
    their solution! Kill, kill, kill. War! Winner take all! No! Work for
    peace. Work to eliminate WMD. Work to strangle the arms trade. Forget
    this world domination foreign policy. We don’t need no stinkin super
    power in this world pushing all the other nations around.

    Or, if we can’t do this, then we must just admit that we’ll be dealing with real terror
    unplanned and uncontrollable, and the war on terror that began as a strategy
    in a game of world domination, will become real and what liberty remains to us
    will be gone.

  • Josey Montana

    Ummmm that would be the Keystone Kops although in certain cases, Keystone Cops is appropriate.

  • Party Like 1999

    The government that sits in power in Washington DC is lying to the world as it magnifies the threats issued by it’s proxy army of irregular infantry fighters (CONTRAS) known as ISIS.
    NATO Turkey controls the borders in northern Syria and Iraq that allow ISIS fighters and supplies to move unmolested. Israel and the US/Jordan control the borders in southern Syria that allow the same ISIS movements.
    NATO Turkey controls the pipelines which the US proxy army known as ISIS is stealing OIL from both Iraq and Syria. Jordan has been accused by Iraq of getting in on the oil stealing action as well.
    Hagel’s pretend stupidity is as appalling as an ISIS beheading video.
    ISIS is the US latest covert version of the “splinter” death squad of the Nicarrauga contra fighters headed by “Commander ZERO in the 1980’s. A “rouge” group of fighters that the US claimed they didn’t control that terrorized EVERYONE including people who supported the “mainstream” CONTRAS. The task given to ISIS is the same task Commander ZERO had… Destroy civilization to allow resource seizure by the US and it’s puppets.
    The 80’s called and want their covert war back.

    • Party Like 1999

      The “rouge” CONTRAS would go in and slaughter and entire village of people who OPPOSED the Sandinistas in order for Washington to blame the Sandinistas for the crime.
      It was easier for the CONTRAS to slaughter a village of their own alliies than one that opposed them.
      This is how covert Washington rolls. For decades now.
      Washington’s fake Viet Cong did the same thing in the 60’s.


      I think you mean “rogue”, not “rouge”. Contra guerillas wearing makeup?

      I don’t think so.

  • MCB

    This is typical government policy. When the government picks winners and losers, we all wind up losers. Also, when you want to do “murder for hire”, often times the murderer turns on his boss. At least in Hollywood and AmeriKan foreign policy that’s how it seems to work out.

  • Party Like 1999

    This Pentagon is a joke… The guys that run ISIS are right up the George Washington Parkway. They don’t need to go all the way to Syria to take out ISIS.

  • gogetem1

    And this is ALL by design. This is NOT some sort of foreign policy failure like Patrick Cockburn would have us believe.

    • Paul J

      You have far too much faith in the competence of US and Western foreign policy elites. They’re just not smart enough to have planned this gigantic clusterf8Ck. We’re talking about simpletons like John Kerry here, and juvenile R2P messianics like Power and Rice.

  • Me Who

    Does this mean that collecting every bit of data for the last ten years and spending trillions of tax payers hard earned paychecks on wars and defense systems in other countries won’t protect us from something worse than 9/11? But..ok… So they shared the problem with us. What solution have they proposed? I say they discipline the spoiled rotten brats that keep getting rich off other people’s misery.

  • LeseMajeste

    Back to the future, just like the ‘beheading’ of Nick Berg back in 2004,
    released to get Americans fully on board with the upcoming ‘Wars for
    Wall Street and Israel.’

    Israel needs to keep the USA bogged down in the ME for the next 40
    years, which will give Israel the time needed to ‘wipe Palestine off the
    map.’ WTFU America, you’re being had…AGAIN!

    • Nisism Levy

      Yeah israel is the problem. Not islamic terror. You are a jew hating moron.

      • Correction. Orthodox / Talmudic Judaism is the problem. 😉 Not “Jews”.

        *Opens THAT Book*.

        N̶i̶s̶i̶s̶m̶ ̶L̶e̶v̶y̶

  • Dan Chimo


    ‘General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said officials were worried about the possibility that European or U.S. nationals, radicalized after fighting in Iraq or
    Syria, would return to their home countries.

