Muslim Leaders Worldwide Condemn ISIS

Many Americans Want to Know Why Muslims Aren’t Condemning ISIS

ABC News’ Laura Ingraham, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Fox & Friends and other U.S. media commentators say that Muslims are silent and complicit in the barbarian crimes of ISIS.  Fox News host Andrea Tantaros said that all Muslims are the same as ISIS, and implied that all Muslims should be met “with a bullet to the head”.

Why don’t we hear Muslims condemning the barbarian ISIS terrorists?

Turns out they are loudly condemning ISIS … but our press isn’t covering it.

Father Elias Mallon of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association explains:

“Why aren’t Muslims speaking out against these atrocities?” The answer is: Muslims have been speaking out in the strongest terms, condemning the crimes against humanity committed by ISIS (or, as it is increasingly called, IS) and others in the name of Islam.

Father Mallon is right …

Vatican Radio – an official Vatican news site – reported last month:

Two of the leading voices in the Muslim world denounced the persecution of Christians in Iraq, at the hands of extremists proclaiming a caliphate under the name Islamic State.

The most explicit condemnation came from Iyad Ameen Madani, the Secretary General for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the group representing 57 countries, and 1.4 billion Muslims.

In a statement, he officially denounced the “forced deportation under the threat of execution” of Christians, calling it a “crime that cannot be tolerated.” The Secretary General also distanced Islam from the actions of the militant group known as ISIS, saying they “have nothing to do with Islam and its principles that call for justice, kindness, fairness, freedom of faith and coexistence.”

Meanwhile, Turkey’s top cleric, the spiritual successor to the caliphate under the Ottoman Empire, also touched on the topic during a peace conference of Islamic scholars.

In a not-so-veiled swipe at ISIS, Mehmet Gormez declared that “an entity that lacks legal justification has no authority to declare war against a political gathering, any country or community.” He went on to say that Muslims should not be hostile towards “people with different views, values and beliefs, and regard them as enemies.”


Gormez said death threats against non-Muslims made by the group, formerly known as Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), were hugely damaging. “The statement made against Christians is truly awful. Islamic scholars need to focus on this (because) an inability to peacefully sustain other faiths and cultures heralds the collapse of a civilization,” he told Reuters in an interview.

The Independent noted last month:

Muslim leaders in Britain have condemned the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), expressing their “grave concern” at continued violence in its name.

Representatives from both the Sunni and Shia groups in the UK met at the Palace of Westminster and relayed their message that the militant group does not represent the majority of Muslims.


Shuja Shafi, of the Muslim Council of Great Britain, said: “Violence has no place in religion, violence has no religion.

100 Sunni and Shiite religious leaders from the U.K. produced a video denouncing the Islamic State, saying they wanted to “come together to emphasise the importance of unity in the UK and to decree ISIS as an illegitimate, vicious group who do not represent Islam in any way.”

Breitbart noted earlier this month:

Two prominent Muslim leaders are urging Muslim men not to join the radical jihadists.

“The public have to be critical. This is not about [establishing] a Caliphate [Islamic State]; but [a group] working for its own cause and gains from a sectarian issue,” said Nahdlatul Ulama executive council chair, Slamet Effendy Yusuf.

The Nahdlatul Ulama is one of the largest Islamic organizations in the world and concentrates on traditional Islam.


Muhammadiyah, an organization with 29 million members, is more modern, well-known for educational activities, and avoids politics. Secretary Abdul Mu’ti said ISIS does not represent Islam.

“That’s my point, this [movement] is not in the context of religion [Islam],” Abdul said. “We all need to question the group’s goals. Don’t just follow radicals who tried to win their own wars in other countries; we will be the ones to suffer losses.”


These men are not the first Muslim leaders to denounce the Islamic State. The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) spoke out against IS’s expulsion of Christians in Mosul. The group claimed the rejection served to “violate Islamic laws, Islamic conscience and leave but a negative image of Islam and Muslims.”

Al Arabiya News reports that the Arab League Chief denounced acts committed by the Islamic State in Iraq as “crimes against humanity,” demanding that they be brought to justice, and he:

Strongly denounced the crimes, killings, dispossession carried out by the terrorist (ISIS) against civilians and minorities in Iraq that have affected Christians in Mosul and Yazidis.

