Flight MH17 – What You’re Not Being Told

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  • Aug 5, 2014 The Road to the MH17 Crash Site: Russian Roulette

    Over the past week, the Ukrainian military has recaptured a number of cities across eastern Ukraine. In this dispatch, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky heads towards the MH17 crash site, as the Ukrainian military has successfully recaptured the cities surrounding it. On his way there, he visits a former separatist checkpoint and dugout, where he finds artillery the separatists used — some of which dates as far back as World War II.


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  • Bane

    One of the very first comments from the video – that the there was an “almost complete media blackout” of Israel’s invasion of Gaza is utterly false. A lie. It took me 30 seconds to verify the statement completely false with literally 100s of articles from July 17th detailing the events in Gaza- Here is but one example with one of the largest US newspapers covering it on the the front page:


    Lying is not a good way to make an argument.

  • Bane

    If the rebels in Ukraine were not responsible for the downing of the aircraft, why were they so reluctant to let people in to the crash site to investigate? You would think they would want everybody in to come see the irrefutable proof of air-to-air attack.

    Instead, we have to reply on random people on the internet sitting at the desk looking at pictures thinking they have it all figured out.

    • Ranger

      Do you really think that some “rebel” would take it upon himself, even if there were 50, to shoot down a civilian airliner without the consent and approval of a government official?

      No rebel, especially ones funded and armed by government, would attempt such an idiotic move.

      That airliner was shot down with the express authority of the United States!

  • Bane

    this is an interesting piece of news:


    “The owner of the white Volvo truck
    that is said to have carried the BUK missile that reportedly shot down
    Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has provided new evidence in the
    investigation. According to the latest report, the evidence provided by
    this man indicates that pro-Russian rebels are involved in the missile strike.”

    more pictures here:


    • Ranger

      Trucks and things are meaningless dribble. Until you and the rest of us can come up with the NAME of the person who ordered the firing of the missile, then nothing happens at all.

      Just conjecture and speculation for decades with no results.

  • Bane

    Given the distribution of debris across miles…is that really consistent with “cannon” fire? Or is it more consistent with a massive decompression explosion resulting from a fragmentary missile ? A logical question.

    check out the debris field…er..fields:


    • Ranger

      Wow, you mean airliners leave a debris field? Try telling that to a few hundred million people in the USA that still think that airliners do not leave debris fields.

      The Big Airliner that “hit” the Pentagram left zero debris.

      The Big Airliner that “went” down in Pennsylvania left zero debris.

      Not sure, here in America that we’d believe such things as an airliner debris field. When the government shows their false flag crashes they do not leave debris fields.

      Hmm..very interesting!

      Sarcasm off.

      • Jason h

        Both of those airliners crashed on impact. They were not (presumably) hit mid air with a missile. You should expect different debris profiles between a plane hit with a missile versus one impacting the ground.

        • Ranger

          I had no idea that you were a crash scene investigator? Whether an airliner hits the ground and crashed, or is lit up, there is ALWAYS a debris field.
          Seats, seat cushions, luggage, body parts (which none were located at any of the crash sites previously mentioned), metal, engines, shocks, and many other parts that DO NOT get incinerated into nothingness, were not there at those locations.

          Your analysis that planes leave different debris fields still does not answer the topic or question as to WHY THERE WAS NO DEBRIS FIELD!!

          Stop regurgitating the State Corporate Story, and try opening your own eyes and your own brain, and think.

          Different debris fields, makes no recourse for no debris left behind!!

          1) There was no airliner at the Pentagram, that was a Missile!

          2) The Pennsylvania plane was never even there!

  • Jason H

    This video had me until it went Lagarde/numerology…why does someone contaminate their fact based video with such BS? Has anyone commenting on this board actually watched this whole video?

    • Ranger

      Numerology is a very important tool used by those who would like more than anything to see you dead. You should attempt to broaden your scope a bit, you’ll see further.

      • Jason h

        I’m sorry but you lose all the aspects of a powerful, logical argument by devolving into numerology. Maybe some small minority will stay with the author but many open minded people like myself tune out instantly when that comes on.

        For what it’s worth I watched the christine lagard video and it’s a ridiculous stretch to try to make connections the kook makes…and I’m a pretty open person (watched that full video and the one in the link above as evidence).

        • Ranger

          That is a very ignorant statement to make. So, let me get this straight. If you do not understand or agree with any topic, you simply turn away from it and dismiss it entirely?

          So, since you have zero understanding about calculus, even though it is a useful tool, you just dismiss it and remain blinded?

          Typical attitude of an ignoramus that swears that if they do not know it, then it is all bologna and should be dismissed.

          So, I take it that you have never noticed that False Flag events always seem to coincide with those “numerology” numbers?
          The people in control, know that the US is filled with ignoramuses and that those ignoramuses will never take the time to read and obtain KNOWLEDGE!

          There has never in all of history been any wise man, noble or saint that said:
          Education is power.

          No, my ignorant sleepy friend, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!

  • Ranger

    The only people telling the truth is Russia!! They displayed all in the open and made the United States Corporation look like idiots and criminals!

    This is no different than Saddam, Gaddafi, or anyone else in the last 30 years who have attempted to escape the grips of the USD Usury Debt Machine.

    The BRICS Nations have opened their NEW CENTRAL BANK that DOES NOT INCLUDE using the American Debt Machine called the Federal Reserve NOTE (DEBT)!!

    Saddam had no weapons and was not the tyrant you were fed. He refused to accept USD for oil, and started trading in his own currency, and settlement in GOLD! They MURDERED him for trying.
    Gaddafi had no weapons, and was not the tyrant you were fed. He started using a gold backed currency, and stopped using USD, and did not have a Central Bank, nor did he borrow from a Central Bank. They MURDERED him for trying to do well for his people. After his MURDER, the Rothschild Central Bank opened!

    This everyday beat it to death story has nothing to do with Ukraine or anything else. The Israeli and American Banking Cartel are PISSED that they have been side stepped and will no longer be getting interest of world trade conducted by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. That’s a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY they are losing, and Israel and their puppet United States want WAR!!