Former Mafia Boss Who Did a Lot of Business with Wall Street: Buy Physical Gold and Silver, Because Wall Street Steals Your Money

Crime Boss: Wall Street Has No Ethics

The Colombo crime family’s former boss – Michael Franzese – says even he doesn’t trust Wall Street.

Franzese – played by Joseph Bono in the 1990 Martin Scorsese movie “GoodFellas” – spent 10 years in prison after he was convicted on federal racketeering charges.

When he was 35, Franzese ranked No. 8 on Fortune Magazine’s list of the 50 most wealthy and powerful mafia bosses (44 of those on the list are now dead, and three are doing life in prison without parole). He reportedly raked in up to $8 million a week.  Franzese is the only surviving high-ranking member of a major crime family to publicly walk away and refuse protective custody.

Franzese told CNBC:

I did a lot of things at times with people on Wall Street….


A lot of [Wall Street] guys are shady and they did shady things with me and I don’t trust them. And I don’t like other people that I don’t know really well taking care of my money. I think that I can do it better.


No matter what, it’s [i.e. physical gold and silver] always going to have a value.


Unlike stocks, where in our country, you go to sleep, everyone tells you everything is wonderful, you wake up and everything is gone.

Other crooks – like Bernie Madoff – have confirmed that the big banks are crooked.

Wall Street learned some of its cons from the Mafia. And some Mafioso conquered Wall Street. But as some of the biggest organized crime kingpins have noted, Wall Street is the big time (mob boss Meyer Lansky – after hearing about Wall Street banking – reportedly said: “I’m in the wrong business”).

Wall Street is committing massive crimes on a systematic basis. And Wall Street banks are the biggest looters around.

Wall Street cons include charging “storage fees” to store gold bullion … without even buying or storing any gold, raiding allocated gold accounts and pledging the same gold to numerous people.

Physical gold is different from paper gold.

Note: We are not investment advisers, and this does not constitute investment advice.

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  • jadan

    There isn’t much difference between a mobster and a Wall St slickster,
    beyond the strategic use of violence & murder. You have to go to the
    Pentagon and the CIA for that. The mortgage bubble was just the sort of
    fraud the mob loves. And you say that Anthony Mozillo at Countrywide wasn’t involved with the mob? And the sons and daughters of those deceased crime bosses are not “legitimate” investors today? Organized crime is alive & well on Wall Street.

    • John Mitchell

      I look forward to the when we frog march banksters into prison where they belong, and that includes HSBC, and all other drug money laundering banks.
      Demand Congress re-institute the Glass-Steagall banking laws, and quit allowing the Federal government to bail out these worse than worthless parasites.
      learn more at

  • human

    “Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.” ~ Al Capone

  • Roy Hopke

    Interesting that all those IRAs that were supposed to help people retire mainly helped wall street. Not too many middle class people made money on wall street, by themselves.
    Interest rates are kept low so that the stock market shills can take the money of the unwary .