The Daily Star writes that Egypt’s highest religious authority – Al-Azhar’s Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam –  denounced the Islamic State as a threat to Islam and said that the group violates Islamic law:

[They] give an opportunity for those who seek to harm us, to destroy us and interfere in our affairs with the [pretext of a] call to fight terrorism.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – the largest Muslim group in the U.S. – called ISIS un-Islamic and morally repugnant,” noted that the Islamic State’s “human rights abuses on the ground are well-documented,” called the Islamic State “both un-Islamic and morally repugnant” and called the killing of American journalist James Foley “gruesome and barbaric”.  See this, this and this.

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) – the largest Muslim organization on the continent –  released a statement denouncing the Islamic State “for its attacks on Iraq’s religious minorities and the destruction of their places of worship.” ISNA President Imam Mohamed Magid said, “ISIS actions against religious minorities in Iraq violate the Quranic teaching, ‘Let there be no compulsion in religion’  … ” adding, “Their actions are to be denounced and are in no way representative of what Islam actually teaches.”  INSA condemned the vicious execution of Foley at the hands of the terrorist group ISIS, terming it as “un-Islamic behaviour”, and said:

ISIS actions have never been representative nor in accordance to the mainstream teachings of Islam. This act of murder cannot be justified according to the faith practiced by over 1.6 billion people.

The head Shia religious leader in Iraq and Sunni religious leaders in Iraq have all condemned – and called for war against – ISIS.

Al Jazeera reports:

Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority has condemned the armed groups Islamic State and al-Qaeda as apostates and labelled them the “number one enemy of Islam”.


“Extremist and militant ideas and terrorism which spread decay on Earth, destroying human civilisation, are not in any way part of Islam, but are enemy number one of Islam, and Muslims are their first victims” ….

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) released a statement condemning “the barbaric execution of American Journalist James Foley by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).” MPAC urged “all people of conscience to take a stand against extremism” and offered condolences to Foley’s family. MPAC also noted the importance of countering ISIS and other extremist groups by working “to empower the mainstream and relegate extremists to the irrelevance they deserve.”

ISIS and Al Qaeda Are FAKE Muslims

The 9/11 hijackers used cocaine and drank alcohol, slept with prostitutes and attended strip clubs … but they did not worship at any mosque. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this. Hardly the acts of devout Muslims.

Huffington Post reports:

Can you guess which books the wannabe jihadists Yusuf Sarwar and Mohammed Ahmed ordered online from Amazon before they set out from Birmingham to fight in Syria last May? A copy of Milestones by the Egyptian Islamist Sayyid Qutb? No. How about Messages to the World: the Statements of Osama Bin Laden? Guess again. Wait, The Anarchist Cookbook, right? Wrong.

Sarwar and Ahmed, both of whom pleaded guilty to terrorism offences last month, purchased Islam for Dummies and The Koran for Dummies. You could not ask for better evidence to bolster the argument that the 1,400-year-old Islamic faith has little to do with the modern jihadist movement. The swivel-eyed young men who take sadistic pleasure in bombings and beheadings may try to justify their violence with recourse to religious rhetoric – think the killers of Lee Rigby screaming “Allahu Akbar” at their trial; think of Islamic State beheading the photojournalist James Foley as part of its “holy war” – but religious fervour isn’t what motivates most of them.

In 2008, a classified briefing note on radicalisation, prepared by MI5’s behavioural science unit, was leaked to the Guardian. It revealed that, “far from being religious zealots, a large number of those involved in terrorism do not practise their faith regularly. Many lack religious literacy and could . . . be regarded as religious novices.” The analysts concluded that “a well-established religious identity actually protects against violent radicalisation“, the newspaper said. [Here’s the Guardian report.]

For more evidence, read the books of the forensic psychiatrist and former CIA officer Marc Sageman; the political scientist Robert Pape [Pape found that foreign occupation – and not religion – made certain Arabs into terrorists; the CIA’s top Bin Laden hunter agreed]; the international relations scholar Rik Coolsaet; the Islamism expert Olivier Roy; the anthropologist Scott Atran. They have all studied the lives and backgrounds of hundreds of gun-toting, bomb-throwing jihadists and they all agree that Islam isn’t to blame for the behaviour of such men (and, yes, they usually are men).

