MH-17 ‘Investigation': Secret August 8th Agreement Seeps Out

Perpetrator of the Downing in Ukraine, of the Malaysian Airliner, Will Stay Hidden

Eric Zuesse

Regarding what caused the downing of the Malaysian airliner MH-17 in Ukraine on July 17th, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN, reported in a brief Russian-language news story on August 12th, that four days earlier (August 8th) a representative of that nation’s Prosecutor General office, Yuri Boychenko, had said that (as auto-translated by google), “the results [of the investigation] will be announced upon completion of the investigation and with the consent of all the parties who signed the corresponding agreement.” This UNIAN report said that, “As part of the four-party agreement signed on August 8 between Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia [all of which nations are allies of the United States and are cooperating with its new Cold War against Russia], information on the investigation into the disaster Malaysian ‘Boeing-777’ will not be disclosed.” In other words: the official ‘investigation’ is being carried out by four nations that, as U.S. allies, are hostile toward Russia. One of those four nations, Ukraine, is not only a prime suspect in possibly having shot this airliner down, but is currently waging a hot war to ethnically-cleanse the pro-Russian population out of southeastern Ukraine; and the initial ‘news’ reports in Western ‘news’ media regarding the downing of MH-17 had said that this airliner was probably downed by the local rebels there, who were trying to shoot down the Ukrainian Government’s bombers that are constantly bombing them. Some Western ‘news’ reports even speculated that perhaps Russia itself had shot this airliner down. If the UNIAN news-report is correct, then there is no way that the ‘investigation’ will be able to be released to the public if it indicates that the Ukrainian Government (which, according to that news-report has veto power  over the making-public of the study’s findings) is blamed for having shot the airliner down.

On August 12th, another pro-Ukrainian-Government ‘news’ site,, headlined, as auto-translated by google, “GPU: The results of the investigation [into the] crash [of] the Boeing 777 will be released with the consent of the parties,” and said, “Information about the accident MH17 in the Donetsk region will be published in obtaining the consent of all the parties that are involved in the investigation.” UNIAN was cited there as gordonua’s sole source. ‘News’ media didn’t probe the matter further.

Until 23 August 2014, that seems to have been the last of the matter, as far as news reports were concerned, and both of those two news reports were just tiny squibs in the Russian language, published only in Ukraine, by supporters of the Obama-installed Ukrainian Government. The news was ignored both inside and outside Ukraine.

Then, on 23 August 2014, Global Research News published the first English-language news-report on this matter; it was based on the second Russian-language news-report, the one that had appeared at on August 12th. Global Research concluded from it that, “The Causes of the MH17 Crash are ‘Classified’.” Of course, this way of phrasing the matter is a slight oversimplification, because, actually, the findings will remain ‘classified’ only if, and to the extent that, the Ukrainian Government is found to have caused the airliner’s downing. In other words: this ‘investigation’ will not be published unless the Ukrainian Government and the other three nations that are performing it agree unanimously to publish it.

So: imagine a murder-case in which 298 innocents are slaughtered, and in which there are only three suspects (here: Ukraine, the pro-Russian rebels, and Russia itself), and one of those three suspects has veto-power on the making-public of the ‘investigation’ into that crime. Well: this is that murder-case, and the veto-holding ‘investigator’ and suspect is Ukraine. Neither of the other two suspects holds any such veto-power over this ‘investigation.’

In a sense, whether the official investigation into the downing will ever be made public is insignificant, just as would be any ‘investigation’ that is carried out by, or with veto-power from, one of the prime suspects in the crime that is being investigated.

The international public would obviously need to be fools in order for them to trust such an ‘investigation’ as that. Case closed?

President Obama got the economic-sanctions-increase against Russia, that he had wanted out of this shoot-down. Who needs any ‘investigation’ to determine this mass-killing’s actual perpetrator? Certainly not Obama. Ultimately, it is he who caused it, because he was the person behind this ethnic-cleansing campaign, without which ethnic-cleansing campaign the airliner itself wouldn’t have been downed.