    Dempsey suggested Islamic State would remain a danger until it could no longer
    count on safe havens in areas of Syria under militant control.

    “This is an organization that has an apocalyptic, end-of- days strategic
    vision and which will eventually have to be defeated,” Dempsey said.

    “To your question, can they be defeated without addressing that part of
    their organization which resides in Syria? The answer is no. That will
    have to be addressed on both sides of what is essentially at this point a
    non-existent border.” ‘

    Uh huh. Funny how the reason they have safe havens in Syria in the first place is because we funded and armed them to overthrow the Syrian government while calling for regime change ourselves. Now, shucky darn, if we want to defeat the enemy we created, we’re gonna have to go into Syria. How conveeeenient.

    • Sovereigntea

      Is this a hint at John McCain and the loony tune christian zionist friends of israel

      “This is an organization that has an apocalyptic, end-of- days strategic
      vision and which will eventually have to be defeated,” Dempsey said.

  • WGersen

    If the tactic al-Zawari is advocating is to “keep up the hemorrhage” in our “security and military spending” the best defense for us would be to abandon spending in those areas and spend more to promote peace. If we had used our resources to support refugees from countries taken over by thugs instead of trying to figure out who the “good guys” were and give them arms we wouldn’t have police in Ferguson armed and wouldn’t have spent $1,000,000,000,000 on wars in Iraq.

    • m2

      Yeah but the top 3 defense contractors wouldn’t get to pocket billions that way….totally makes sense but is against the bloodthirsty, trigger happy ‘we never forget who we are fighting for’ (ie shareholders, not freedom) business model….complete with all the phony flag-waving and misplaced ‘patriotism’….and if you are not ‘with us’ then you are ‘against us’ of course!

      Lookout, there’s a tar’ist crouching behind the far’ hydrant….

  • Sovereigntea

    We are recieving the same onslaught of legacy media propaganda in the UK our compromised politicians repeat the message …… la la la la they are coming to get you… la la la lonewolf homegrown islamic tewwowists returning from Syria etc etc etc One significant source of this propaganda is the Henry Jackson Society and its so called experts.

    I suspect the syndicate are laying the psychological groundwork for a new bigger “catalysing event”. DICK CHENEY: There Will Be Another ‘Massive Attack’ On America That’s ‘Far Deadlier’ Than 9/11.

    Missing/stolen nukes ? reworked in israel ?

    The enemy is within the gates – Cicero the traitor is the plague

    • m2

      Just who is CHENEY empowering that he would say this with such certainty? Let me guess — we provided them weapons???

      LOL missing nukes. Lindsay (lohan) Graham aka ‘Chicken Little’ uttered a few weeks ago that because we were missing nukes then we MUST GO TO WAR WITH SYRIA RIGHT NOW.

      Don’t stop and think or ask questions. Kinda like Odumbocare that no one truly believed in but thought they had to pass it to see what was in it for some stupid reason. FOOLS rush in!

  • metalious

    Idiotic phrasing. Is “9/11” now some kind of entity that posed a threat?

    But aside from the illiteracy of your headline, are you now claiming that the “terrorists” who allegedly pulled off 9/11 were a genuine threat to the US back in 2001? I mean, without having Rumsfeld and Cheney open the back door for them?

    Really? Because, and I can’t believe I have to school you of all people on this, the people with the box cutters weren’t the real threa6.

    There was never a genuine terrorist threat. There were real terrorists, sort of (as real as any other informant created terrorist cell). But the only threat they posed was one administered to them through the machinations of the corrupt Anglo-Israeli national security state.

    You’re attempting to make a point about the backlash of financing and supporting ISIS, and perhaps it’s a valid one. But to do so you’re now adopting the “backlash” narrative for 9/11, which has always been false.

    Do I need to explain why 9/11 really happened and the motives of its architects?

  • Devlin

    America needs to stop arming other countries period, altogether. This is ludicrous!!

    • Jacob Eagleshield

      Right,including Israel,which is,and always has been the biggest roadblock to peace in the Holy Land. Especially now that the Prime Minister of Israel,is,the worlds first jewish Nazi.

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  • dasource411