Instead they point to other drivers of radicalisation ….

When he lived in the Philippines in the 1990s, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, described as “the principal architect” of the 11 September attacks by the 9/11 Commission, once flew a helicopter past a girlfriend’s office building with a banner saying “I love you”. His nephew Ramzi Yousef, sentenced to life in prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, also had a girlfriend and, like his uncle, was often spotted in Manila’s red-light district. The FBI agent who hunted Yousef said that he “hid behind a cloak of Islam”. Eyewitness accounts suggest the 9/11 hijackers were visiting bars and strip clubs in Florida and Las Vegas in the run-up to the attacks. The Spanish neighbours of Hamid Ahmidan, convicted for his role in the Madrid train bombings of 2004, remember him “zooming by on a motorcycle with his long-haired girlfriend, a Spanish woman with a taste for revealing outfits”, according to press reports.

And alleged Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a pothead. And his brother Tamerlan looked more like an ego-driven hustler than a devout Muslim (that’s his Mercedes in the background).

I agree with Bill O’Reilly when he said that it is unfair to call the Norwegian mass murderer a “Christian”.  Likewise, we shouldn’t call Arab terrorists “Muslims”.

Postscript:  I am not a Muslim.  I am, however, American.  And knee-jerk hatred of any group of people based on their religion – including Christians, Jews or Muslims,  – is deeply anti-American.

And the most crazed, radical Islamic terrorists would never have gained power if the U.S. and our allies hadn’t overthrown the more moderate Arab leaders.

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  • B. Miles Teg

    Yes muslims must speak out against this violence… yet the mainstream press tends tocall those who speak out against Zionist Israel violence “anti-semites” … some animals are more equal than others and the chosen, are well the chosen…

    • James Burke

      The press rewards those who speak out against Israel. They are given prominent posts. Those who justify Israel attacking Gaza are called the racists

      • Krystina Jade Gill

        That has to be the most backward statement i’ve read in a long time. Shills be shillin

      • Renegade

        Can you say SHILL?! I knew you could!

        • James Burke

          America will pay for the extermination of its natives. The invasion on your Southern border has only begun. Karma is a beach

        • James Burke

          America will pay for the extermination of its natives. The invasion on your Southern border has only begun. Karma is a beach

      • RealityAlwaysBites

        How much Kooky Aid do you consume a day? A tankerful or are you up to two a day?

        Your poor braincell needs a break from the constant fox delusional brainwashing.

    • doro

      Of course there had to be something against Jews in the comment section to this otherwise good post. Of course… Thank you very much for hating Jews and hiding behind words like ‘zionist’ like the Jew-hating coward you are.

      • RealityAlwaysBites

        Religious Monkeys that constantly choose to murder women and children should be called out as the sub-human animals they are.

        to be considered human one must have humanity, those that murder women and children have none….. they are nothing but feral animals in need of a bullet.

        Don’t wan’t to be called a psychopathic feral religious monkey….. don’t be one!!

        • Ilyas

          in the qoran it says that if you are doing jihad which they are not you can not kill women and children and harm even the crops or buildings of that place the only people you can attack are when they attack you and they must have a weapon in their hand or you cant and also if they surrender you cant harm them
          they are not criminals and they are making muslims look bad

  • Party Like 1999

    Where are the Democrats who condem Obama for creating ISIS? Oh wait! A bunch of fakes like their fake musim CIA CONTRAS aren’t they?
    How do you like the latest White House tactic of referring to not just “Iraq” when mentioning ISIS, but also referring to their “Iraqi and the Kurd partners”??? Notice that devious little rhetorical trick?
    ISIS isn’t only group of fakes who want to create a new state by carving up Iraq… Seems the fake Democrats at the White House want to carve up Iraq as well by creating a fake Kurd state. Using their ISIS proxy army of irregular infantry to do so… While they help ISIS launder and sell that they steal from Iraq and Syria via Turkish and Jordanian pipelines…
    Fakery is how fake Democrats become billionaires.

  • dnr

    Hmm, makes me wonder why the US press would not report that Muslims world wide condemn such actions?