The downing of this airliner goes straight back to the U.S. White House, which has already won what it wanted from it.

Those 298 corpses are just casualties of this U.S.-caused war, like the Ukrainians are casualties of it who live in the portions of Ukraine that had overwhelmingly elected in 2010 the Ukrainian President whom Obama ousted from office in 2014. Obama doesn’t want a President like that elected ever again in Ukraine; so, those voters are being gotten rid of, and ethnic cleansing is how it’s being done. And the residents there are likewise not being heard from in Western ‘news’ media, and nobody in the West is asking these victims what they think of the Ukrainian Government that Obama installed. Perhaps that’s because they are increasingly becoming a guerilla army to defeat the regime that Obama installed.

As to the specific operation that downed the plane, there is already a lot more information about that than the official ‘investigation,’ if that’s ever published, is likely to reveal, and it points clearly to the Ukrainian military as the perpetrator, in yet another of their ‘false flag’ operations. And unlike the Ukrainian Government’s charges that rebels shot it down by mistake, Ukraine shot it down with deadly purpose and knowing full well what they were doing.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.





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  • Roberto Mazzarella

    How diabolically clever! The War hawks in the U.S. prodded by
    the international bankers, lead by the original bankers who “foment-wars
    -to-obtain–profit,” the Rothschilds, have tried to break Russia since the
    aftermath of WW I. The Rothschilds want to take Russia down. Under their
    direction President Reagan sent Leo Wanta as an economic hit man to the Soviet
    Union to bankrupt the country and dismantle the Union. The U.S. then broke
    their agreements not to place weapons and NATO countries on Russia’s borders.
    However through a series of “regime changes”, a euphemism for taking over a
    country, the U.S. surrounded Russia with satellite missile sites on as many
    borders as possible.

    A skullduggery expert in killing off multitudes of people and
    turning a profit in bazillions of blood drenched dollars – George Soros – went
    to the Ukraine and sponsored imported “grass roots” programs to
    resurrect the remains of the WWII Nazis, the same Ukrainian Nazis who tortured
    their own people and burned them alive in the ovens – they didn’t gas them
    first, they strapped them down on metal racks fully conscious and shoved them

    Soros spent millions on NGOs to gather together all the
    promising psychopaths, indoctrinate and train those who are aching to unleash
    their murderous intent and unquenchable rage. They stage the Maidan event where
    they are the snipers slaughtering innocent victims who get in the way of their
    bullets, snuffing out more than a hundred lives. Which side the victims were on
    didn’t matter. All that mattered was the sense of power they felt by holding
    someone’s life in their crosshairs, squeezing the trigger and watching the
    blood splatter and the horrified looks of pain appear. This power of life and
    death seems to drive people insane once they occupy positions of authority in
    the world, whether they are dictators, soldiers or police officers. 

The other
    fact not being reported in main stream media is that the U.S. provided paid
    mercenaries who kill other people for pleasure and money, not in self defense.

    A duly elected official was toppled and a U.S-installed criminal
    regime now running the Ukrainian Government immediately makes it clear that
    they do not want the Ukrainians in the east to speak their own tongue, Russian,
    and that ethnic cleansing is the order of the day. The people of Crimea
    immediately take action. The people in the East try to act but the murderous
    intent of their mafia boss is put into action to exterminate them from the face
    of the earth. The target has always been Putin and Russia. So the U.S.
    propaganda machine pumps out one blatant lie after another, and people with no
    other source of information to turn to believe it. Stories were already written
    on the lies that would be told. They immediately attempted to demonize Putin with lie piled upon lie.
    The allies in fear of economic sanctions or worse dare not print anything else
    but the party line.

    The people who do not go to the internet to find unbiased
    reporting such as the sterling work of author Eric Zuesse. Zeusse does a
    masterful job of exposing the stories behind the lies. Unfortunately, he is
    only one voice among a sea of political propagandists. Perhaps you could clone
    yourself, Eric, or at least train a half dozen assistants.

    Thank you Eric.

