New York Times: Palestinians Are Trapped and Can’t Escape Israeli Bombing

Nowhere to Go

The New York Times reports:

As civilian casualties mounted on Monday in the Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, Israel’s military reminded the world that it had warned people living in targeted areas to leave. The response from Palestinians here was unanimous: Where should we go?

United Nations shelters are already brimming, and some Palestinians fear they are not safe; one shelter was bombed by Israel in a previous conflict. [And Israel has also repeatedly bombed UN shelters for civilians – killing scores of women and children – in this conflict.]


Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain in 2010 called Gaza “an open-air prison,” drawing criticism from Israel. But in reality, the vast majority of Gazans are effectively trapped, unable to seek refugee status across an international border. (Most are already refugees, those who fled from what is now Israel and their descendants.)


One of the most densely populated places in the world, Gaza is surrounded by concrete walls and fences along its northern and eastern boundaries with Israel and its southern border with Egypt. Even in what pass for ordinary times here, Israel permits very few Gazans to enter its territory, citing security concerns ….

Egypt has also severely curtailed Gazans’ ability to travel, opening its border crossing with the territory for only 17 days this year. During the current fighting between Israel and the Hamasmilitants who control Gaza, only those with Egyptian or foreign passports or special permission were allowed to exit.

Even the Mediterranean Sea to the west provides no escape. Israel restricts boats from Gaza to three nautical miles offshore. And Gaza, its airspace controlled by Israel, has no airport.

During the current conflict, Israel has also taken away 44% of of Gaza land – and herded Gazans into the remaining area

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            First you quote and define racism, hoping it will tar @juandos:disqus , then to me you say this: “Fact: Race is a false concept. One that has no bearing on genetic reality.”

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  • And now comes PHASE II of the decades-long propaganda from the Zionist-controlled media:

    “HUMAN SHIELDS” – to explain all the civilian deaths.

    Every radio show I turn on, all rightwing, claim “HUMAN SHIELDS” are the reason for civilian casualties.

    Here’s the decades long playbook:

    1. “ROCKETS FROM GAZA” – for the false reason to destroy Gaza like barbarians.

    2. “HUMAN SHIELDS” – to explain civilian deaths, there were 1,400+ “HUMAN SHIELDS”

    3. “TUNNELS”

    4. “HUMANITARIAN CEASEFIRE BY ISRAEL” – to cap off the whole thing and tie the last loose end.

    I’ve seen this EXACT SAME PLAYBOOK in the Zionist-controlled media MY WHOLE LIFE! We all must catch onto this playbook.

    • HardRocker111

      And you seem to be on the playbook that every Hamas militant killed is a child or a civilian.

  • Rehmat

    American Jewish blogger Roger Tucker has rightfully called it “The Jew York Times”. Palestinians have been living in Gaza Strip even during the times when Jewish communities were being expelled from European nation-states.

    Israel with all the military and moral support from western governments, is facing military humiliation as it did in 2006 Lebanon War with Hizbullah. The modern mass-killing arms used by Israel against its neighbors has failed, again and again, Arabs’ will to get rid the Zionist cancer from the Middle East.