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    • western press corrupt

      because the western press is owned by jewamerica, so why should jewamerica press say anything that would be positive, ALL PROPAGANDA BY WESTERN PRESS

      • Bruce Wyner

        Western press corruption…….Is rupert Murdoch. A jew. ?? You pea brain jews represent a fraction of the population in the world Israel is smaller then the state of RI. Yet. This is all you have to offer the best part of you surely dripped down your daddys leg.Go back to trolling KKK web sites

        • Tigger

          Q.Is Rupert Murdoch Jewish?
          A. Rupert Murdoch’s maternal grandmother was Marie Grace de Lancey Forth, born in Warnambool VIC (Australia),
          HER mother Caroline Jemima (nee Sherson) was born from a Jewish mother,
          As Jewish ancestry comes purely from the MATERNAL line, Rupert is Jewish.

    • Scrutinize

      It’s not a story that sells. “These crazy people did something, but the majority of the people the crazy people claim to represent condemn them!”. It sounds better to have 1.6 billion scapegoats.

      • BeenReadinUpOnThem

        Many Muslims do denounce ISIS as un-Islamic or barbarians but they won’t say they aren’t Muslim. The problem is ISIS followers believe in one God with Mohammed as the last prophet and so they are Muslim, just the bad kind. Critics won’t acknowledge or try to reinterpret the portions of the Koran that support their violent ideology. What is the nonviolent interpretation of Quranic verse 47:4 ‘when you meet those who disbelieve, strike at their necks’?

    • Persuasive

      We have a president who is doing a good job of denouncing this but he can’t put together these disparate groups to promote this condemnation effectively. Hmm, indeed.

  • James Burke

    So Islam is the religion of peace?? Am I to believe you or my own eyes??

    • whingers

      mr burke you only have to see with your eyes and learn historical fact that jews and christians and muslims lived together for over a 1000 years until the western barbarians came to sow discord,war and divide and rule in the middle east. even upto today after 1430 years of islamic rule there are still over 14 million christians and 100,000,s of jews in muslim countrys, so why no gas chambers for them by muslims?? but christians did it say the jews!

  • hvaiallverden

    This is nothing more than a sickening attemt to humiliate Muslims in generall.

    This is NOT been hammered against the Christian Church, why not a single pipp about YOU God, whom obviously is far bigger than any nother God.
    Why isnt Christians hammered for the massive slaughtering they do in a f… hourly bassis, and in land after land, drones after drones, with good christians behind the “joysticks”.
    Not a f… word.
    What about the Buddists, whom slaughtered tens of thousands Muslims.
    Not a f…. word about how Evil S. Guatarams teachings obviously must be.
    What about Hindu nationalists whom kills everything incl Muslims.
    Not a god dammed f… sound is coming.
    And when atherists slaugher others, like the commies, whom have slaughtered far more than all the rest combined, and still kill others.
    Why isnt the label used on them, christian kills.


    Why, do you morons think of why.
    I know why.
    Its designet that way, war by deseption, its a zioNazi world, where they attac anything in their way, incl Chrsitians, whom have had their life taken, churches pulverised, and driven from their homeland, Palestina.
    Not a f…. word.

    Take a fast seach on Zoogle on relgion, and what popps up, lunatic sites as Jihadwatch and assosiates of and pimpping the same insane drivell as P.Geller does.
    Side and side.
    Christians, catholics, you name it, they throw shitt and lies about everything, incl the Bible, and then there is no problem about Lying on the isses regading Islam.
    Their so called evidence is the ISIS.
    The reason for the Arab world to stand there with their thumbs sollidly plantet up their own a.. are because of the fact Islam is a peacefull religion, perverted by others to take gain of it, politicaly and economicaly, exactly like the Church have done for 2 milleniums.

    The seer amount of sniveling drivell is massive, and the prestitutes pimps it hard, 24/7. in all the western “news sites” the same “news sites” that even Arabs watch, I havent watched CNN for years, and BBC is so f….. up that I have it as a comedy site, where pure manure if fabricate in a breath taking speed.

    Otherwise i fully agree with this article, its been this way for centurys, and still people belive its THE religion that is worng, its NOT.


  • muslim leaders are corrupt

    these muslim leaders are so corrupt , that i strongly believe that they help ISIS start , with jewamerica and israelhell, so to come out and say the world must do something , this will never happen

    • James Burke

      I doubt any women from Israhell takes what you have between your legs or ears, serious.

