New Terror Narrative Emerging: ISIS Supports American Resistance

By Daniel Taylor, Old Thinker News.

In the ongoing effort by the establishment to demonize the Tea Party and resistance to an expanding federal government, a new narrative is emerging that could provide justification for a nation-wide crackdown on dissent.

The riots in Ferguson, Missouri are a focal point for an unfolding historical drama that could further divide the nation. Tribal passions are being stirred across the world by outside manipulators.

Members of The Islamic State (ISIS) are announcing their support for protesters in Ferguson, with one member saying on twitter “It’s time to strike fear into the hearts of the oppressors.” Another tweet from ISIS supporter Abu Ottoman says, “Blacks in #Ferguson, there’s an alternative to this indignity: pick yourselves up with Islam, like #IS in #Iraq.”

The support of ISIS for racial violence will further exacerbate the rising tensions in the U.S. and distract from the larger issue of government oppression of every individual regardless of race. As the Washington Post reports, ISIS is “hoping to use black disenchantment as a recruiting tool.”

In March of 2013 – several months prior to the Syrian gas attacks that helped spark the current mid-east unrest – Intelligence Chief James Clapper testified before Congress that Al-Qaeda was no longer a major threat to the United States.

A year later, ISIS is a renewed Al-Qaeda terror force backed by the west that is being used to reshape the middle east and threaten domestic terror inside the United States. The terror group has its hands on at least 52 American made howitzer artillery guns and almost 2,000 Humvees.

In response to the reported execution of American journalist James Foley, Neocon John McCain said that unless the United States stops ISIS, “…these people are going to attack us in the United States of America.”

If citizens of the United States have any hope of remaining free, we must look through the fog of war and see the globalist forces at work manipulating us all. Police and military pay attention; If ISIS happens to suddenly announce its support for the resistance in America against a corrupt federal government, the American people are not your enemy.

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    ‘Police and military pay attention; If ISIS happens to suddenly announce its support for the resistance in America against a corrupt federal government, the American people are not your enemy.’


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  • An older meme with much more cultural heritage is also at work (The Universal Smedley – 3).

    These developments may indicate that hyper-propaganda is required because too many see through the bullshit of the 1%.

  • truthtime

    When McCain says shit like that, what they REALLY mean is that, “Our intelligence knows about some folks we trained, we’re going to let them into the country with VISAs, but we won’t stop ’em, we’ll recruit em and say, ‘you are doing a service to your country’ and then some of the suspicious people in intelligence realizing whats going on will start blowing the whistle, but their voices won’t be heard, it’ll be hush-hush, we’ll look the other way, and we’ll let it happen.”

    Two people I know were arguing over the whole “Foley” incident and I’m thinking is one American life more important than the half a billion Iraqi deaths caused by the fucking criminal U.S. military?

    Its always the mentality of “us” (American is “exceptional good”) vs. everyone else, as if nothing else matters, only the few look at the bigger picture, while the hoodwinked staunch Democrat and Republic voters do not even realize that ISIS is a direct product of a U.S./CIA foreign policy project in conjunction with Israel and Saudi Arabia. I mean for fucks sake ISIS claimed responsibility for the horrible killing of 3 Israeli kids, and Israeli goes on its genocide spree killing 2000 Palestinians and injures tens of thousands, but doesn’t attack ISIS?

    Meanwhile the U.S. claims to protect Iraqi minorities and really is protecting Oil Fields to keep the billions flowing. AND drops bombs, which cost millions, which line the pocket of the Defense Industries.