Must-Watch Speech By Son of Israeli General

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  • truth time

    Great video. I wish he would brought up near the end that Semetic means both Hebrew and Arabic, as they are related from ancient times. He also said how people call him a Self-Hating Jew, which is a racist term in and of itself by Zionists or people without a clue.

  • colinjames71

    Haven’t watched while thing yet but in the first ten minutes I’ve learned things I never knew. Very promising. Thanks for finding this.

  • Ian56

    Here is another great speech by the same guy

    Miko Peled: The General’s Son – Geneva:

    The first part of the video is an historical account over the last 100
    years of how Israel came into being and what has happened since.

    Miko Peled makes suggestions as to what he thinks is needed for a resolution of the current conflict at the end of the video.

    These include Israel moving back to pre 1967 borders and equal rights for Palestinians.

    The modern agreement to form a Jewish State in what is now Israel was the result of the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

    This abhorrent deal was the result of the British desperation for loans
    to continue funding World War 1 and was made with Lord Rothschild of the
    Rothschild banking dynasty.

    The Rothschilds wanted to create Israel so that governments would borrow
    trillions of dollars, then and in the future, on waging more wars and
    buying more weapons.

    The Rothschilds intended to lend them the money and charge interest.

    The bankers have always got rich out of war.

  • Mecca Wrecka

    I was in Israel at the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War. I spent the first 2 days with young Palestinians my age. The first Arab who spoke to me said, “You know, Hitler was a bad man.” I said, “Yes, Hitler was a bad man.” Then he smiled and said, “Yes, Hitler was a bad man, because he did not kill all the Jews”. At my first dinner with a young Pal over lamb and peas just outside the Damascus Gate, he pounded on the dinner table and the peas popped up into the air. “God has told us! God has told us – to drive all the Jews – every man, woman, and the children – into the sea!” The Jewish Israeli individuals with whom I met were, to a person, kind and helpful. Neither they nor the Pals knew that my mother’s family is Jewish.

  • Mecca Wrecka

    this guy sounds like Israel should be dismembered into a Palestinian state and Jews re-located to an unspecified enclave somewhere. How’s the real estate market in Auschwitz nowadays?

    • not authorized

      You mean utterly polarizing truths.

      Your Zionist Propaganda template is broken.