  • MCB

    I’m so happy to be an Agnostic where I don’t blindly submit to any higher power, except government where I’m forced to do so. Yes, government is a religion as Goebbels wrote about extensively.

  • It’s called war propaganda.

    “The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.” ~ Aldous Huxley

  • Their right hand condemns ISIS, but their left hand provides recruits and money.

    Stupid Infidels fall for it. Barack Hussein Obama called them “moderates” and gave them training and half a billion dollars in weapons, which they used to take over half of Iraq.

    • sheesh

      which is so different from the Contra’s the drug cartels, the cold war, the Iraq war’s which were funded or organised or incited by previous governments?

      • Sadly, you want to make this into a urination contest between too parties instead of admitting that both Republicans and Democrats work as Punch And Judy Puppets of the same puppeteer.

  • Bruce Wyner

    Really!!!! So where is Saudi Arabia ? Why hasn’t, our supposed Allie with one of the biggest military,s in the Middle East ( courtesy of Uncle Sam ) not been involved with military operations against ISIS .A true mystery,we now have the progressive democrats calling for all out war against ISIS yes Dirty Harry Reid,Nancy unhinged Pelosi,Kerry and the rest of the democratic communist party are now war hawks.Not 1 single American should die fighting a war Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world should be fighting.I have an idea How about the traitor in chief secure the borders of the U.S . Why after 911 are the borders wide open?? Why can,t every American see that Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to America??Forget every other scandal this nan has perpetrated against the people of this country the border alone is a dereliction of duty which he should be dragged out of the W.H in chains.The damage the last 2 regimes have caused this country are just unreal.I am not a religious person but I think at this point a prayer for this country would be appropriate.

  • Bruce Wyner

    I am one of the 12 percent of Jews that voted against Obama twice and yes most of the media ,Hollywood,and world banks are controlled by Jews but what I find disturbing these Jews are part of a new world order that are allied with many powerful Christians that are part of the same NWO that runs the democratic communist party of the United States.Having said that I fully support the state of Israel and their right to live on a land they have Been part of for thousands of years.Palestinians have no historical right to the land of Israel,in truth their is no Palestinian people these people come from Transjordan they are bedouins that roamed the desert.After the Romans burned Israel to the ground they named the land Palestine.For any American that hates Israel and believes they should give the land to Arabs I call on you same people to give up your property and give it back to the native Americans that have suffered a 500 year holocaust at the hands of white America

    • dsmith

      Palestinians do have historical right to live on the land their ancestors have lived on for thousands of years. The white european zionist men who came along and bombed the shit out of the arabs and set up their state had no right to the land. And here in Canada, the aboriginals are not crammed into a corner of the country and bombed regularly.

      • loveendures

        Zionist people are not considered White, otherwise Hitler wouldn’t have killed them. Wrong ?

  • Geezer

    Remember who controls Isis when we have another 9/11. Repent, Get Saved, Get Raptured. Jesus Christ is waiting and watching.

  • WakingCall3

    good article…

  • RealityAlwaysBites

    There isn’t any such thing as a moderate muslim… you either have a dangerous religious monkey/zealot or a mentally retarded cretin ignorant of the evils of their chosen delusion.
    Read the koran even a cretin can figure it out.

    • sheesh

      and all the Christians extremists that murder abortion clinic operatives? are nothing to do with Christianity right?

      • loveendures

        It is not in Bible. But to kill an infidel is in Koran

        • mo123

          Than I can say you have not read the bible. The bible condemns many people to death including infants, gays witch’s and non believers. When the quran says to kill the non believers it’s meant for the ones who kill muslims. Muslims were persecuted just for being muslim. They were tortured and killed finally there was a passage in the quran that says to defend themselves but don’t be the transgressors.

          • loveendures

            Bible was written by so many authors at different stages. yes it sounds “bad” in the beginning… as we come to NT it changes as JC himself calls to love enemies and to even get persecuted by enemies. Finally spiritual thinking sets in the later part of Bible. Not all Christians believe every thing Bible says. Muslims on the other hand are afraid to stay out of Koran even a little bit. They prefer to stay in the dark ages. Apostasy is a big thing in Islam.