    • Bighead1883

      Thank you Roberto for a most informative comment and yes the internet has opened the vein of the regime`s bad blood where we all see clearly far more than ever before..
      The massive MSM propaganda blackout has failed and they`ll have to take out all satellites to stop FOI.

    • cettel

      Are you spewing anti-Semitism there? If not, please provide your sources, so that I can check them out and determine whether they’re lying or telling the truth.

      • Bighead1883

        Sensitive types you Zionists are as i don`t see any anti Semitism in Roberto`s comment.>

        • cettel

          For you to call someone a “Zionist” who simply requests to know and to investigate the sources for allegations, is stupid.

          • Bighead1883

            It is you who started the accusations and I hope your own hypocrisy chokes you.

          • cherrie greenbaum123

            Israel is playing fast and loose and the world is starting to wake up. Dual citizenship will make any escape plan easier once they’re found out. Jews need to be extremely careful here. When, not if, the war game the Neocons in D.C. are planning gets flattened, Jews will find getting out of America and much of Europe akin to exiting a theatre after someone yells “fire”.

        • Southernfink

          Eventually what it comes down to is that the farcical war on terror is nothing more than a global power grab for the benefit of the financial elite.

          Greedy politicians planning the next move, are going corporate, Tony Blair made an excellent example, and Cheney and others.

          Fictional characters have more influence than people, we see that time and time again.

          • Bighead1883

            Rothchild`s Zionist endplay using the hijacked taxpayer funding of US citizens whilst the dumb deaf and blind scream anti Semite.>


      • Not Authorized

        Firstly, if you are truly looking for the truth, correct your definition of what a “Semite” is.

        The definition you hold on to, is not what you think it is. Being a “Semite”, is not exclusive to just the tribe of Israel. That is the propaganda definition.

        Ie. trying to turn Anti-Zionism, into Anti-Semitism. They are not the same.

      • ClubToTheHead

        Zionists use Jews as “human shields”, to seek security from within Jewry, and draw attacks to all Jews by their atrocities, and thereby position themselves as the protectors of all Jewry from anti-Semitsm.

        Zionists used this tactic in collaboration with German Nazis. See Hannah Arendt’s “Origins of Totalitarianism” and “Eichmann in Jerusalem”.

  • jo6pac

    Thanks Eric

  • wraft

    I don’t know what the political situation is in Novorossia. It is time it started acting like a real country.

    The MH17 crime was committed in Novorossia. A prosecutor there has jurisdiction over it. An investigation needs to be started. Subpoenas to bring forward the evidence need to be issued. Warrants for arrest of certain parties should be sent out.

    The prosecutor should ask Russia, the UN, Interpol and the International Criminal Court for assistance.

    There is no time like the present to get started.

  • Manny

    Without getting into motivations of the parties.or politics…it seems to me that The plane as all planes are..subject to the instructions of the ATC. It fell on UKR territory..under UKRs ATC..We are told that the last instructions were from UKR ATC to deviate from it flew the route normally flown by airliners.
    This despite the war down below and without the advance warning by ATC which at least the UKR minstries seemed not to have passed on that BUKS were in possesion by both warring parties and at least one operational. The American FAA had instructed before this incident American craft not to fly over it…This lapse in communication to the civilian UKR ATC is it puts the Onus more squarely from liability on the UKR ..which should have forseen the consequences. Allianz Insurers which is on the hook again will make sure The UKr pays..but collecting from it even with agreement privatly it is responsible may be difficult…..There could be some mitigation of damages…as Malaysia and other airlines used that same route frequently and even over Syria..after the event!!
    .Russian Roulette if there was ever a case..

  • marki
  • Christopher Brooks

    Is this veto agreement claim properly sourced and checked out or perhaps just a tricky
    hoax to poison the reality?

  • Christopher Brooks

    This story is misleading to some extent and needs further inquiry.
    The “veto” is over the release of data or information that a particular
    country provides to the investigation. Exactly how this might hinder
    the integrity of the investigation needs fleshing out further.