          • Tigger

            Matthew 10:34. “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.
            35 “For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law’;
            36 “and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’

          • loveendures

            OK Tigger This is how both Christians and people against Christianity ( better to call Jesus) read bible literally !
            Sword is a hyperbole, to get the attention of people.. If Jesus were to use sword why could not he save himself?

            Against our own close relatives…. another hyperbole.. One needs to look deeper , we are all defined by our close relations, we forget what each of us are..Read Romans 12 2

            My problem with Christianity, NOT bible is they make sin is the only issue.. their 4 spiritual mantras.. it is much more

            Happy New Year

          • Tigger

            Interesting …. you feel free to interpret the bible according to your own wishes, but don’t accord the same freedom to muslims. I wonder why? Perhaps you don’t actually know any?
            I went out last night to a New Year dinner at a Turkish restaurant with about 15 muslims from a group I have dealings with. At the end of the evening, when it came time to divvy up the bill, the guy who’d organised it (and at very short notice as the original restaurant had to cancel) suddenly announced that HE was picking up the tab.
            IMO, this is why muslims get a bad name. The majority of them (not the ones in the news) are so kind and generous that they attract a lot of unhappy people who’ve never been cared for before. Then these (misguided) new converts want to overdo things and they get the interpretation wrong.
            Although ISIS is a whole nother kettle of fish – and it’s been speculated that it’s a group which has been set up by either the CIA or MOSSAD (maybe both?) to discredit Islam and keep up the pressure on the faith.

          • loveendures

            Thank you Tigger

            What a coincidence? My family were out for a lunch, at the end they were pleasantly surprised that their bill was paid by an unknown person.. RAK..Not to brag. I have done the same thing several times.

            I agree there are many many good Muslims and many many bad Christians, depends on how you define good and bad.
            My point was kill an infidel is in Koran…God in OT asked people to kill even the infants. To me this is how people who wrote Bible saw, not God himself did as we see Jesus is all about enemy love..few Christians practice.
            In this modern days many Christians not fundamentals do see Bible differently. If it is not examined then it is not TRUE. What is wrong in interpreting Bible differently based on God’s unconditional love. As a Jesus follower I have no fear.
            Islam treats God as a superman and we are literally slaves..about full submission. In Jesus I see him as a friend and comforter.
            No doubt there are many good Muslims but are very strict in following Koran word by word. Challenging Koran is apostasy.

            Hey, Tigger having said all these, I guess it is more a cultural thing than the Koran I read younger boys from lower SE background are pulled out of the families and indoctrinated by a few adults to become violent. These boys suffering from lack of maternal love more likely behave different?

            Happy New year

          • Tigger

            Ah well, I’ve just returned home from a festival celebrating the life – and death – of Rumi (who has been called America’s best-loved poet).
            There. the predominantly Muslim participants are those who refer to God as ‘Habibi’ – ‘the Beloved’. Both teachers and pupils greet each other with hand on heart and a low bow. Everyone is equal there, and accorded equal respect
            I’ve also travelled in China, where muslims have asked me – if they get the pronunciation of words wrong, does it invalidate their prayer? (I told them not to worry – God understands only the language of the heart.)

            But culture does alter and distort religions – be it buddhism, Christianity, Islam or others.. Most religions carry the same message and are designed for the same purpose; to define our relationship with God and with our fellow men. They all start off well, then deteriorate as men interfere with and distort the message according to their whim. Some small groups – and people – remain, to carry forward the pure form of the Word. For sure, ‘love endures’ ….:)

            Happy new year to you too,

          • Brainiac3397

            “Sword is a hyperbole, to get the attention of people.. If Jesus were to use sword why could not he save himself?”

            So you can use the excuse that words in the bible aren’t literal, but then go ahead and claim the ones in the Quran are literal?

            I’ll be damned, I didn’t realize the Quran had so many original authors still in existence to be explaining the intent to the rest of us…

  • Imaanun

    The leader of IS (ISIS, ISIL) is alleged to be a Mossad agent.

    Various sources among others Veterans Today Dot Com are reporting the following and more:

    “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, so-called ”Caliph,” the head of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is, according to sources reputed to originate from Edward Snowden, an actor named Elliot Shimon, a Mossad trained operative.”

    “This information was attributed to Edward Snowden and published by newspapers and other Web sites: the head of the “Islamic State” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has cooperated with the U.S. Secret Service, British and Israel to create an organization capable of attracting terrorist extremists from around the world.”

    “The plan: get into the military and civilian heart of the countries that are declared as a threat to Israel in order to destroy to facilitate thereafter, the takeover by the Zionist state on the entire area of the Middle East in order to establish Greater Israel.”


    Also being reported:

    1) ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi was once a super-high level prisoner of the US government. Despite the fact that the US had offered a ten million dollar reward for him, the Obama regime ordered his release in 2009.

    2) The Obama regime, with major support from Senate neo-cons John McCain and Lindsey Graham, gave hundreds of millions in military aid to Sunni Jihadists in Syria. Thousands of individuals receiving US aid are now members of ISIS. In fact, ISIS has even posted pictures of ISIS fighters with US Senator John McCain on the internet.

    3) Israel has directly aided Sunni Jihadists in Syria by bombing Syrian military assets during Jihadist attacks.

    4) The Israeli Prime Minister has reacted to the ISIS spearheaded Sunni/Shia Civil War in Iraq with borderline glee. The president of Israel has also suggested that a Sunni/Shia war is beneficial to the future of Israel.

    5) The US and Britiain provided Sunni Jihadists with Toyota trucks in Syria. When, an army of ISIS fighters rolled over the Syria/Iraq border it looked like a commercial for Toyota.

  • Bruce Wyner

    Show me 1. Single history book that says their were even such a people called palestinians before the romans named the land palestine.the first muslim invasion began in 630 AD the first appearance of the name Israel. Was 1200 BC Arabs have lived on occupied lands of Israel for 1400 years,.It is the Arabs that are invaders as i said the gaza strip was taken from egypt in the 67 war its egyptian land and the golen heights was a part of syria.The fact is Palestinians were offered a state in the 40.s but remain steadfast in their goal of wiping out the jews.Israel will knuke every Arab state in the region before they give up the land no more walking into the ovens for this tribe the arabs can careless about for hamas to rule was the single most self destructive move any people.s. could have made when Iran gets the nuclear weopons they seek with the help of Barak Hussein Obama. That could be game.set And match the end of the middle east,the sad thing is if muslims had more then 2 options ( 1 ) convert or die or be sold into slavery ( 2 ) expulsion. Unfortunately. For the world.the muslims only understand 1 thing holy war i will say one thing these people are committed

    • Scrutinize

      You missed an option. 3) Stay with your religion, practice in freedom, be exempted from the military, be protected by the Muslim military… all for the price of a lower taxes than the Muslims had to pay.

    • Tigger

      “Israel will knuke (sic) every Arab state in the region before they give up the land”

      Yes, that’s a pretty good analysis of the state of Isra-hell. Take, grab, steal – then offer to wipe out your victim as a bonus.
      As for the rest -I think you should read your history from a site other than Hasbara. Never read such a tissue of lies in my life.

  • TLO

    The Muslim prophet leader Mohammed and Islam have waged AGGRESSIVE warfare for over 1,400 years this means nothing, look at Gaza, Hamas, Saudi Arabia, any Muslim ran territory, real Islam fights non-stop for the cause of Islam. FACT

  • TLO

    If people really knew the problem it’s ultimately not Islam but their leader Satan – who is Allah, the real battle in life is spiritual “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

  • TLO

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

  • mike


  • Antonio Gades

    Muslims are most definitely not reacting as they should to ISIS. Their statements are few and carefully worded so as not to offend fellow Muslims.
    And regardless of what article says, among the members of ISIS are devout Muslims.

    • Scrutinize

      If they were devout Muslims, wouldn’t they know that killing without reason is condemned? Collective punishment is not permitted?

      Oh, and if you can’t believe that Muslims aren’t permitted to kill non-Muslims… shouldn’t the fact that ISIS is killing other Muslims point out the fact that this so-called “Islamic State” isn’t so Islamic?

  • Bruce Wyner

    If. This were true the liberal msm in the U.S would be all over it the fact. Is. Very few muslims are speaking. Out and. Lets not forget the koran teaches it is the duty of muslims to deceive infidels in order to further their agenda.The real proof in what people do are in their actions not their rhetoric. Not 1 single muslim nation has offered to vanquish the most radical bunch of lunatics on the planet

  • Tigger

    Many WOMEN want to know why MEN aren’t condemning rapists. Because 99 per cent of rapists are MEN! Whenever s rape is reported in our local paper I look in vain for the condemnation of this vile act by the men of the town – only to be met with a deafening silence. And, when I ask men why, they say “Nothing to do with me!”
    OTOH – when I ask muslims about ISIS they roundly condemn them and say such people have no place calling themselves muslim.
    All in all, I think I’d rather have a muslim than a man on my side ….

  • Erik Fain

    Thank you so much. So many helpful links and helpful information!

  • Gabriel

    The problem is the Islam religion and the Koran, we have to be brave to say it.
    If you are not a Muslin made a fanatic by the teachings of Islam, that you receive as a kid from your fathers and all your teachers, you can analyze the content of the book. And you will realize that the book is not well redacted. Is made to discredit the Jews and the Christians; It tries to vindicate the Arabs claiming it was Ismael instead of Isaac the son the son of the promise. But furthermore the book is bad redacted a is totally confusing. Is this confusion that creates the book, that in some parts says to respect the religion of everybody, but if other parts says that if someone attacks you, then you are called to kill them, to fight a Jihad against them, a holly war, and you are going to be rewarded for good for the commit of atrocities, for terrorism, ad evilness that is condemned by other religions.
    The problem is that Muslims are going to be in lethargic estate until one of them fills that has been attacked, and then what?
    Since Mohamed starts to attack the Mecca, through the whole history the Muslims feel that someone is attacking them. So Islam is like a virus. Winston Churchill says: “The Islam is to a man what the rabies is to a dog”. May God help us all.

    • mo123

      You know nothing of early islam. It was the Muslims that were being persecuted not the other way around.

      • loveendures

        May be you are right ? Any way, do not be afraid, I pray you would tare that veil and see the God of freedom and reckless Love.

  • derek

    all muslims are the enemy! Remember what they did on 911!

  • A-Omega

    The question is: why aren’t the Muslim nations that surround Iraq FIGHTING ISIS??? Why do we not see their ARMIES actually doing something to stop ISIS? What do words of condemnation from a cushy office matter when women are being raped and children are beheaded?

    • Brainiac3397

      Because it’s not the 12th century.

      It’s the era of national identity, not religious identity.

  • jojop

    Is it me or is there no direct condemnation of the acts? Do any leaders actually say what such and such a person/group did is wrong. They say Islam is not about violence, the terrorist are false muslims, etc. They need to be more direct.

  • jojop

    Is it me or is there no direct condemnation of the acts? Do any leaders actually say what such and such a person/group did is wrong. They say Islam is not about violence, the terrorist are false muslims, etc. They need to be more direct.

  • Remington Steele

    The actions of moderate Muslims may be too little too late, and the moderates may get caught in the crossfire for their delay. In the same way as fundamental Christianity “Biblically” abhors violence as a means to an end, Islamic writings provides the latitude for quite the opposite. In other words, radical Christianity is anti-biblical. Since we are speaking of Christians, lets stick to Christian text and the “NEW Testament and the NEW covenant ushered in by Christ and not attempt to confuse and obfuscate with the old covenant. On the other hand, and based upon the teaching and interpretations of the sufis, Islamist fundamentally following the text of their Quran and the subsequent commentaries is both allowed and, in some cases, required to commit acts of violence for the sake of Islam. Just because a person is a recent convert to Islam or unlearned in their ways, it doesn’t make them any less dangerous if they take the literal approach.

  • steveyea

    You make some good points but have contradicted yourself. Your “crazed, radical Islamist terrorists” are, in fact, Islamist, and are in fact, Muslim. Radical Islam is a good term to use, it is accurate. Thank goodness that many in the Muslim world are not radical, and do love and respect others, including those of different faiths. But you are both right and wrong on your historical point. It is true that the Muslim world has contributed many great things to our society. But it is also true that Islam was a very violent religion from its inception and initial conquering period, and is still very violent in many parts of the world today, including Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, and Nigeria – areas that all have different nationalities and ethnicities, but one key thing in common – Islam. On the historical point, “Crucified Again” by Raymond Ibrahim is very instruction. On the current widespread violence point, Raymond’s website is very helpful, as it

  • David Harding

    The problem is what are they (and we) going to do about all this?